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Advice for the Family & Friends of Addicts

If you are a friend or loved one of someone who is suffering from an addiction, whether it is drug abusealcoholism or addictive behaviours like internet use or video games, it is essential that you understand how important your role in recovery can be.

Do not believe the myth that addicts need to “hit rock bottom” or “want to help themselves” before they are capable of entering treatment for their problem. Addiction is a debilitating disease and means that its victims gradually become less and less capable of self-realisation and motivation for recovery as time goes on.

If you know someone who is suffering from an addiction, you have two choices:

  • Ignore the problem, enabling the continued addictive behaviour, and hope the person seeks to help themselves before it is too late
  • Address the issue and put the addicted person into a situation where they are forced to realise that they have a problem and take responsibility for it

Do you know someone who is suffering from an addiction? Call us now for free help and advice on how you can intervene to help your friend or loved one get free of their problem, seek addiction treatment and set you all on the path to a healthier and happier life.

We also offer advice and guidance on interventions for the friends and families of addicts. This drastic step is designed to induce a situation of “crisis” which will prompt the addict to recognise their illness and realise that they are able to seek help for it.

Remember there is no such thing as a lost cause, and any addiction sufferer, no matter how “far gone” they may appear, can benefit from intervention, advice and treatment to help them address their problems and take a step towards a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

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