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Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependency

Are you worried about yourself or someone you know who may have a problem with alcohol?

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Drinking alcohol is very popular and the common perception of it as a great way to have fun and make friends can mean that people forget the negative effects alcohol can have on a person and those around them.

Alcohol becomes a problem when the costs of it outweigh any actual or perceived benefits. Drinking problems can very rapidly escalate into alcoholism, which is also called alcohol dependency syndrome.

This often, but not always, begins with a person binge drinking – that is, drinking enormous amounts of alcohol purely for the purpose of “getting drunk.” This is deeply unhealthy on both a physical and emotional level, and should always be avoided.

Repeated binge drinking becomes alcohol abuse, which can then very rapidly develop to alcoholism when the drinker develops an obsession and craving for alcohol regardless of the situation or time of day.

It is important to realise that not all alcoholics spend every moment of everyday drinking, but rather spend nearly all their time thinking about alcohol, lose control of the amount they drink and experience withdrawal symptoms when sober.

Treating Alcoholism

Medically supervised addiction detox is essential for alcoholism as the body often goes into a form of shock when alcohol consumption stops.

It is not uncommon for alcohol abuse to be a symptom of a broader problem and so alcohol dependency is often best treated in a residential care setting which can follow a structured programme to assist recovery.

Relapse is a danger after treatment, as with many addictions, and so follow up aftercare and additional addiction rehab such as AA meeting attendance is often highly advisable.

If you have doubts or worries about treating alcoholism for yourself or someone you love, get in touch with Rehab Recovery today in complete confidence and we will talk you through all the options available to support both the addiction patient and their family and friends through this difficult time.

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