Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Gloucester

When a person is dealing with an addiction, there may come a point when they begin to consider getting help be it from a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester or elsewhere. Because addiction to drugs or alcohol is an extremely complicated condition, receiving assistance in overcoming it is often the best option. If you or someone you know is considering drug or alcohol rehab in Gloucester, there are many options to choose from. Addiction treatment doesn’t fall into a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many different types of rehab programmes, all catered towards people’s different needs as they look to overcome their dependency issues.

Getting help for a drug or alcohol problem can feel very overwhelming at first. Not only are there a lot of different options when it comes to rehab in Gloucester and surrounding areas, but many people facing addiction don’t believe their problem is serious enough to warrant a rehab programme. Just the mere mention of rehab can also make a person feel worse about their current addicted state.

Without getting the proper help for addiction however, many people find quitting drugs or alcohol to simply be too difficult.

Things You Need to Know about Rehab in Gloucester

Getting over an addiction to alcohol or drugs isn’t as easy as a person just quitting their substance of choice and getting on with life. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be countless addicts worldwide who face the despair of addiction every single day. Addiction is a very complicated and multi-faceted condition that can be all but impossible to treat without professional help. This is why choosing an alcohol or drug rehab in Gloucester or afar is one of the best things an individual addicted to drugs or alcohol could offer themselves.

Rehab in Gloucester offers a person everything they need to successfully get over their addiction and move on with life. Because addiction can quickly ruin a person’s life if not attended to, it is important to seek help sooner than later. When it comes to addiction, it is not a matter of if an individual will destroy their life, it is a matter of when. Fortunately, though, people addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t have to wait until it’s too late.

By going to rehab they can receive the help they need and begin to turn their life around in a positive direction. Although when facing addiction it can seem like there is no end in sight, rehab is something that offers hope. When a person gets help and overcomes their addiction, life can truly take on an entirely new meaning. This is something that’s hard to see when facing addiction, which is one reason going to rehab makes so much sense.

Options for Rehab

When it comes to actually choosing a rehab centre, when people begin their search they will undoubtedly find a plethora of different options. From deluxe private rehab treatment centres to simple outpatient care services, the options for rehab in Gloucester are many. When it comes to finding the best rehab to fit your needs, we have the experience necessary to help you make the best decision based on your personal needs.

Going to rehab will be a different experience for everyone. Depending on the severity of a person’s addiction, their own personal needs, and other various factors, there happen to be many different options to choose from. Because each person faces different struggles in their addiction, there is no standard model that should be considered the best treatment for everyone. There are many different options for rehab in Gloucester, and we are here to help you in every way we can.

For an individual to make an educated choice on where they will get rehab, they must know what kind of options are open to them in terms of treatment centres. Although there are several options available, the one that tends to be more successful is a private rehab centre. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Rehab is a safe and secure place where each individual can get through the tough times ahead. It is important to feel secure so that a relapse does not occur. Any stress at this stage could tip the balance the wrong way, so the atmosphere will be supportive and friendly. It is also vital to have medical assistance at hand to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms that may occur
  • It is important that people discover the reasons for their addiction in the first place, and a rehab centre is well set up to cater for this. Group therapy is a part of the treatment and individuals will see that they are not alone in this addiction. There will also be one-on-one therapy for those who need it
  • Some people may relapse after being sober for some time. This usually happens when the stress of everyday life gets too much for them. This is not surprising because many of them will have relied upon their substance of choice for many years. Even the person that started the addiction at a young age will never have learned coping skills, so the rehab centre will try to remedy this. Indeed, many centres will fast track those who have non-coping skills to allow them to feel confident

Benefits of Going to Rehab in Gloucester

No matter what type of addiction a person is facing, making the decision to go to rehab is one of the best choices they can make. Addiction is a dangerous condition that can quickly go from mild or moderate to something far more severe in a matter of weeks. Continual substance abuse on a regular basis is something that literally changes the way the brain functions, which can make it seem impossible to quit when deciding they want to change their life.

Even the most dedicated to achieving sobriety will find they have difficulties simply because addiction is such a complex condition. Not only does someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol have to contend with physical withdrawal, but the many psychological facets of their addiction as well. Centres that cater to rehab in Gloucester will look at all parts of addiction to ensure patients are healing on every level possible.

Going to rehab does something that many addicts who try to quit on their own often miss. This is the education and knowledge about addiction that is necessary to ensure one understands their addiction. Without understanding addiction, it is virtually impossible to overcome it. When an individual chooses to go to rehab, they are also choosing to better understand addiction and the underlying causes of their current addicted state.

