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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Southampton

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Southampton. The rehab clinic offers a robust admissions process and supervised detox and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Southampton

    Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of the most difficult things a person can face, but there are multiple options for alcohol and drug rehab in Southampton ready to help you or your loved ones in need. Not only does addiction significantly decrease an individual’s quality of life, but if left untreated it can do irreparable damage.

    For the people who have unfortunately fallen victim to addiction, life is but a shadow of what it once was. For many, finding the hope to continue on with life after succumbing to addiction means getting some kind of help. There are many different options available for treatment, with sources for drug or alcohol rehab in Southampton readily available.

    If you or someone you love has a problem with substance abuse or addiction, there has never been a better time to get help. Sadly, addiction is a problem that has become more prevalent in recent years, and there are more people than ever that need help in overcoming it. Because ending an addiction can be all but impossible for a person to do on their own, there are countless choices that exist for rehab in Southampton and throughout the greater Southampton area.

    Anyone looking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction in the UK now has more choices than ever. Going to rehab can truly be the catalyst a person needs to positively change their life forever.

    Benefits of Attending Alcohol or Drug Rehab

    Anyone who has battled addiction (or has known a person that has), knows just how difficult it can be to stop using drugs or alcohol. Ending an addiction isn’t as easy as just quitting a substance and never using it again. With addiction, there are many different components that must be addressed before a person can leave the addictive cycle for good.

    One of the benefits of attending alcohol or drug rehab in Southampton is the attention to each of these facets that must be looked at in order for a person to heal. Rehab offers a person exactly what they need to quit using drugs or alcohol, as well as the tools they need to successfully sustain sobriety once rehab is over.

    When a person makes the decision to go to rehab, they are really making a decision to better their lives forever. And although it can be a choice that can feel extremely difficult to make, choosing to go to rehab can help a person end their addiction for good and allow them to heal their life.

    Not only does rehab help a person quit using drugs or alcohol, but it also helps them to reintegrate back into society sober. In order to completely overcome addiction, a person must be equipped to handle life once rehab is over.

    Getting treatment for addiction addresses every aspect necessary of a person’s unfortunate condition and gives them all the tools and information they need to successfully overcome it. Going to rehab in Southampton is the best decision a person looking to overcome addiction could possibly make.

    Different Options for Rehab in Southampton

    When a person first begins looking at different rehab options in Southampton, they could easily find the process to be quite overwhelming. There are a lot of choices when it comes to going to rehab, and anyone who is looking for help will ultimately find countless different choices of rehab treatment centres. It’s important to know the distinctions of the various options presented when it comes to finding a quality rehab in Southampton. We are here to help answer any questions you have about the process of choosing and attending rehab. We welcome you to call 0800 088 66 86at any time with any questions about going to rehab.

    When looking for a rehab in Southampton, it will be common to find the option of going to a private treatment centre or attending an outpatient care facility. While both are good for treating various kinds and levels of addictions, they are decidedly different in the approach a person will experience in receiving treatment.

    At private rehab, the individual stays at the treatment centre for the duration of their rehab programme. When attending outpatient rehab, a person will stay at home while they get treatment and be responsible for making it to their various appointments during their treatment period.

    While both are good choices, going to private rehab is often more conducive to a person’s healing experience. This is because private rehab is much more intensive than outpatient programmes. It also removes a person from their immediate environment, which is something that can prove to be extremely beneficial for the healing process.

    When the familiarities of their regular life do not surround a person, it is much easier to overcome the urges that will arise to use drugs or alcohol during the recovery process. Understanding the differences between private and outpatient rehab in Southampton before making a choice on treatment is vital.

    What to Expect When Going to Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Southampton

    While private and outpatient are decidedly different in their approach to treating addiction, the basics of rehab are essentially universal. The goal of rehab is to help a person get over their addiction to drugs or alcohol, and there are various methods that will be used in both a private and outpatient setting.

    The first thing an individual attending rehab in Southampton (and elsewhere) should expect to do is detox from the physical aspects addiction entails. Anyone who has suffered from addiction knows how hard physical withdrawal can be.

    Addictions such as those to heroin or opiates can become so physically addictive that ceasing to use them will cause extreme withdrawal symptoms that make a person very sick. When going to rehab, detox is the first priority. Depending on the severity of a person’s symptoms, medical assistance may be provided.

    Once a person has overcome their physical addiction by going through the detox period (which will last anywhere from 24 hours to a week), they will move on to the other aspects of rehab. Therapy is one of the major components of which addiction is comprised and will last the entire duration of a person’s rehab experience.

