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  • How Writing May Support Your Recovery

    Friday 15th February 2019
    In this post, we explore how writing and specifically journalling may assist you with your recovery from your addiction....

  • Am I Enabling a Loved One's Addiction?

    Friday 15th February 2019
    In this post, we explore how you may be enabling a loved-one's addiction. We also offer advice to help you stop this cycle so that you may support your loved-one's...

  • Alcohol & Sexual Assault [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Monday 14th January 2019
    In this post. we reveal an infographic outlining the risks of sexual assault whilst under the influence of alcohol....

  • Bereavement and Addiction

    Friday 11th January 2019
    In this post. we discuss the topic of bereavement and addiction...

  • The Best Addiction Recovery Blogs of 2018

    Monday 3rd December 2018
    In this post. we award the best addiction recovery blogs of 2018....

  • Pride in Recovery

    Tuesday 23rd October 2018
    In this post. we explore the recovery experience within the LGBTQ community....

  • What are Mutual Support Groups?

    Saturday 15th September 2018
    In this post. we aim to assist you in understanding the value you may gain by attending mutual support groups. ...

  • The Psychology Behind Alcoholics Anonymous

    Wednesday 15th August 2018
    In this post, we explore the psychology behind the 12-step model. The 12-step model was formulated by Bill Wilson in the 1930s. ...

  • How to Get off Anti-Depressants

    Wednesday 8th August 2018
    In this article, we offer guidance in helping you come off anti-depressants. You should not stop taking anti-depressants without seeking the advice of your GP who...

  • A Guide to Helping an Addicted Spouse

    Friday 3rd August 2018
    In this post, we outline how to get your spouse into rehab. We list the signs of addiction and offer tips for approaching your spouse about his or her addiction....

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