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Fentanyl Addiction

    Fentanyl Addiction

    Are you addicted to Fentanyl? Do you need to be detoxed from Fentanyl? Are you sick of being dependant on Fentanyl so you cannot enjoy your life in ways you wish too? If so, what follows could be the most important message you will ever hear!

    At Rehab Recovery, we help thousands of UK Fentanyl addicts overcome their addiction each year. Many of these people became addicted to Fentanyl for medical reasons. You may be embarrassed about your opiate addiction. However, we urge you to ‘get over’ these feelings so you can begin your Fentanyl recovery without undue delay.

    How we can help you

    At Rehab Recovery, we work with a national network of opiate treatment providers. Although we don’t provide the treatment ourselves, we do assist you in selecting the correct treatment provider that’s right for your needs. And the best part about our services is that it is entirely free and unbiased advice.

    What is Fentanyl?

    If you didn’t know, Fentanyl is a ‘man-made’ opiate. It’s commonly used to treat ‘break through pain’ i.e. when other painkillers are not strong enough, Fentanyl is the ‘go to’ drug of choice to ensure you do not suffer pain following an accident or illness. Because Fentanyl is stronger than morphine, it is commonly prescribed to patients who have built up a tolerance for morphine. Fentanyl is also commonly prescribed as a ‘palliative’ or ‘end of life’ painkiller. This allows the elderly and terminally ill to end their lives with respect and without suffering undue pain and hardship.

    Because Fentanyl is such a potent opiate, it is also highly addictive. Although Fentanyl is relatively unknown amongst social UK drug consumers, its consumption is common amongst those who require this drug for medical reasons. Currently, Fentanyl is classed as a Class A prohibited drug in the United Kingdom. This is largely due to the lethal nature of Fentanyl, particularly when it is combined with heroin or methadone.

    How to defeat your addiction to Fentanyl

    When you attend a rehab clinic for Fentanyl addiction, you will begin your treatment by undertaking a prescribed detoxification programme. Without this medication, you will experience a range of powerful and highly discomforting opiate withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include muscle ache, nausea, confusion and diarrhea. The vast majority of patients are given an opiate substitution drug called Subutex. This is a partial opiate agonist that works to engage the opiate receptors in your brain whilst you detox from Fentanyl.

    This detox requires around 10-14 days to complete. Following the completion of your Fentanyl detox programme, you will then begin your rehabilitation programme. Whilst detoxification attempts to assist your physical healing, rehabilitation attempts to heal you from a mental standpoint. Rehabilitation allows you to address issues in your life that drive you to take drugs such as Fentanyl. Rehabilitation also allows you to make fundamental changes in your daily life so you are less likely to relapse following the completion of residential treatment.

    Therapy and counselling sessions play a central role in your rehabilitation programme. Our partner treatment centres employ a range of modern therapy techniques such as CBT and psychotherapy. These therapy techniques aim to improve your sense of self-esteem and also attempt to rebuild your life so you do not feel compelled to re-commence taking Fentanyl when you leave the care of the rehabilitation centre.

    Aftercare programme

    All of the treatment providers we work with offer their patients a generous aftercare programme. This allows you to return to the treatment centre for weekly aftercare sessions for an additional 6-12 months following the completion of residential treatment.

    Contact Rehab Recovery today

    To discover how we can help you defeat Fentanyl addiction, contact our free helpline today on 0800 088 66 86.

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