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Rehab for Teenagers

    Rehab for Teenagers

    In many cases, teenagers just present self-destructive behaviour problems and are not necessarily addicts.

    That’s why as well as providing teenage addiction treatments and teen interventions, we also offer a rehab programme for 13-18-year-olds which acts as an early intervention unit. This treatment model is designed to help troubled teenagers before behaviour problems and their consequences get out of hand.

    At Rehab Recovery, we do not believe that a steady downward slide for troubled teenagers is inevitable. We firmly believe that properly aided and timed professional intervention, along with working our methodology at the early intervention unit, can transform a young life.

    Not every teenager that gets into trouble at school for smoking or using weed can be classed as an addiction patient, but something troubling is clearly at work if the teen knows the consequences of their continued behaviour and still continues to act in a self-destructive manner.

    There is a sadly all-too-common conclusion to this style of behaviour: these are the young people who end up in rehab later in life after they have lost their education, jobs, friends and even families. This realisation for the average addict is extremely painful and is one of the main reasons why they persist in their addiction – using drugs, alcohol or self-destructive behaviours to numb their pain at a lost life.

    Our teenage programme is not a punishment but rather a unique opportunity. Most addiction treatment centres are in the middle of nowhere. If you keep teenagers busy for a month then they will stop their habit temporarily, but then they come home to their old reality and things quickly go wrong again. Our teenage clients instead benefit from learning their new tools to deal with their reality and then take personal responsibility for their behaviours.

    Everyone involved can benefit from our early intervention programme for teens.

    • Teens learn to make better and healthier choices for themselves
    • Schooling options allow teens the freedom to complete their education in a highly supportive environment
    • Parents get their fears and concerns addressed by experts
    • Guidance is provided on how to keep the family functioning happily and healthily

    Above all, teenagers and young people can start to make healthy choices with a new level of maturity and understanding, helping them start to fulfil their full potential as they get on with their new healthier and happier lives.

    To find out how Rehab Recovery can get your family back on track and help your troubled teens reach their true potential, give us a call today and ask about our programmes for young people.

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