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Alcohol Rehab FAQs

    Alcohol Rehab FAQs

    Admitting that you need help is one of the hardest things that you can do.

    Here at Rehab Recovery, we’re here to support you every step of the way after you’ve started your journey to recovery.

    On this page, you can find our most frequently asked questions about alcohol addiction.

    What Is Alcohol Addiction?

    Man with whisky

    Alcohol addiction is a substance abuse disorder that can impact anyone.

    If you have this disorder, you have an uncontrollable desire to drink often.

    In the UK alone, people in treatment for alcohol make up one of the largest groups for substance abuse disorders, with a shocking 28% of adults being in treatment.

    The above number equates to 74,618 people being diagnosed and in treatment for alcohol addiction.

    Do I Need Help For Alcohol Addiction?


    One of the first steps to getting help for treatment is recognizing whether you have a substance abuse problem with alcohol.

    Alcoholism can impact anyone, but the symptoms can be hard to recognise sometimes.

    Here are some signs to look for:

    • Able to drink more without getting “drunk”
    • Hangovers becoming less frequent
    • Drinking quantity increasing
    • Drinking daily or just more than usual
    • Hiding alcohol or empty bottles
    • Becoming dependent on alcohol
    • Shaking, feeling sick or having extreme symptoms when not drinking
    • Intense cravings for alcohol when none is present

    If you are worried that someone you care about may be developing an alcohol addiction, the signs can be different.

    Man exhausted

    Here are some signs to look out for:

    • Avoiding events where there is no alcohol involved
    • Drinking more and more frequently
    • Shaking, vomiting or complaining of headaches if they haven’t drank
    • Irritable often
    • Insomnia or trouble sleeping
    • Not willing to discuss how much alcohol they are drinking

    If you would like to chat more about this, get in touch with us today on our contact page.

    What Happens At A Rehab For Alcohol Addiction?


    There are various different forms of treatment for alcohol addiction, all of which can be supremely effective.

    These can be broken down into:

    In addition to the above, most services will offer an extensive aftercare package to ensure that you stay sober after rehab.

    Depending on which service you choose, you will have access to different treatments.

    Alcohol Rehab Abroad

    Man ticket travel

    This is a good option if you want to get away from your home country and familiar surroundings to undergo addiction treatment.

    There are many exclusive centres that specialise in private rehab abroad.

    These often feature:

    • Experts from around the world
    • Passionate and highly trained staff that want to maximise your potential recovery
    • One-to-one discussions on the best services and outcomes for you

    A member of staff will be with you every step of the way as well to help you navigate the steps to recovery.

    When you first arrive at rehab, steps will be taken to help you settle in and ensure that your needs are properly identified.

    You will likely go through a detox, after which your treatment will truly begin.

    A stay can last anywhere between 30 days – 90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction.

    Over the course of your stay, you’ll learn coping mechanisms, build up personal skills and develop long-term solutions to help you navigate your addiction.

    Residential Alcohol Rehab


    This is what most people think of when they hear the word “rehab”.

    It involves living in an addiction centre full-time whilst you undergo treatment.

    If your addiction is severe, residential treatment may be the best step to take.

    Similar to treatment abroad, you would be closely monitored and accompanied during the initial steps of recovery, such as the assessment and detox.

    Residential treatment also features 24/7 medical care, various therapies and a wide range of complementary activities designed to keep you engaged and motivated.

    When taken away from the stress of the home, the various responsibilities of life and potentially triggering scenarios, many individuals are able to make remarkable progress.

    The residential programs can last anywhere between 7 days to 12 weeks depending on the severity of your addiction, although some individuals may need to stay for longer.

    Private Alcohol Rehab

    Therapist and patient

    The vast majority of residential clinics are privately run, and through them you can find the best way to start your road to recovery.

    Any well-run clinic -and certainly any that we would refer you to- will be staffed by individuals with a great deal of experience in treating addiction.

    A private clinic can ensure that you leave rehab feeling refreshed and ready to handle anything life will throw at you.

    They usually offer:

    • Exclusive packages
    • Elite facilities
    • Personalised plans

    Alongside the above, they ensure that any intensive alcohol detox you might requireis discreet, caring and above all safe.

    As well as residential services, many private rehabs offer extensive home detoxes and outpatient services for those who wish to or need to stay living at home.

    Why go through a hospital to have your detox when you can do it either at home or in a comfortable environment?

    What Do I Take With Me?

    Luggage empty

    When you first go to rehab, it can be intimidating and you may panic for many reasons.

    Some of them, make sense and others don’t.

    Eperienced staff have been asked every kind of question you can imagine, but this one in particular comes up quite a lot.

    Whilst what you bring will be dependent on how long you’re staying for.

    At the very least we would recommend:

    • Comfortable clothes
    • A toothbrush and any other hygiene items
    • Photos of loved ones
    • Your mobile phone and charger
    • Any other mementoes you’d like to have with you

    Of course, if you’re only attending an outpatient clinic, you won’t need anything you wouldn’t need throughout the day anyway.

    If you’re just attending a detoxification process, before going to a clinic, you may wish to bring some comfortable clothes and something to pass the time.

    However, you should note that most facilities will offer a range of options for entertainment, relaxation and mindfulness.

    What Do I Do If My Teenager Is Addicted To Alcohol?

    teenager stress

    Between 2017 – 2018, it was recorded that 7,206 teenagers within the UK were in treatment for alcohol-related problems.

    At Rehab Recovery we want to be able to help anyone who may be suffering from alcohol addiction.

    Therefore, if you are a teenager struggling with addiction or you have a teenager that is get in touch here.

    We treat alcoholism in teenagers, and we can help with all the problems that it can bring.

    Our rehab programs for teenagers are tried and tested, and they will get the tools they need to overcome addiction as well as 24/7 support during their stay.

    Can My Family Join Me At Rehab?


    It can be very difficult to watch a loved one suffer from an addiction.

    It can also be hard when first entering recovery to not think of your loved ones often.

    Our experts can connect you with comprehensive services for family counselling for your family and friends to get support during the time you’re away.

    In addition to the above, your recovery journey will be tailored to your needs, so our experts will discuss what you need to make it a success.

    If you would prefer to be in regular contact with your family, that can usually be arranged.

    Alternatively, if you would rather have no contact with friends or family for the duration of your treatment, that can be ensured as well.

    We pride ourselves on seeing each case of addiction as being individual, and therefore your recovery should suit you specifically.

    Will Rehab Work For Me?


    It’s normal to ask yourself that question, but if you’re asking this, it shows that you’re ready to take steps towards recovery.

    We take recovery seriously and we want to give you all the best options to make sure that you have the tools to handle addiction for life.

    From 2017 – 2018 a research study found that alcohol-only treatments had the highest rates of success, with 61% of people exiting treatment successfully.

    It’s also so important for those who suffer from a substance abuse disorder to receive aftercare once rehab has finished, whether that be further counselling or local support groups.

    What If I’mAddicted To Alcohol And Something Else?

    Snorting drugs with a dollar bill

    Any rehab center we recommend will be equipped to treat most forms of addiction, equipped with therapists, doctors and experts in addiction.

    If you struggle with something other than an alcohol addiction, than not to worry, we have all the right tools to help you through this.

    Whether it be cocaine, opioids or another substance, there is always support available.

    You can find more information about support for other addictions here.

    I Need Help Now

    If you need immediate care and assistance, please contact us here where we can discuss what to do.

    You are never alone in recovery: there is always help available.

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