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The effectiveness of Vagabatrin as a treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Posted on May 29, 2013

The effectiveness of Vagabatrin as a treatment for Cocaine Addiction

A recent study into the effectiveness of Vigabatrin to treat cocaine addiction which was carried did not decrease the use of cocaine in patients according to new data published in JAMA Psychiatry.

The researchers state that the negative result indicates a number of things. There is a weak efficacy of vigabatrin or significant nonadherence to the drug. The trial included 186 participants that were seeking treatment for their cocaine addiction. These cocaine-dependent participants were assigned to twice-daily doses of vigabatrin 3 g/day or a matched placebo. The trial also included a weekly computerized cognitive-behavioural therapy sessions and biweekly individual counselling for 13 weeks.

The researchers measured the fraction of participants intake of cocaine weekly and the number of drug-free urine samples. The primary outcome measure was the proportion of patients abstaining from cocaine use during the last 2 weeks of the study period, these were assessed by drug screens and self-reports.

Throughout the study, it was detected that 40% to 60% of participants in the vigabatrin group may not have been adhering to their medication. The researchers observed no visual acuity or visual field deterioration in any of the participants.

Another trial is to be funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in several places in the US hoping that they can find something that works.

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