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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Colchester

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Colchester. The rehab clinic offers a robust admissions process and supervised detox and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Colchester

    Colchester is becoming a popular destination with people from elsewhere in the UK who are looking for addiction help. The rehabs have a good reputation and offer a high standard of care. The area can also be a good choice for those people who wish to recover in pleasant surroundings. Colchester has some beautiful scenery and it is a nice place to recuperate following addiction. It will also be easy for people going back to home after treatment to move smoothly into aftercare.

    Who Needs Addiction Help in Colchester?

    It can be difficult for people who are caught up in substance abuse to determine if they need addiction help. The problem is that the individual will tend to downplay his or her own need for such help as nobody likes to think that his or her alcohol or drug use is out of control. The situation is also complicated by the fact that one of the symptoms of addiction is denial – this means that the individual struggles to see that they are in trouble.

    Even when the person can admit that their life is a mess, they still might not believe that it is the substance abuse that is the problem. It is this failure to appreciate the reality of their situation that keeps individuals trapped in addiction for many years.

    There will be some warning signs that people are trapped in addiction and this will include:

    • The individual will experience withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to significantly reduce their intake or stop altogether. These withdrawals can include things like anxiety, body tremors, nausea, and flu-like symptoms. If the individual has been using alcohol or drugs for many years they may be at risk of a particularly severe form of withdrawals known as delirium tremens (DTs). If this is the case, they will need to enter a detox centre so they will be able to go through withdrawals safely
    • The person needs to take an increasing amount of the substance in order to get the same effect as they would have previously have obtained with less of the substance. This is evidence that their body has adapted to the substance abuse by developing tolerance
    • The individual suspects that their life would be better if they did not abuse alcohol or drugs
    • The person has tried to reduce their intake of alcohol or drugs in the past but they were unable to keep this up long term
    • The individual feels unable to cope without these substances
    • They have failed to meet their work, family, or social responsibilities because of the substance abuse
    • The person has needed to take time off work because of hangovers
    • They suffer from blackouts. This means that there are periods of time when they are inebriated that they are unable to remember afterwards. These blackouts are a particularly worrying symptom because it means that the individual is out of control when inebriated
    • People say that the person’s personality changes when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Friends or family are worried about the person’s drinking or drug use
    • The person has legal or financial problems because of the abuse
    • They do not like to go places where alcohol or drugs are not going to be available
    • They become defensive when their drinking or drug use is brought into question
    • They have lost interest in activities they used to enjoy. It seems that the only thing they really care about these days is substance abuse

    Rehab Solution in Colchester

    Entering rehab can be the best option for people in Colchester who are dealing with addiction problems.

    There are a number of important reasons for why this can be a good choice including:

    • When people enter this type of facility they will be able to focus fully on their recovery. There will be no need for them to be concerned with their usual obligations and duties. The fact that the person is so focused on their recovery increases the chances that they will be successful. Giving up an addiction will be a lifesaving move so it certainly deserves to be the centre of attention
    • The rehab facility is considered a therapeutic environment. This means that the mere fact of staying in this type of treatment centre will magnify the person’s own motivation. The whole focus of this program will be recovery, and the person will be constantly reminded of this
    • Most people who attempt to give up an addiction will fail within the first few days. There is just too much temptation, and the person can become overwhelmed by the changes needed to establish themselves in recovery. By entering rehab, the individual will greatly increase their chances of making it through this tricky first period of recovery, and thus increase the likelihood that they will be able to manage long-term recovery
    • The goal of rehab is to help the individual get to the root of their problems. This is important because if these roots are still there they will increase the likelihood of relapse or turning to other maladaptive behaviours
    • Most rehab facilities will also act as detox centres. This means that the individual can have their withdrawals medically supervised so that they remain safe. Another advantage of detox is that there will be pharmaceuticals and other treatments available that can make the withdrawal process a bit easier
    • Many people will have fallen into addiction problems at a young age. This means that they will have missed some very important emotional developmental steps – there can be no emotional progress while the person is abusing alcohol or drugs so their development is retarded. This is why people can really struggle to cope once they become sober, as they just do not have the inner tools. By entering rehab, the individual will have the opportunity to develop the tools they need

    We Will Help You Find the Perfect Addiction Rehab

    One of the realisations that most of us make near the end of our addiction is that we need at least some help to break away from this suffering. This is why we become willing to consider rehab as the best way out. The problem is that there are so many facilities to choose from, and this is definitely not the type of decision that you want to rush into. This is where we come in. We will be able to help you to consider all the appropriate rehab options so that you make the best decision for you.

    We can provide information on facilities right around the world, so it is almost certain that together we will find something appropriate. Once we have found the rehab, facility that you are most happy with we will then be able to arrange everything for you. So do not waste any more time – contact us right away to go over your options.

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