Private alcohol addiction rehab is becoming more necessary in India, study shows.

Published by on Monday, August 11, 2014

It’s a fact of modern life that teenage binge drinking is on the rise in the United Kingdom, as well as many other parts of the globe, especially in less affluent parts such as India and Pakistan. For many teenagers, binge drinking simply forms a part of youth culture, something that they regard as commonplace. Entire holidays have been dedicated to going to various clubs and bars in places like Barcelona and Ibiza simply for the purpose of drinking as much as possible over a weekend. Others may experiment with it here and there before dropping it in its entirety. However new studies into the situation suggest that teenagers who binge drink are just a thin line away from falling into private alcohol addiction rehab upon adulthood.

A study undertaken by the Mailman School of Public Health in Maryland found that the proportion of men in India who started drinking in their teenaged years between 1956 and 1960 rose from 19.5% to 74.3% when compared to those born in 1981-1985. The initial number had more than tripled within two decades.

The team found that adults who started drinking in their teenaged years were more likely to suffer from alcohol dependency, and twice as likely to be in private alcohol addiction rehab. They were also thrice more likely to suffer from alcohol-related injuries and accidents.

Researchers questioned over 2000 men between the ages of 20 and 49, with backgrounds from all over North Goa, be they rural or urban. The questions varied from the age they first started to binge drink to whether they ever sustain injuries while drinking. The researchers also measured and assessed the levels of psychological distress when recording the answers to these questions. As a result of their findings, the study has confidentially claimed that the rate of alcoholism in this section of India has tripled within the last few decades. The findings were later published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Other studies in developed nations have also shown that drinking early in life has strong links with later alcohol dependencies, including alcohol dependence, harmful drinking, psychological distress and long trips to private alcohol addiction rehab clinics. However, researchers admit that it’s not clear whether this also applies to developing countries such as India.

This latest report is invaluable on shedding light on the situation regarding alcoholism within India, and thus providing opportunities for additional initiatives in tackling the problem before it develops further.

Keith stopped using drugs and drinking alcohol more than 10 years ago. He now spends a lot of time writing and editing content for this website. His mission is to assist people who are also looking to embrace addiction recovery. Keith believes a key way to accomplish this goal is through his writing.

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