Along with becoming more educated about addiction, people attending rehab in Gloucester will have the opportunity to talk to someone. Therapy is a fundamental part of any rehab and allows patients the chance to talk to a professional about their problems. The ability to talk to a trained professional who has been trained in addiction counselling is unsurpassed when it comes to overcoming addiction for good. Without someone to talk to, the problems underlying a person’s addiction can be too much to handle.

People in recovery need an outlet, and the therapy offered in rehab is often exactly what they need. Therapy is a huge benefit because it allows someone to talk about their problems to someone who understands. A therapist can also give the sound advice one needs to relinquish the hold their problems have on them, which can lead them out of the need to use drugs and alcohol to mask their pain. Therapy also can offer the connection many people need to successfully make it through the recovery process.

Private Drug or Alcohol Rehab

The option of private rehab is something many people choosing to get treatment tend to consider. Because a private (or residential) is something that takes a patient out of the familiar environment that has been a big part of their life as an addict, many people find it to be the best option. Being in a setting one is accustomed to using in will only breed temptation. When someone decides on a private rehab in Gloucester, they are removing themselves from any outside influence that could possibly hinder their chances at success.

When it comes to residential treatment, there are many different options available. This is something that is quite beneficial about private rehab because it offers someone to pick a treatment modality that will best suit their individual needs. The possibilities for private rehab in Gloucester and afar are practically endless. From rehabs that cater to women only to centres that take a holistic approach to treating addiction, there is virtually something for everyone when it comes to making a choice about private rehab.

Private rehab can last anywhere from 28 days to six months. Some people find that after six months they want to continue treatment. If this is the case, there are many extended rehab treatment programmes available. Getting sober works different for everyone, and with private rehab, one can ensure they’re selecting a programme that works right for them. Attending private rehab often comes with the choice of a shared or private room, depending on what is best suited for a person’s individual preferences.

Many private rehab centres will also only allow a certain number of patients at a time. This helps to make sure that everyone gets the individualised attention they need while going through the entire treatment process. When there are fewer people, staff has more time to give each person one on one attention. We’ve successfully placed countless people in private rehab centres throughout the UK. If you’re looking for a private rehab in Gloucester, we can make it easy to find something to best suit your individual needs. Going to private rehab is something many people have found to be a life-changing experience.

Outpatient Rehab

Private rehab isn’t the only options when it comes to choosing a rehab in Gloucester. For people who can’t get away from home for an extended time, but still want to get help for their addiction, an outpatient treatment centre might be their best option. While attending an outpatient rehab isn’t as intensive as going to private rehab, it does offer people the tools necessary to overcome addiction if they are willing to try.

When people go to outpatient rehab, they will stay at home the entire duration of their treatment. This can be especially helpful to those who have family obligations or a job they cannot take time off from. Because addiction is something that affects everyone, no one is immune to the need for treatment. People with school responsibilities or even those climbing the career ladder may experience addiction problems. Taking time away from a person’s job or studies isn’t conducive to everyone, which is when an outpatient rehab might make more sense.

Outpatient rehab will have the patient show up for various scheduled appointments at different times of the week. While they will receive the therapy they need, there is no guarantee that they will always have the same therapist. Outside sources of addiction recovery help may also be incorporated into one’s treatment plan. This could mean going to various free recovery meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). All this is entirely up to the individual, so they must make sure that they are 100 per cent committed to the treatment process.

Outpatient rehab in Gloucester might also be best suited for those with addictions that are less severe. Going to an outpatient rehab means that a person is still going to be in the familiar environment they are accustomed to using drugs or alcohol in. This poses a very serious risk for relapse, and they should ensure they are doing everything in their power not to fall victim to their cravings.


Aftercare is one vital process of rehab that many people fail to miss. When rehab is over, recovery doesn’t end. Aftercare is something offered through rehab centres worldwide because it is often crucial for successfully staying sober. The importance of attending aftercare once rehab in Gloucester has been completed cannot be stressed enough. Most treatment programmes will include some kind of aftercare strategy. This could be one that incorporates additional meetings such as AA or NA (Narcotics Anonymous), as well as private therapy if a patient feels they need it.

Aftercare might also include continued education on addiction, as well as any further life skills a person might need to develop. Fitness programmes can be part of aftercare, as well as various relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi or meditation that can help one maintain a relaxed state of mind. Attitude is everything when it comes to overcoming addiction. The more tools one is equipped with to keep a positive mental attitude, the better.

Contacting Rehab Recovery

For more information on detox and rehab options in Gloucester, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact us, we shall outline a variety of treatment options that are available to you in Gloucester. This includes both private and statutory addiction treatments.

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