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The Alcoholics Anonymous Copycats

Posted on August 5, 2015

The Alcoholics Anonymous Copycats

Since its founding 80 years ago in 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous, has become one of the nation’s best-known treatment programs for alcohol addiction with other Alcoholics Anonymous Copycats proving popular.

The many groups that have copied Alcoholics Anonymous

A recent news report on BBC says that many other groups become Alcoholics Anonymous Copycats and are proving to be successful worldwide especially in the UK and the United States.

The report says that there are 115,326 Alcoholics Anonymous groups in 175 different countries, according to the group’s latest estimates, with more than two million members. There are 60,143 groups in the United States alone.

These include Narcotics Anonymous, the more specific Marijuana Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Workaholics Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous.

Most of these Alcoholics Anonymous Copycats follow 12 steps to outline a plan of recovery to overcome addiction.

The idea of attending 12 step groups is that you feel more confident when you belong to a group of people who are doing the same thing.

Do not suffer alone

Everybody’s first reaction to addiction is to deal with it on their own, however, this option gives people the chance to speak out and ask for help from people who are going through the same thing.

One of the reasons why these groups are so popular is because people who attend these won’t judge you because they’ve have heard it all before. They’ve done it all before. They know that you’re not crazy because of the things you do when you’re using.

If you’ve had a bad day you can go to a meeting and spend a couple of hours knowing that you can escape your addiction. By the end of the meeting, you’ll almost certainly feel better and more motivated to recover knowing that you aren’t alone as there are many people who have similar problems.

If you have a problem with alcohol or any other issue it’s important for you to find a group that you’ll like as recovery becomes easier. Each group is different and they have their own personalities and mix of people.

12 Step Meetings

There are two types of 12 step meetings. There are open meetings (also called speaker meetings), and closed meetings (also called discussion meetings). In speaker meetings, someone stands up and tells their story of addiction and recovery. You sit back and listen, and you’re not expected to say anything.

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Read the full BBC News article here.

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