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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Hackney

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Hackney

    Drug and alcohol addiction is an illness that affects not only addicts but also the lives of their loved ones. This is why committing yourself or your loved one in a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney as early as possible is advisable.

    The decision to spend time in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is one that is not easy to make and should not be taken lightly.

    In regards to this, we have answered some frequently asked questions on drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney that we hope will provide necessary insight.

    i).  Who should attend drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney?

    Drug and alcohol rehab centres in Hackney have been established for the sole purpose of assisting those struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Rehabilitation centres are equipped with the necessary resources to provide addiction treatment to addicts who want to recover and lead a sober lifestyle.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney is for any individual whose life has been disrupted by their love for drugs and alcohol.

    ii). What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment?

    The main difference between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment is that for inpatient, addicts live within the rehab while for outpatient, addicts will go home in the evening after attending their addiction treatment clinic during the day.

    Both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatments tend to offer the same elements of rehabilitation, such as counselling, workshops, and therapy. However, inpatient addiction treatments will typically be more intensive as living within the rehab centre creates more time available for more rehabilitation related activities.

    iii). Are there private drug & alcohol rehabs in Hackney?

    Yes, there are. Private rehabilitation centres will require a patient to cover the full costs of their addiction treatment. They also offer a variety of modern therapy techniques alongside addiction treatment to help patients overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

    iv). Is there free/NHS rehab in Hackney?

    Yes, there is. However, it should be noted that free and NHS Council funded rehabilitation centres have very strict criteria for assessing applications for addiction treatment funding. There is also a very lengthy application processing period.

    And eventually, if your application is accepted, you will be placed in a waiting list before you can begin your addiction treatment. In conclusion, it is possible to not gain access to free/NHS rehab facilities in Hackney though they are available.

    v). What Happens Immediately Someone Is Committed In A Drug &Alcohol Rehab In Hackney?

    Immediately an addict is committed into a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney, the rehabilitation process begins. The first step is usually to go through detoxification. This is the process that will ensure all toxins are flushed out of your body.

    Detoxification is carried out under the supervision of a medical team whose purpose is to observe the addict’s withdrawal symptoms and treat the painful withdrawal symptoms where necessary. The medical team typically comprises of doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses.

    After detoxification, the next step is for the addict to undergo psychological treatment to tackle the mental aspect of their addiction. Cognitive behavioural therapy is employed by therapists to identify the triggers behind the addict’s addictive behaviours.

    After identifying the reasons behind an addict’s dependency on drugs or alcohol, the therapist’s next step is to equip the addict with alternative coping mechanisms that will lead to a sober lifestyle. This is typically the final phase of addiction treatment in drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney.

    vi). What Is Life Inside A Drug &Alcohol Rehab In Hackney Like?

    You need not be worried; drug & rehabilitation centres in Hackney are not prisons. Majority of the rehabilitation centres in Hackney strive to provide tranquil settings for the recovery of addicts. The rooms are more often than not en-suite, so patients do not share rooms.

    Internet access is available, and patients are allowed supervised use of laptops and mobile phones once the sessions for the day are completed. Most rehabs will have provisions for a Jacuzzi, steam room or sauna for relaxation.

    Drug addiction can destroy your life and negatively affect the lives of those around you. If you are, an addict or your loved one is, the best time to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney is right now.

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