    The ability to talk to a professional about the problems a person has due to their addiction should not be underestimated. Therapy will most often take place on a daily basis and will allow an individual to work through the problems they have that have led to their current addicted state. Both individual and group counselling are part of any rehab treatment programme.

    An individual should also expect to receive knowledge and information about addiction. The ability to understand addiction is one of the best ways to begin to overcome it. Aside from therapy, every person that attends rehab should expect to receive ample knowledge about how addiction works, as well as the information necessary to work through their addiction and step into the freedom they deserve.

    There are also various treatment modalities involved in attending rehab in Southampton. While treatment will vary from centre to centre, a person should expect to be involved in various activities designed to help them overcome addiction. Physical fitness is a huge aspect of addiction recovery, and most rehab centres will have patients involved in some kind of physical activity.

    This could include working out, hiking, swimming, or doing yoga. The idea behind this is to begin to repair the damage a person has done to their body through years of abuse while helping a person regain their strength and find a sense of positive wellbeing. Other treatment modalities in rehab might include art therapy, equine therapy, or other various methods of treatments that are designed to guide the individual through the rehab process and aid in the success of their recovery.

    Why Private Rehab Is an Excellent Choice

    Going to private rehab could be one of the best choices a person suffering from addiction could ever make. Not only is private rehab more intensive than an outpatient rehab, but it also removes a person from their immediate environment while going through the recovery process.

    When it comes to overcoming addiction, being away from the familiar surroundings a person is accustom to can be of tremendous benefit. This is because when left in a familiar environment, the temptation to use drugs or alcohol can become extremely overwhelming.

    When a person is faced with the same problems they are used to covering up with drugs or alcohol, it can be very hard to stop using for good. When a person attends private rehab however, they don’t have to be subjected to the people or circumstances that lead them to use.

    Private rehab also offers a person more choices for getting the treatment that best suits their individual needs. Because each person is different, addiction often needs to be treated in different ways. Going to private rehab in Southampton gives a person a chance to choose a rehab centre that is designed around their individual wants and desires.

    From same-gender rehab centres to private rehabs that cater to adolescents and teens, choosing private rehab truly has something to offer people in a variety of different situations. There is also the choice of luxury rehabs that come with state of the art accommodations and treatment plans that rival even the finest of vacations.

    Private rehab simply has more to offer a person interested in attending a treatment programme. There are also instances where insurance will cover a person’s stay in private rehab. We can help you find various options that will best fit your personal needs in choosing a private rehab in Southampton or surrounding areas. Because we have all been personally involved in addiction in one way or another, we are equipped with all the information you need on making an informed choice when it comes to choosing the best possible rehab for yourself or someone you love.

    Attending Outpatient Rehab

    Outpatient rehab in Southampton also offers benefits for the individual who cannot go stay at private rehab but is looking to overcome their addiction for good. Outpatient rehab is not as intensive as private rehab but does offer the therapy and treatment a person needs to get through recovery and sustain lasting sobriety.

    When attending outpatient rehab in Southampton, the individual will stay at home while getting treatment. This is very beneficial to those people who have other responsibilities to attend to while getting clean and sober. Outpatient rehab is an excellent choice for people with family responsibilities, as well as those who cannot afford to take time off work or school.

    Attending outpatient rehab will require more commitment from the individual looking for help in overcoming addiction, however. This is because they are responsible for getting to all their scheduled appointments and maintaining sobriety without any supervision. This can prove to be difficult, which is why outpatient rehab is best suited for those with addictions that are less severe.

    Attending an outpatient programme will work for those who are serious about quitting drugs or alcohol, but they should be aware that it will not be as easy as going to a private rehab centre where all they have to do is concentrate on getting well.

    Rehab in Southampton: Aftercare

    One very important aspect of going to rehab is continuing to receive support after the programme ends. Aftercare is a vital component of rehab in Southampton that will help to ensure a person is actively engaging in continuing with their sobriety. Most rehab centres will put an aftercare strategy together for their patients before they leave the treatment centre.

    Aftercare programmes will consist of continued therapy, as well as different treatment modalities that will help the individual maintain a sober disposition. Aftercare is something that will help a person better avoid relapse while allowing them to adjust to their newfound lifestyle.

    Contacting Rehab Recovery

    For more information on detox and rehab options in Southampton, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact us, we shall outline a variety of treatment options that are available to you in Southampton. This includes both private and statutory addiction treatments.

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