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Gambling Addiction Help & Treatment

    Gambling Addiction Help & Treatment

    An addiction to gambling, or compulsive gambling, is sometimes called a type of “impulse control disorder” where someone has trouble restraining themselves from acting on an inclination or impulse.

    Online gambling addiction is particularly prevalent – it is now easier than ever to jump online and take place in games of blackjack, poker, roulette or virtual slot machines. Other common examples are betting on sports, the lottery or even compulsive use of scratchcards.

    Gambling becomes a serious addiction when it interferes with a person’s normal life, job and relationships. Finances often become very strained as the compulsion takes no account of this and the addict will not be able to stop even if he or she runs out of money.

    Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

    Do you know someone who is worrying you by exhibiting a possible addiction to gambling? Try asking yourself the following questions.

    • Do they seem to be having problems with money but dismiss these or get angry if questioned about it?
    • Are they preoccupied with gambling and tend to do it a lot at the expense of relationships and other commitments?
    • Do they stay out all night at casinos or betting shops, or spend a lot of time on their computer using virtual gambling sites?
    • Have you found money or valuables going missing with no explanation, followed by another “binge” of gambling activity?

    Do you know someone who is suffering from an addiction to gambling? Is one of your loved ones a compulsive gambler? Call us now for free help and advice on how simple and easy it can be to get free of gambling addiction and live a happier, healthier life.

    Get Help For Gambling Addiction

    Finding the right treatment service that can help you live free of an addiction to gambling is often a complicated and time-consuming process. If you need urgent help and are finding the wide variety of treatments on offer overwhelming, that’s where we come in.

    Our gambling addiction treatment assistance gives you:

    • A free help and evaluation service to help you choose
    • Guidance on the best treatment options for your circumstances
    • Assistance in picking out the most cost-effective options
    • Information on quality of care, best clinical practice and more
    • Complete clarity so you can make the right choice of treatment

    Call today in complete confidence on 08000 886 686 to take your first steps on the road to a happy and healthy new life.

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