Client Testimonials

“You helped to fix me when I was broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many thanks ADT.” – Peter, Wigan

“Your impartial information and extensive knowledge was a breath of fresh air compared to previous advice I had received. Thank you for helping me to make the right choice for my myself and my family.” – Sheila, Chelmsford

“ADT Healthcare were critical in helping our son find the right treatment centre for his video gaming addiction and found us a great rehab centre that has helped show us the solution to a problem of total despair and misery. We are all so much happier again and have our lives back on track thanks to ADT Healthcare. Many thanks.” – Susan, Manchester

“We have our daughter back 3 years clean and sober thanks to the understanding, support and advice we received from ADT Healthcare. Words can not convey our gratitude.” – Ian, Nottingham

“ADT Healthcare saved my life. I have a fulfilling life again with purpose and direction. I feel happy, content and free again. Thank you for helping me turn my life around.” – Jenny, Luton

“ADT healthcare helped us to rebuild our lives. We have our son back, fit, healthy and happy again and words can’t describe the gratitude we feel for the friendly and skillfull advice we received from ADT Healthcare and for the fact they really listened in helping solve our family crisis. We are so grateful for the guidance and support. Thank you!” – Amanda, Bristol

“Thanks to calling ADT Healthcare I was able to find the most suitable treatment for my addiction. I now feel happy and free again. I believe that having skilled and friendly advisors at ADT were essential in helping me find the right rehab centre to suit me. Along with the continual support, phone calls and great aftercare I have manged to stay clean and sober for over 2 years. I can’t thank ADT Healthcare enough.” – Paul, London

“ADT Healthcare have supported us all the way. They really listened to us parents and were very sensitive and compassionate in hearing what we had to say. It was overwhelming to find such empathy when no one else seemed to understand. I can’t thank them enough for all the support and understanding in helping us resolve our family crisis. We have a chance at a new and happier life together with our daughter who is recovering well and so are we. Thank you ADT Healthcare.” – Mary, Shropshire

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