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  • Hourly Heroin Finds in Bristol

    Wednesday 31st January 2018
    In Bristol, and areas near the city, every hour there is a gram of heroin seized by the police. A gram of cocaine is found every six seconds....

  • Record Number of Deaths Link to Drug Overdose

    Friday 3rd November 2017
    It was revealed today that the number of drug-related deaths has reached record levels in England and Wales during 2016. For instance, compared to 2015, cocaine-related...

  • How long does alcohol stay in your system

    Friday 3rd November 2017
    In this post, we answer the question 'how long does alcohol remain in your system'. Roughly, it takes around one for the body to metabolise one unit of alcohol. ...

  • Addiction Affects Women's Brains Differently to Men's

    Friday 29th September 2017
    Researchers considering the differences in the way alcoholism impacts on men and women have released a preliminary paper that has caught the eye of many working in the...

  • The 10 Most Addictive Drugs in the World

    Wednesday 6th September 2017
    Each year, thousands of people die due to drug overdose. Many more hundreds of thousands of people’s lives are torn apart due to drug addiction. Drug addiction is a...

  • Paul Danan and the Dangers of Drug Addiction

    Wednesday 6th September 2017
    Paul Danan is perhaps most known for playing Sol Patrick in Hollyoaks between 1997 and 2001. Paul also took part in Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother....

  • Five Top Tips For Choosing an AA/NA Sponsor

    Monday 3rd April 2017
    In this post, we discuss a number of tips you should bear in mind when choosing a 12-step sponsor. The very act of asking a stranger to act as your ‘mentor’ may...

  • Relapse Prevention Cheat Sheet

    Friday 2nd September 2016
    In this post we unveil our latest 'Cheat Sheet.' This Cheat Sheet covers the important topic of relapse prevention. When a person decides to 'give up' using drugs...

  • Ultimate Guide to Alcoholism for the Elderly

    Monday 4th July 2016
    Ultimate Guide to Alcoholism for the Elderly In this article, we shall discuss the issue of alcoholism amongst the elderly. Alcoholism amongst the elderly is often an...

  • Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Induced Heart Damage

    Friday 10th June 2016
    We have heard for many years now that a moderate amount of alcohol, particularly red wine, is good for your heart. This has been termed 'alcohol cardioprotection.' But...

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