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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

Discover our revolutionary alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification services in Grays. We maintain a state-of-the-art rehab clinic for your needs.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

    Could you benefit from attending drug and alcohol rehab in Grays?

    Also known as Grays Thurrock, this Essex town is located just outside of London and is home to many drug and alcohol rehab clinics.

    If you are struggling with addiction and feel ready to take the first step towards recovery, drug and alcohol rehab in Grays could be right for you.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

    Learn More about Addiction

    Do I have an addiction and do I need to go to rehab?

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    Simply asking yourself whether your relationship with substances is healthy is a great step, and shows that you are aware that you could have a problem.

    Addiction can be difficult to spot within yourself, but there are several signs that can indicate a physical or psychological dependency.

    Common signs and symptoms of an addiction include:

    • Thinking about the substance all the time
    • Experiencing cravings for the substance
    • Prioritising substance use over other responsibilities
    • Using substances at dangerous or inappropriate times
    • Putting yourself or others at risk due to substance use
    • Trying to stop using substances but being unable to
    • Withdrawing from family and friends
    • Spending time with people who use substances
    • Experiencing frequent mood swings
    • Appearing dishevelled and poorly groomed

    If you relate to any of the above points, it may be helpful to speak to your doctor and as for a formal diagnosis.

    Based on this diagnosis, you will be able to take the next step towards recovery at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays.

    What are the most common causes of addiction?

    No one knows for sure what causes addiction, but it is thought that one or more of the below risk factors can greatly increase your risk of developing a substance use disorder. [1]

    Common causes of addiction may include:

    • Having a physical or mental health disorder
    • A family history of addiction
    • Growing up in an environment where substance use was normal
    • Being pressured by friends to use drugs or alcohol
    • Having low self-esteem
    • Using drugs or alcohol from an early age, while the brain is still developing

    Anyone can develop an addiction – it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have, your gender or your education level.

    Addiction is a difficult and debilitating disease, but it is possible to recover with the right help and support.

    What should I do if someone I know has an addiction?

    If you have noticed the signs of addiction in someone you know, your first step is to talk to them about your concerns.

    They may not even realise themselves that they have a problem, and this conversation can be the first step towards seeking help.

    If they are unable to acknowledge that they need to seek treatment, you may wish to involve other close friends and family members and hold an intervention

    An intervention is usually kept secret from the affected person, and they will have no knowledge of it until it has already started.

    This is a planned meeting where close friends and family members come together and express their concerns, asking their loved one to seek help.

    Interventions are not always successful, but they can be an effective way to plant the seed while showing that you care.

    Can drug and alcohol addiction be cured?

    In many cases, addiction can be managed effectively and you will be able to live a normal and happy life free from substance use.

    Attending drug and alcohol rehab in Grays isn’t a cure for addiction, as it is possible to relapse even years later. There is also no medication that will cure your addiction. [2]

    Attending rehab, developing new healthy behaviours and finding ways to manage stress and difficult emotions can all help to manage your addiction, as well as find support in your daily life.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

    Understanding Your Rehab Options in Grays

    How can I find a drug and alcohol rehab in Grays?


    Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Grays can feel overwhelming, but there are many places that you can turn to for help.

    We’re one of them – contact us at Rehab Recovery for immediate and confidential advice 24/7.

    You can call 0800 088 66 86 if you are in the UK and +44 330 333 6197 if you are overseas.

    We can talk you through the process and help you to understand the best options for your situation while using our connections to put you in touch with a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Grays.

    What types of rehab are available at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays?

    If you choose to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Grays, you will be able to choose from two main types of rehab.

    These are inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab.

    If you would prefer a completely immersive rehab stay in which you are removed from your current environment, inpatient rehab may be most suitable for you.

    This type of drug and alcohol rehab in Grays allows you to spend the entire programme living at the clinic, reintegrating back into society after your treatment ends.

    Inpatient rehab is thought to be the most effective, as it completely removes temptation and allows you to focus on your recovery.

    However, we understand that many people have other responsibilities outside of rehab. You may need to continue working or looking after children, for example.

