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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Isle of Wight

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Isle of Wight. The rehab clinic offers a robust admissions process and supervised detox and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Isle of Wight

    To outsiders looking in, it can be difficult to understand how anyone would allow themselves to fall into alcohol or drug addiction. It is so obvious that this behaviour is causing that person a great deal of suffering, so why would they allow this to happen? The answer to this is that nobody ever chooses to become addicted to these substances. When the person takes their first drink or drug they never imagine that it is all going to end with the need for them to enter rehab.

    The exact reasons for why people fall into addiction are complex, but they include such things as:

    • Some people will have been struggling in life before they found alcohol or drugs. This could be that the person has learnt poor coping strategies from their parents. When the person first begins using alcohol or drugs it will make them feel as if they can suddenly cope with life much better. What the person does not understand that this perception of an increased ability to cope is a delusion that will fade over time
    • The individual may have some type of undiagnosed mental health problem such as depression. The individual might not have any idea that this is the case, but they just know that when they use alcohol or drugs it causes them to feel a bit better. This is referred to as self-medication, and it is a highly ineffective solution to mental health problems. It means that the person will develop a dual diagnosis where they will be dealing with addiction on top of everything else
    • Some people grow up in homes where substance abuse is considered normal behaviour. This means that they copy the behaviour without really understanding the dangers involved. Substance abuse can also be glamorised in the media and this can also encourage some people to indulge in these substances
    • There may be a great deal of peer pressure for the individual to begin using highly addictive substances. The individual does not have the courage to say no to their friends, so they end up following them into addiction. Young people can be particularly susceptible to peer pressure
    • Addiction can sort of sneak up on people. An individual may be under a great deal of stress and they use alcohol or drugs to help them relax. The individual may find that a few drinks before bed helps them sleep better. Over time the person crosses the line into addiction without ever noticing
    • Some people will start off taking prescription drugs to treat specific symptoms. The individual might then find that they like some of the side effects of these substances. For example, the individual who has been prescribed opiates for pain may begin taking these drugs because they like the feeling

    Character of Addiction

    Those people from Isle of Wight who are planning on going to alcohol rehab will get more from the experience when they are committed to change. The individual needs to be ready to make some serious changes in their life, and this can be difficult. Once the person is committed though, things will become much easier. The most important changes that the person from Isle of Wight will need to make in rehab will be to be able to begin breaking away from the character traits associated with the addictive personality.

    Addictive Personality Explained

    The addictive personality refers to a number of different character traits that many addicts will tend to share. This is not to say that all addicts will have all of these traits, but the individual will usually have at least some of them. The characteristics associated with addiction include:

    • The individual likes to take risks in their life
    • They will tend to act impulsively. This means that they do things and not think about the consequences until afterwards
    • The individual may experience symptoms of depression
    • It is common for people who are prone to substance abuse to feel like they have a great deal of stress in their life. They will use this subjective feeling of stress as an excuse to continue with the alcohol and drug abuse
    • It is common for substance abusers to feel alienated from society
    • They will tend to admire rule breakers
    • The individual will usually have problems with delaying gratification. They want to be happy now
    • The individual has a high tolerance for deviant behaviour. This means that they do not see anything really wrong with breaking the law now and again to get what they want. This may involve things like buying recreational drugs or stealing things to pay for their habit
    • The person who abuses these substances will often have a cynical attitude and distrust anyone who they believe is trying to tell them what to do

    Breaking Away from the Addictive Personality

    These aspects of the addictive personality can get in the way of recovery so it is vital that the individual begins work to overcome them. This type of effort can be best begun in rehab where the individual will be surrounded by people who can help them and the resources they need. The individual will not be expected to become a saint overnight but they can begin chipping away at those character flaws that are most likely to get them into trouble. That way when they leave the alcohol and drug rehab they will have a much better chance of staying sober.

    Overcoming the characteristics of the addictive personality is the work of a lifetime. The individual will usually find that it will feel like two steps forward and one step back as they progress. The main thing is that the individual is moving in the right direction. By dealing with these character flaws the individual will be putting some distance between themselves and substance abuse.

    Contacting Rehab Recovery

    For more information on detox and rehab options in the Isle of Wight, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact us, we shall outline a variety of treatment options that are available to you in the Isle of Wight. This includes both private and statutory addiction treatments

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