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Why Private Rehab Is The Answer

Posted on February 27, 2015

Why Private Rehab Is The Answer

Most people won’t start looking into rehabilitation clinics until they’ve reached that critical point – the “crisis point” as it is often known – where they need help immediately. The addict, or more commonly their spouse or other loved one, is firmly in the grip of a very serious condition which is eroding away their grip on body and mind and devastating both their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

Those at these “crisis points” need to move fast to address the problem before irreversible tragedy strikes, which is why most alcoholics and drug addicts (and their families) tend to look very seriously at the option of a private rehab clinic rather than a cheap or free option such as the NHS addiction programme.

A private rehab clinic is a treatment centre which patients attend on an entirely self-funded basis. Some get funding from their local authorities or private insurers but generally, the majority of the cost is paid for directly by the service user and their immediate family. The cost can sometimes seem prohibitive, causing many people to reconsider at this stage and turn back to the NHS, but there are two serious problems with this idea.

1) NHS rehab clinics don’t actually exist, especially for alcoholism. Normally what actually happens is that you will receive a referral for NHS funding in order to attend a private clinic instead, and waiting lists for these places are incredibly long.

2) Getting proper rehab is largely impossible on the NHS. The vast majority of cases are referred to a local hospital facility for initial detox and then sent on to a community drug or alcohol team with little formal rehab.

Both of these options pose significant dangers to someone suffering from a chronic addiction – sitting on a waiting list for help only causes the problem to get worse, with the addict’s health decreasing exponentially as time goes on. Detox without followup rehab can also lead to extensive problems with relapse which is devastating to any recovering addict. So those who are already at this crisis point – and there are very few addicts who will recognise their problem sufficiently to seek help before then – simply don’t have the time to wait around for an NHS referral. They need help yesterday, with immediate admission to start addressing their problems, and so private rehab clinics become the only viable option for them.

Remember that the cost of private rehab will vary enormously depending on your needs and budget. Not everyone needs a five-star resort-style clinic with a spa and swimming pool – what you do need is qualified and experienced medical staff who can get you clean of your addiction and help you to recognise the underlying problems behind it in order to prevent relapse. Everything else is, at the end of the day, just window dressing and additional amenities which will increase your rehab costs.

Any decent rehab clinic will make use of a personalised and tailored care plan for each patient to ensure they get a flexible programme which addresses their needs. Durations vary according to the severity of the addict’s problems – most only last 30 days but some can last several months or longer. The other benefit of private rehab clinics is their focus on family and social dynamics, offering group counselling and advice services for those supporting the addict on their way to recovery. This can be of immeasurable benefit when the addict leaves the clinic to pursue a healthier environment at home, and the additional support of this type of aftercare can be invaluable in helping prevent relapse.

Remember, then, that private addiction treatment is not an unnecessary luxury, and that NHS alternatives by nature cannot be offered on a like for like basis. Is it really possible to put a price on someone’s health, happiness and even their life itself? We don’t think so, which is why we are glad to offer the comprehensive advice service that we do to those clients who come to us seeking guidance for themselves or those they love when their family is in the grip of addiction or other self-destructive illness.

For more help and free, confidential advice, give us a call on 08000 886 686 and find out just how private addiction rehab can help you to turn your life around today.

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