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About Rehab Recovery

    About Rehab Recovery

    Rehab Recovery is an organisation that provides addiction treatment and healthcare advice for a wide range of different addiction and dependency problems. We offer high-quality advice and a referral service that matches our clients to the right variety of treatment which will solve their problems and let them get on with their normal lives free of the burden of addiction.

    We are part of Rehab Recovery, supplying treatment options for all types of addiction and self-destructive behaviours. We have a speciality in supplying the treatment for video game addiction, and also supply treatment options for all dependency style problems including alcoholism, chemical dependency, eating disorders and process or behaviour addictions.

    Our accessible telephone service is provided by experienced advisors who are on hand to offer addiction information and ensure you get a referral to the clinic or centre that is right for you. We’ll make sure that you are sent to the ideal therapist or treatment that will suit your problems and individual needs.

    We work with everyone to find the best bespoke addiction treatment solution for you, whatever your budget or other circumstances.

    Our advisors are all highly knowledgeable on dependency and addiction behaviour treatments, covering both the medical and psychological interventions that are needed to overcome all types of self-destructive behaviour and restore a person to normality.

    If you need advice and reassurance when taking the first steps on your journey towards freedom from addiction, our knowledgeable care and advice service is on hand to help you change your life.

    You can learn more about the team at Rehab Recovery, please click here.

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    Our revenue model

    Rehab Recovery operates under the trade name owned by ADT Healthcare Ltd, serving as a complimentary information, advisory, and referral service. Our focus is to assist individuals in their pursuit of addiction treatment choices, both within the UK and internationally.

    We extend free guidance encompassing both private and no-cost treatment alternatives. Our aim is to present you with a range of treatment possibilities, enabling you to make an educated decision that suits your specific requirements or those of your loved ones.

    It’s important to highlight that utilising the Rehab Recovery service comes at no cost to you. The chosen provider compensates us with a standard fee.

    While we don’t collaborate with every treatment provider worldwide, we have meticulously selected numerous reputable options with solid CQC ratings. This selection is geared towards ensuring the most favourable outcomes for those seeking assistance.

    We want to be transparent regarding our revenue stream. We receive a standard referral commission from the majority of private treatment providers we partner with. This arrangement enables our business to function commercially. However, please be assured that the providers we introduce you to maintain consistent pricing, similar to what you would encounter when contacting them directly.

    Furthermore, we also furnish details about various free services and treatment alternatives for those inquiring who may not possess the financial means for privately-funded treatment.

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