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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Westminster

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Westminster

    Accepting that you have an alcohol or drug addiction is not easy for most people. Some of us have been in that situation, and we can attest that coming to terms with the fact that you’re an addict is a difficult task.

    Also, seeking help isn’t easy. And when you gain the courage to look for help, the information out there ends up confusing you.

    Luckily, we at Rehab Recovery are here to help you find a suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Westminster where you can get treatment and beat your addiction.

    Over the past few years, we have networked with multiple rehab providers in Westminster.

    When you get in touch with us through 0800 088 66 86, we conduct a short evaluation. With this evaluation, we can assess different treatment providers and recommend a facility that suits your exact needs.

    How do we evaluate your needs?

    When determining whether a rehab centre is suitable, we look at several things. For instance, we consider how long you’ve been struggling with the addiction and its severity. Other than these, we also look at whether you have co-existing addictions and psychological health issues such as depression and anxiety.

    Once we have figured everything out, we then recommend rehab centres in Westminster that we feel suit your needs and will help you recover successfully.

    At Rehab Recovery, we have a dedicated team that consists of highly-skilled addiction counsellors. Most of these came to know about addiction counselling because of necessity.

    This is because some of us are past victims of alcohol and drug addictions. We have gone through what you’re experiencing, and we can help you beat that addiction and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

    Let’s look at several ways through which we can help you.

    • An over-the-phone assessment of your addiction
    • Dedicated support before, during, and after the addiction treatment
    • Intervention services to help you cope with your addiction
    • Pairing you with an appropriate treatment centre in Westminster

    Why use our services?

    When it comes to alcohol and drug treatment services in Westminster, Rehab Recovery is reputable and well-known. We have been helping addicts recover in this area for the last 10 years and built a strong relationship with the residents.

    Even though we don’t offer treatment ourselves, we operate a referral service, and it’s entirely free.

    If you choose to work with us, you can get immediate treatment. However, if you try seeking the treatment on your own, you may have to wait for as long as 12 months because of the increased demand for statutory services.

    When you contact us, we’ll go through the various treatment options available. We highly recommend that you choose residential treatment. This form of treatment is well-structured and supportive, allowing you to gain maximum benefits.

    The different types of treatment options

    If you have not received addiction treatment in the past, you may wonder what it involves. You shouldn’t worry about anything. Everything is designed to put your mind at ease and offer you the knowledge to live life without alcohol or drugs. Therefore, rather than resisting the idea of getting treatment for your addiction, you should embrace it.

    You have two options from which you can choose: the outpatient and inpatient options. Inpatient treatment is also known as residential treatment, and it means that you’ll stay in the centre until you complete your treatment.

    The process takes about 28 days to complete. The success rate of inpatient treatment is higher than that of outpatient treatment. This is mainly because you get away from bad influences and temptations to take drugs or alcohol.

    How does treatment take place in the rehab?

    During your time at the rehab, you go through 3 main stages. Stage one is an assessment by a qualified psychiatrist to determine the best course of action. Stage 2 is the detoxification programme where drugs or alcohol are flushed out of your body.

    Since detox may come with various symptoms, you’re given medications to minimise these effects. Stage 3 is counselling and therapy. This stage is vital because it helps to deal with your addiction’s psychological aspects. A counsellor may seek to determine what brought the addiction in the first place and solve it so that it doesn’t cause a relapse.

    You also receive knowledge on how to deal with substance use triggers. These counselling sessions are offered individually or in groups.

    After completing these stages, the drug & alcohol rehab in Westminster may offer aftercare services. These services are vital to know how you’re fairing with recovery and prevent you from falling off the wagon.

    Get treatment today

    To get treatment in Westminster, contact us at Rehab Recovery on 0800 088 66 86. We’ll walk with your every step of the way to ensure you get the treatment you truly deserve.

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