    This is where outpatient rehab can be helpful – it’s almost like a part-time job, where you will continue with your regular life and then attend rehab a few times a week.

    Outpatient rehab is generally more affordable than inpatient rehab and is accessible to more people, but your attention will not be completely focused on recovery and you may have more temptations around you. [3]

    Why do people attend drug and alcohol rehab in Grays?

    People attend rehab for many different reasons.

    They may be struggling with alcohol addiction, an eating disorder or a drug addiction.

    Some people at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays may have been living with their addiction for many years, while others will be attending to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

    Some of the many addictions that can be treated at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays include:

    It’s common for people with an addiction to believe that they are not ‘sick’ enough to require professional treatment.

    This is not the case – everyone deserves to live freely without being trapped by addiction, and drug and alcohol rehab in Grays is a safe place to heal and recover.

    What should I look for when choosing a rehab clinic?

    It’s important to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Grays that best suits you, and there are many to choose from.

    Keep the following questions in mind during your search and you will be more likely to find a clinic that suits your needs.

    • Are you easily able to travel to the Grays rehab clinic?
    • Has the clinic been running successfully for a long time (ideally over 20 years)?
    • Are the reviews online positive, with proof of genuine customers?
    • Does the Grays rehab clinic work with your budget?
    • Are the staff friendly, professional and helpful?
    • Have the staff been professionally trained and hold the relevant qualifications?
    • Is the Grays clinic clean, tidy and comfortable?
    • Do staff specialise in treating your specific addiction?

    If you would like to be referred to a rehab clinic, speak to your doctor or call the Rehab Recovery team for advice.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

    Understanding the Processes of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

    At home support

    What happens during the admissions process?

    It’s normal to be nervous when you first arrive at rehab. You are in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by strangers and about to embark on a journey to recovery.

    The admissions process is a chance to meet staff and ask any questions you may have.

    It is also an opportunity for staff to learn as much about you and your condition as possible, so they can design an effective treatment programme for you.

    You may be asked various questions about your physical and mental health as well as a family medical history.

    Your blood may be drawn and taken, and you will likely undergo various assessments to determine the severity of your addiction.

    What happens during the detox process?

    Your treatment plan will usually begin with a full detox, which is the most effective way to recover from a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    A detox takes between 7 and 10 days, during which you will slowly decrease your intake of drugs and alcohol until by the last day you are no longer using any substances.

    This helps your brain and body to slowly get used to functioning with less alcohol or drugs in your system, so you should experience less severe withdrawal symptoms.

    Depending on which substance you are detoxing from, you may experience a range of symptoms.

    These may include nausea, trembling, sweating and headaches. You may also experience intense cravings for substances during this time.

    These should pass after 7-10 days, but you may still experience cravings for several months after your detox.

    What happens during the counselling process?

    It’s not just the physical addiction you need to navigate – many substances are also psychologically addictive.

    The most effective way to recover from a psychological addiction is by attending regular counselling sessions during your time at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays.

    This can help to uncover the factors behind your addiction, pinpoint any behaviour and mindset changes that need to be made and help you to develop healthy coping strategies going forward.

    It’s also a good opportunity to speak to someone who will understand what you are going through and share your thoughts and emotions in a safe and nonjudgemental environment.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

    Navigating Life After Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

    Support group

    How can I create a relapse prevention plan?

    Being in drug and alcohol rehab in Grays can help you to feel safe – you have no way of accessing drugs or alcohol, you are removed from the people and places that you associate with substance use and you are surrounded by like-minded people who want to remain sober.

    However, once you leave rehab and begin to reintegrate into the world, you may be concerned about the possibility of relapse.

    An effective way to manage this and to feel more confident about leaving drug and alcohol rehab in Grays is to create a relapse prevention plan with the help of your counsellor. [4]

    A relapse prevention plan may include:

    • Roleplaying certain scenarios
    • Compiling documents
    • Completing worksheets
    • Learning new skills
    • Working on mindfulness
    • Inspirational quotes
    • Finding support

    It will become something you can refer back to over the days, weeks, months and years as you rebuild your life and develop new healthy behaviours.

