Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Oxfordshire

Rehab Recovery offers a free and impartial referral service in Oxfordshire for people seeking out private addiction rehabilitation. Many of these clinics in our network offer modern facilities to allow you to detox and rehabilitate in a comforting and caring environment. This provides a suitable and attractive means of entering recovery without unwanted withdrawal symptoms and bad influences that otherwise prohibit your progress in recovery.

In order to refer you to the most suitable rehab provider in Oxfordshire, when you contact Rehab Recovery we carry out an important assessment procedure. We triage your needs so that we may correctly determine the most suitable treatment providers in Oxfordshire for your particular needs.

The majority of treatment centres offer you a range of outpatient and residential treatment options. By far the best form of treatment in Oxfordshire takes place in a residential clinic. You will then be offered to follow up treatment once your residential treatment concludes via intensive aftercare sessions. These aftercare sessions is offered free of charge following the completion of your residential treatment.

You are advised to attend as many aftercare sessions as possible. This helps to assist you in your recovery during those delicate first few months when relapse is most likely to occur due to the fact that you are unfamiliar with the nuances and relapse risks that inevitably arise during your early recovery.

What happens during Rehab in Oxfordshire

Going to rehab for several weeks is undoubtedly an opportunity of a lifetime. Here, you will be given the tools to live your life in recovery. You will learn to arrest your addiction so that you do not relapse following the completion of your treatment. Whilst going to rehab is an overwhelmingly positive development in your life, it’s also something that likely fills you with trepidation and unease.

When you contact Rehab Recovery, we help to ‘put to bed’ any unease you may have regarding going to rehab. We explain what will happen during the entire rehab process so you are entirely at ease with the procedure.

Generally, when you go to rehab in Oxfordshire, you will benefit from a medically assisted detox programme. Before this begins, you will be fully assessed by a consultant psychiatrist. Depending on the nature of your addiction, you will usually be prescribed a range of medications that assist you in withdrawing from drugs or alcohol in a safe and controlled manner. This medication regime will also be supplemented with a highly nutritious meal plan. The majority of clinics we recommend employ a full-time kitchen team who will prepare your daily meals.

Therapy sessions included in your programme

During your rehabilitation programme, the majority of your time will be spent in therapy sessions. These sessions make use of group and individual counselling. Specific therapy techniques included are CBT, EMDR, therapeutic workshops, 12-step meetings, holistic therapies and art therapy.

Therapy sessions are supervised by a range of professionals. These professionals include psychotherapists, group therapy practitioners and holistic therapy practitioners.

Many of the rehab clinics in Oxfordshire we recommend have invested millions of pounds in developing custom-built facilities. Many limit the number of clients to around 12 at any one time. This ensures you receive the maximum amount of care and attention from staff throughout your stay.

These rehab clinics in Oxfordshire specialise in treating a variety of addictions and the various mental health problems that commonly co-exist with addiction. Many of these mental ailments are the result of traumatic experiences occurring in childhood or early adulthood. Therapy sessions aim to help clients process these traumatic memories in healthier ways that do not involve substance misuse. This approach ensures the deep routed causes of addiction are treated.

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