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Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in London

Are you ready to make a positive difference this year? Are you sufficiently motivated to re-take control of your life by defeating your alcoholism or drug addiction once-and-for-all?

If you answered this question in the affirmative, then why not contact Rehab Recovery today to discover how we are able to transform your wish into reality?

For over a decade we’ve placed thousands of London residents into a range of outpatient and residential rehab clinics and we’re completely confident we can help you too.

Access drug & alcohol rehabs in London before it’s too late

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If you have suffered from an addiction to drugs or alcohol for more than one year, we urge you do not waste any more time in reaching out for specialist treatment.

This is because your addiction has inflicted an untold amount of damage to your mental and physical health and by continuing to procrastinate on your decision to seek out the help you will only contribute to your continued suffering.

Offering residential rehab in London

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At Rehab Recovery, we employ some of the best addiction therapists in the business. These therapists offer a number of wonderful therapies such as CBT, psychotherapy, cognitive-mindfulness relapse prevention and holistic therapies.

And the absolute best part of our programme is that you live within a residential rehabilitation centre throughout your programme. This means you are removed from ‘addiction triggers’ that exist in your normal living environment.

Every single client we treat is subject to a thorough initial assessment conducted by a psychiatrist. This psychiatrist is regulated by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

When your recovery programme begins, you will take part in a range of modern therapy sessions. These therapies will ensure your life ‘in recovery’ is joyful and fulfilling. This ensures the risk of relapse is minimised.

Call us now for help
0800 088 66 86

Attend our London clinic – without obligation

We offer you the chance to view our treatment centres at no cost. This gives you the opportunity to glance over our offerings before you decide to invest even a penny.

People who have attended our residential rehabilitation programmes say this has done more to improve their health than many years’ worth of ‘outpatient’ treatments, and we are sure you will also benefit from our services. Outpatient treatment costs around £50-£150 an hour.

At first glance, this may seem low. However, you typically require many months’ worth of outpatient treatment to improve your mental health and eliminate your addiction. These costs thus add up substantially over time.

Residential drug & alcohol rehab in London – a more affordable option

We believe attending a residential rehabilitation centre in London is a more cost-effective and affordable alternative. You receive intensive daily treatments at the fraction of the price of attending long term outpatient therapy.

Furthermore, through a fortunate turn of events, we are able to offer you this treatment at a special low price. Around £2000 less than you may have expected to pay only a few short months ago. However, we warn you that we cannot hope to continue this low price for long.

View our clinic in person for free

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If you desire to avoid the damage to your health inflicted by your addiction, and to avoid high costs associated with treatment, contact us today without delay. But don’t decide to attend our revolutionary addiction centres today. You can do that later.

Simply contact us today on 0800 088 66 86 and request your free brochure or a free viewing of one of luxury London rehab clinics.

This will give you ample opportunity to view our offerings in person without the need to make any payment.

Could we possibly provide you with stronger evidence of our faith in our treatments? This offer provides you with minimal obligation and also provides maximum transparency in our treatments.

Getting help today

Rehab Recovery currently offers instant access to around 200 rehab beds across London. Some of these rooms are available for a fantastic price.

However, many of the better and more affordable centres fill up fast, so we urge you to contact our admissions team early to avoid disappointment.

Only a finite number of beds exist for addiction recovery purposes in London, so we urge you not to delay in seeking out our help, particularly whilst your addiction is yet to consume all of your physical and mental energy.

The best spots will naturally go to those who reply first. So sit down right now and contact our admissions team on 0800 088 66 86.

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