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Drug Addictions and Dependency

Addiction to various types of drugs is a form of what is called substance addiction. Substance dependency often involves a physical as well as psychological dependence on the addiction, meaning that the addict needs a drug in the same way they need food and water and will experience physical withdrawal symptoms which resemble an illness if they cannot get access to the drugs they are addicted to.

Recovering from drug dependency normally involves drug detox followed by rehab and other types of addiction treatment and addiction counselling.

Examples of Drug Addictions

AmphetaminesAnabolic SteroidsBenzodiazepines
CocaineCodeineCrack Cocaine
Crystal MethEcstasyFentanyl
MarijuanaMeow MeowMethadone
Pain MedicationPCPPrescription Drugs

If you are worried that you or someone you know may be in the grip of a drug or any other type of addiction, give us a call today in complete confidence for free help and advice on helping addiction sufferers into treatment and working together towards a happy and healthy life.

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