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Do you seek to begin a new life in Bristol without drugs or alcohol? Are you ready to take positive steps in your life to ensure you are no longer controlled by your addiction? If this is the case, why not contact Rehab Recovery today to discover how we are able to help on 0800 088 6686.

Rehab Recovery’s offerings in Bristol

Rehab Recovery offers drug and alcohol rehab programmes in Bristol. The duration of these programmes varies between ten days up to around twenty-eight days in length. We also offer a number of long-term rehabilitation programmes for drug and alcohol addiction lasting up to six months in duration.

No matter how long you stay at a Bristol rehab clinic, you will receive a year’s worth of aftercare support following the conclusion of your residential treatment. This provides you with an essential support network should the risk of relapse occur during your first year in recovery.

The primary objective of drug and alcohol rehab

Each rehab clinic we partner within Bristol aims to help you achieve a lifetime of abstinence. This means you must be willing to give up drugs and alcohol, and refrain from their use for the rest of your life. You will receive all the help and support to enable you to achieve this aim.

However, you must be personally willing to adopt abstinence as your overall goal. If you do not, then investing in drug and alcohol treatment really is a waste of both your time and money. If you are willing to begin a life of abstinence from drug and alcohol use, then contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 6686.

The need for tailored rehab programmes

Rehab Recovery believes each person suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol does so because of unique underlying emotional circumstances. This uniqueness requires each treatment programme to be tailored to suit these specific needs. If a treatment programme is not tailored to the person’s individual needs, the success of the treatment will suffer.

To ensure treatment programmes are tailored to your needs, we carry an important and more thorough assessment before your treatment begins. The information we obtain during this assessment influences the treatment options you are given. When you are given treatment options, you are explained why these specific treatment options are selected over competing treatments.

The result of this process is that you attend a treatment programme that’s best suited to overcoming your issues with drug and alcohol addiction.

What to expect when you arrive at a rehab clinic

When you are admitted into a Bristol rehab clinic, the first task is for the psychiatrist to carry out an assessment. During this assessment, the psychiatrist will prescribe you with medication. This medication allows you to detox without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Your condition will be closely monitored for the first 48 hours of your detox programme.

A ‘pro re nata’ dosage of anti-withdrawal medication will be written out. This allows our staff the ability to increase your dosage of medication if withdrawal symptoms are not sufficiently treated by your starting dose.

Providing a psychotherapeutic experience

Rehabilitation is not merely about taking medication. Rehab clinics also aim to treat the underlying emotional causes of drug and alcohol addiction. How? By offering a range of therapy sessions. These sessions make use of modern therapy techniques. These techniques include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and mindfulness. Together, these therapies allow you to avoid relapse, reduce trauma and live a happy life without drugs and alcohol.

Taking the next step

To learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, contact the team at Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 6686. When you contact us, we shall run you through the various treatment options existing in Bristol. Contact Rehab Recovery through this website for free a member of our team shall reply to your message shortly.

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