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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Redbridge

    Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Redbridge

    At Rehab Recovery we are able to offer the support and guidance you need to help you through addiction recovery.

    We have seen, first hand, the challenges and obstacles faced by those individuals with an addiction problem. So, if you have reached the decision that you want to quit, our professional admissions team, with their broad knowledge and experience, will be able to suggest those services that are most suited to your individual situation.

    What next?

    To find yourself here, seeking information, you have clearly reached a point when you are looking to find the specialised help you need in order to turn your life around.

    Our drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Redbridge aims to make this a process that is easy to understand and navigate. Our dedicated staff understand that addiction problems not only affect you but can also have far-reaching implications for your family, friends and those you work with.

    At Redbridge, we understand the importance of choosing the right treatment centre and do our very best to make certain that this is a simple process.

    Now you have decided to take that vital step in looking for help, you will soon notice that your life begins to become far more positive.

    Services we provide

    Once you find you have reached that turning point, it is essential to get professional help as soon as you can. We will assist you in finding your way through the admissions system.

    With a number of residential rehab centres across the UK, our specialist team at Rehab Recovery are qualified to treat many different conditions, from alcohol and drug addictions to gambling, eating disorders and other destructive habits.

    These addiction behaviours can potentially have wide-reaching, damaging effects not only on your physical and mental health but also on those around you. Therefore, it is essential that once you reach the point where you feel you need to make a change, that you can connect quickly with those who are able to offer you the help and encouragement you need, at the time when you need it the most.

    We understand that no two people are the same, and so the treatments we offer will be planned to address your specific needs, with our centre offering a safe, monitored setting within which you can begin the detox process.

    Once your detox is underway, our experienced rehab team will begin to teach you to recognise any potential triggers that may cause you to relapse when you leave the centre. You will be shown a number of strategies which will help you to cope in such situations, helping to keep your recovery on track once you leave our care.

    Positive outcomes

    The high quality of care that we provide for our clients ensures that when they leave our centres, they are in the very best position to move forward positively in life.

    When we devise your treatment plan, we take only the most proven strategies, which we know will give the best results.

    We understand we can never promise that there won’t be obstacles along your road to recovery but can assure you that you will only ever receive the best detox and rehab treatments, along with follow-up care at our Redbridge centre.

    Admission to a residential centre means that for the time you are with us, you can be focussed only on yourself and your recovery, without unwanted influences. What’s more, the care you receive from us doesn’t finish when you are discharged. We continue to provide you with support, even when you are back at home.

    Why come to Rehab?

    So what is the advantage of coming to a rehab clinic? Why not deal with your addiction at home?

    When you come along to a rehab centre, you will find yourself in an encouraging, supportive environment that will help you once you begin your detox.

    As already mentioned, our support doesn’t just end when you leave. We have a number of support groups which allow you to meet other individuals with similar issues. There is no better support network than those who have walked in your shoes. These meetings are a great place to make new friends, and share ideas and advice.

    Getting help

    So you have decided that you are ready and willing to get the support you need to end your addiction.

    Contact us today for an informal discussion with our team, and we’ll talk you through the process and how we help.

    You will be asked a few simple questions to assess your needs. This information helps us decide which Rehab Recovery centre can provide the very best course of treatment for your circumstances.

    You can contact us today on 0800 088 66 86. Alternative, contact us via the contact form.

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