    What are the warning signs of a relapse?

    A relapse often begins with emotions, such as feeling more stressed or depressed. You may not be actively thinking about using drugs or alcohol, but the seeds have been planted.

    Next, you may experience a mental relapse, where you begin considering using drugs or alcohol. This can cause you to fight with yourself and struggle with cravings

    Finally, you may experience a physical relapse, where you succumb to cravings and use drugs or alcohol.

    Common warning signs of a relapse can include:

    • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
    • Reminiscing over past drug or alcohol use
    • Seeing your past addiction through rose-tinted glasses
    • Withdrawing from support groups and other aftercare activities
    • Believing that you can control your drug or alcohol use
    • Feeling depressed and anxious
    • Having doubts about the recovery process
    • Spending time with people from your past

    If you have noticed some of the above signs within yourself, speak to someone you trust such as a close friend, family member or counsellor.

    What is aftercare?

    Once you leave drug and alcohol rehab in Grays, you will be encouraged to access the various aftercare services throughout Grays to help you transition back into daily life as smoothly as possible.

    Aftercare can help you to rebuild your life and continue with your sobriety.

    Many of the following aftercare services are available to you no matter where you are in Grays. You may also be able to access them online if you are unable to attend in person.

    Aftercare services available in Grays include:

    Your counsellor will be able to give you any information you need about the aftercare services available in Grays, and this will be part of your relapse prevention plan.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

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    How long does drug and alcohol rehab in Grays last?

    You may be offered several different options for your rehab treatment length, depending on how long you can afford to remain in treatment and how severe your addiction is.

    The most common treatment lengths in Grays are listed below:

    • A 30-day treatment programme
    • A 60-day treatment programme
    • A 90-day treatment programme

    The main difference between these three programmes is the amount of time that you will spend in counselling.

    Most clinics aim for a minimum of three weeks which is achievable with a 30-day programme, and this can be extended with the 60 or 90-day programmes.

    How much does drug and alcohol rehab in Grays cost?

    Budgeting for drug and alcohol rehab in Grays can be difficult, as each clinic will have its own costs and financial requirements.

    Some clinics will be more or less expensive than others, but on average you can expect to pay around £495 a day for rehab.

    This works out to roughly £15,000 for a 30-day stay, £30,000 for a 60-day stay and £45,000 for a 90-day stay at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays.

    You will also need to consider additional expenses such as taking time off work, continuing to pay your rent or mortgage back home and travel costs to and from rehab.

    Can I get drug and alcohol rehab in Grays on my insurance?

    You may be surprised to learn that you can often claim for drug and alcohol rehab in Grays on your private health insurance.

    This means you will pay a much smaller amount upfront than you would without an insurance claim, which can make drug and alcohol rehab in Grays more accessible to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

    You may also be able to claim your employee insurance through your workplace, so consider speaking to your HR department for more information.

    Remember that you will need to state the reason for your claim for both health and employee insurance. This means your future payments will likely be higher, and in the case of employee insurance, your employer will likely be made aware of your addiction.

    Can I use my phone at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays?

    In most cases, you will be able to bring your phone to rehab as well as your tablet and laptop.

    Some rehab clinics completely ban the use of phones and other communication devices to allow their patients to completely focus on recovery.

    Others may allow them but limit their use to certain times, while some clinics will have no rules in place regarding phones and tablets.

    If this is important to you, make sure to speak with staff at drug and alcohol rehab in Grays before committing to a programme to ensure you will be able to bring your phone.

    Think carefully before bringing your phone, tablet or laptop to rehab – while it can be useful to be able to keep in touch with friends and family, it can be a distraction from your recovery and can also keep the lines of communication open between you and bad influences.

    To discuss your drug and alcohol rehab options, please call us on 0800 088 66 86.

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    If you feel you need to change the course of your life and need help to break your addiction, call one of our specialist advisors today, and take the first important step of your journey.

    When you call, we will undertake a brief initial assessment. This will assist us in recommending the best rehab centre to meet your needs and provide a baseline for your treatment plan.

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