Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hampshire

Unfortunately, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are often stigmatised by society. Many people assume those addicted to drugs and alcohol are to blame for their problems. This view often forces those affected by addiction to build up the denial and to thus hide away from their problems. This is tragic, particularly because there exists a number of treatment options in Hampshire capable of arresting and reversing the ill-effects of addiction with months or even weeks.

Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction often do not fit within the stereotype of somebody in their situation. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of people suffering from addiction are not homeless. Nor are these people lazy, unemployed or unproductive.

In fact, many people suffering from addiction in Hampshire are highly functioning individuals. The positions these people often hold in society makes it even harder to seek out professional assistance to help to treat their addiction.

The fact that many people do not fit society’s stereotype of an ‘addict’ may mean a person continues with his or her addiction for many years before treatment is sought. The addiction is usually allowed to continue unopposed until the person hits ‘rock bottom’. When this occurs, the addiction usually inflicts an untold amount of damage to the person’s mental and physical health.

Getting help for family members

Perhaps a family member suffers from an addiction to drugs and alcohol and you are struggling to determine how to help. If your family member is highly functioning, it’s likely he or she will deny the existence of the addiction. When this is the case, you may benefit from our interventionist service. Here, one of our advisors will visit your home several times over a number of weeks to assist your loved one in accepting his or her addiction. We then work out the best possible way forward in terms of seeking out residential or outpatient treatment in Hampshire.

Help for alcohol addiction in Hampshire

Alcohol addiction is by far the most prevalent form of addiction in Hampshire. Last year, there were over 15,000 hospital admissions attributable to alcohol use in Hampshire. Many of these people will suffer from acute alcoholism and require medium-to-long term rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, the NHS typically only provides these people with short-term detoxification treatment. This level of treatment is rarely sufficient to assist these people in achieving their long term recovery goals.

Private rehab clinics plug this gap by offering affordable yet highly effective alcohol addiction treatments in Hampshire. There exists a number of treatment clinics in Newport, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton and Bournemouth.

Many of these clinics offer tailored residential care. You typically stay in rehab for around 10-28 days. During this time, you will benefit from daily therapy sessions. These sessions help treat psychological trauma that’s typically the underlying cause of alcoholism. You also benefit from a medically assisted detox programme. This helps your withdrawal from alcohol without experiencing dangerous and uncomforting withdrawal symptoms.

Help for drug addiction in Hampshire

Whilst not as prevalent as alcoholism, unfortunately, Hampshire is no stranger to drug addiction. Each year, hundreds of people die from drug poisoning in Hampshire and many more continue to take drugs despite the negative implications this brings to their health, wealth and relationships.

When drug addiction takes hold, the person affected may express denial about the existence of his or her addiction. This person may reason they have ‘got a hold’ of the situation and that professional help is not called for. Similar to alcoholism, people suffering drug addiction may not call out for help until ‘rock bottom’ has been hit.

Overall drug addiction has somewhat decreased over the last decade in Hampshire. However, statutory services have seen their budgets slashed in the ensuing austerity environment imposed by Central Government. Since 2012, statutory drug services have transferred from the NHS to local councils.

Unlike the NHS, the budget for addiction services through councils is not ring-fenced. This has allowed councils across the UK to slash addiction services without any scrutiny from experts. Many experts now criticise these cuts as dangerous and hold the cuts responsible for reversing the decade long trend which saw drug-related deaths decrease year-on-year.

Fortunately, there exist many tailored drug addiction treatment services in Hampshire. These services are offered through statutory bodies, charities and privately-held companies. These clinics treat addiction to a range of drugs including opiates, cocaine, cannabis, prescription medications and amphetamines.

When you Contact Rehab Recovery, we conduct a telephone assessment. Here, we collect information concerning your needs. We then work to place you in a treatment clinic in Hampshire that’s best placed to helping you eliminate your drug addiction for good.

Getting in touch

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