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Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Executives

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Executives

    High-level executives occupy stressful roles; when you are dealing with decisions that could potentially affect hundreds or even thousands of employees, stress simply becomes part of the job description.

    You develop a great deal of popularity as well when you are in a high ranking position, and the importance of maintaining a suitable public image is essential; whether we’d like to admit it or not.

    The stress from dealing with the day to day activities of an executive can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as drugs and/or alcohol. Executives may find themselves hiding these addictions more often than the average person due to their status, as well as them not wanting people to question their ability to make big decisions.

    The idea that they may have to take time off of work when so many people are depending on them is another factor that may add to their decision to avoid therapy; this is where executive private addiction rehabs come in.

    If you’re a high achiever at work or a star performer in your business, you can find yourself with a highly influential role in shaping the strategy and performance of your workplace even if your personal and private life is far from successful.

    Our expert, caring and professional staff are on hand to offer exclusive, highly comprehensive support for the types of self-destructive addictions and behaviours that often result from top career performers on their way to emotional and physical burnout.

    Private addiction centres for executives focus on integrating the needs of executives into their programmes. These facilities both value and assure your discretion and privacy, and your treatment can be tailor-made to suit your needs. When choosing a programme, it is important to try and consider the type and the level of therapy that you need to access.

    Executive private addiction centres offer

    • Access to personal psychologists, doctors, therapists and other staff for one on one interaction
    • Different, specialised treatments for other conditions or addictions that you may be dealing with such as obesity, depression, or anxiety
    • Access to follow-up therapy and treatment

    Our exclusive programme of support for addiction and self-destructive behaviours helps address these problems by offering a complete range of treatment and counselling services provided in an individually tailored and completely confidential manner which takes into account all your unique personal strengths and weaknesses to ensure success.

    • We aim to provide the most effective treatment to our executive clients
    • All our care programmes are designed to offer the highest quality and fully individualised attention
    • The courses we offer cover all areas of recovery from detox and medication through to rehab and therapy

    As well as working with key individuals we also offer support to companies seeking to avoid burnout and addiction problems within their executive and key leadership departments by providing advice and assistance which is flexible, focused and fully personalised to give the most effective support possible.


    Many of these features may be commonplace in the higher end facilities, but it is important to iterate your need for them. Things such as a computer or internet may not always be offered, as exclusion from those things can be a part of the treatment, or specifically “the” treatment, if you are taking part in a digital detox.

    While traditional rehab centres adhere to a strict set of rules and a set schedule, the executive rehab schedule can be made to custom fit your needs. Those who may not have the option of simply putting work on “hold”, can schedule there a therapy to work around business meetings and calls.

    The staffs at these facilities are trained to help support any of the work responsibilities or emotional needs of their clients. These programmes have lower staff-to-patient ratios in order to offer a more personalised experience suited to your needs, as opposed to a standardised treatment.

    Business amenities that may be necessary include access to computers, phones, internet, meeting rooms and workspaces. It is important to communicate the level of your need for any of these things clearly, as a part of the therapy for specific individuals may involve getting away from your phone, technology, or work.

    The freedom to use these amenities can make the decision to become an in-patient a lot easier, and this decision is often encouraged to help eliminate any contributing factors that may be present at home.

    Beyond therapy

    The support and programmes that are offered at these facilities are extensive. Some programs may include, but are not limited to:

    • Spa treatments
    • Yoga Classes
    • Meditation Classes
    • Private Trainers
    • Professional Chefs to suit any custom or dietary needs
    • Private dining rooms

    The importance of physical health in regards to its relation to mental health is highlighted at executive rehab facilities. A physical trainer may meet with you at the beginning of your stay to discuss your fitness goals, which will also help to assess your dietary requirements. The services within these facilities work co-dependently to best suit your needs.

    Executive rehab facilities are purposefully located in beautiful areas that offer peaceful and tranquil surroundings, with the purpose of offering peace of mind. A custom itinerary is co-made with you and the staff to ensure you get the most out of your time at the facility and provided at the start of each day.


    Bedrooms offer comfortably sized double to queen-sized beds, their own bathroom, a writing desk, and exceptional views. Larger rooms may be available upon request if you need to use your room as a workspace or for visitors.

    The typical treatment process at its core is very similar to the treatment you would receive at a standard facility, which involves going through:

    • Detox
    • Group therapy and individual therapy
    • Post-treatment care and continued support

    While it is similar in essence, the more customised approach offered by these programmes fosters an environment to make detox as easy as possible. A doctor who specializes in detoxification will procure and obtain ongoing assessments from you to help your detox go as smoothly, safely, and painlessly as possible. The doctor will be in close communication with the facility to ensure they are aware of your needs.

    Group therapy will again be optional (depending on the level of discretion you wish to maintain), and the amount of individual therapy can be altered to suit your needs.


    The high level of psychotherapy offered at these institutions can include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, or motivational interviewing. These types of therapy will be used in both individual and group settings. Your therapist will determine which types are most effective over the length of your time there and implement is the use of each accordingly.


    Holistic options that are offered as part of your self-care may be integrated into your therapy. After all, with such an extensive amount of programmes available, your therapist and doctor are likely to not only recommend, but prescribe them as part of your treatment. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage are there to assist you in your physical and mental well-being.

    Post Care Treatment

    Maintaining sobriety after your detox and treatment is an ongoing battle, so ensuring that you have the best care and treatment possible is essential to making sure you do not relapse. Talk to your facility and your doctor about what post-treatment will be right for you to ensure your success.

    To find out more about our discreet and completely confidential executive addiction rehab and treatment programmes, call today on 08000 886 686 and let us help you to become a top performer in your personal life as well as your professional career.

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