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Top 10 Mental Health Content Creators for People in Recovery

Posted on June 5, 2024

Top 10 Mental Health Content Creators for People in Recovery

Studies show that around 10% to 25% of individuals experience mental health problems [1] in the UK each year.

Mental health problems are characterised by symptoms such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, and much more.

There are many reasons that someone may be suffering from mental health issues:

  • Mental health disorders: Some people are born with mental health disorders, whereas other cases may develop later in life. Common mental health disorders include anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more.
  • Social environment: Someone’s social environment can determine their quality of life. If someone is suffering from social isolation or poor standards of living, it can cause a range of mental health issues.
  • Financial insecurity: Studies show that there is a strong correlation between mental health issues and financial insecurity [2] related to the cost of living crisis or housing insecurity.
  • Life events: Suffering from traumatic events in the form of abuse, war, witnessing death, or other can profoundly affect someone’s mental health. Traumatic events can lead to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, and depression.
  • Substance use disorder: Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to the development of mental health issues. Studies show that 71% of patients who entered treatment from 2022 to 2023 required additional mental health treatment. There is a palpable and mutually destructive relationship between drugs, alcohol, and mental health issues.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Consuming low quality foods or drinks (such as alcohol) can lead to the development of physical illnesses as well as mental illnesses. Studies show that there is a significant correlation between poor physical health and also mental health issues [3].

Balancing Our Mental Health With Social Media & Online Content

Woman holding a phone in Worcester

We live in a society where we are over reliant on our phones.

Whether we want to communicate with someone, navigate a city, or we’re simply bored, we spend hours per day on our smartphones.

This can lead to the development of bad habits and a dependence on smartphones, and potentially mental health issues.

Here are some of the ways in which online content can affect our mental health:

  • Doom scrolling: “Doomscrolling” is characterised by constantly scrolling on social media despite the negative news and information that it exposes us to. Whether the news is related to the pandemic, war, genocide, or other, doomscrolling is shown to deteriorate the mental health [4] of a social media user.
  • Insecurity and low sense of self-worth: Apps such as Instagram and Facebook frequently have users who upload flattering pictures in order to portray that they live an ideal lifestyle. This can make others feel more insecure in their body appearance or lifestyle. It creates a dangerous cycle of encouraging others to edit photos and mislead others because they aren’t satisfied with their lifestyle or appearance.
  • Social Media & dopamine addiction: Psychiatrists have labelled current society as the “age of indulgence [5]” in reference to how dependent people are for dopamine release in the form of social media engagement and consumption. Similar to substance addiction, positive social media engagement can stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain. This makes us crave more and become more dependent on social media for positive feelings,

Benefits of Absorbing Self-Help and Self-Improvement

Social media and online content isn’t all doom and gloom. There are plenty of online figures and content creators whose purpose is to promote wellness and improve physical and mental health.

If we balance our social media and online content consumption, it is possible to do so healthily.

We can even boost our mental and physical mental health if we engage with the right online platforms and figures.

Here are the top 10 mental health content creators for people in recovery.

1. Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg [6] is not only a best selling author and content creator, but he’s a health educator known for his expertise in nutrition, weight loss, and general physical and mental health optimisation.

Physical health is a huge component of a healthy lifestyle, especially for those suffering from drug and alcohol conditions.

Dr. Eric Berg’s expertise can help patients improve their physical health and reduce cravings by learning new methods of optimising their lifestyle.

What makes Dr. Eric Berg’s content appealing is that he explains the benefits of certain remedies, or the dangers of particular foods, drinks, or substances, in ways that allows the average person to understand them.

He provides a scientific explanation and context before simplifying the concept to help us understand.

Furthermore, his YouTube and Instagram videos are concise and do not include a form of sponsorship. He makes valuable scientific and nutritional information accessible to people online.

He has provided scientific videos on a range of topics which would benefit people in recovery including but not limited to:

  • Foods which damage the liver
  • How to minimise alcohol cravings
  • Effective strategies to overcome nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol addiction
  • Underlying reasons why you are tired all of the time
  • Signs that you are consuming too much sugar
  • Common symptoms of nutrient deficiencies
  • How to improve hair volume and reduce hair loss

2. John Moe: The Hilarious World of Depression

Described as a “one part stand-up comedy and one part therapy session”, The Hilarious World of Depression [7] is a show about clinical depression.

However, the show finds plenty of success in making its listeners laugh instead of rejecting the serious condition that is depression.

With famous comedic guests sharing their personal experience with depression and how they overcame the darkest times of their life, The Hilarious World of Depression reminds listeners that they are not alone.

Listeners and reviewers often praise the relatability that the host, John Moe, provides them with plenty of hope and inspiration to overcome the debilitating condition.

It can also help listeners come to terms with their condition rather than feeling shame.

The Hilarious World of Depression comes in the form of books and online episodes available on Spotify, Apple, among other platforms.

3. Gretchen Rubin: HAPPIER

Gretchen Rubin [8] is an acclaimed writer, podcaster, and speaker, who specialises in positive lifestyle habits and happiness.

Her award-winning weekly podcast HAPPIER incorporates research-based strategies, anecdotes, interviews and suggestions to help people form a more positive lifestyle.

Podcast guests include but aren’t limited to Drew Barrymore, Warren Buffett, and more.

In addition to her podcast, Gretchen Rubin’s bestselling books The Happiness Project and Better Than Before help readers navigate their daily life with practical and sustainable advice for a healthy lifestyle.

Her Four Tendencies model is a personality framework designed to help people understand themselves more by exploring the root causes of their habits and thought patterns.

With blogs being posted frequently on her website, you have endless ways to consume her insightful and thought provoking discussions.

Social media

4. Dr. Nicole LePera

Dr. Nicole LePera [9] is a licensed therapist who helps people consciously create newer and improved versions of themselves.

With a significant following on Instagram, people are dedicated to her methods of self-improvement.

From focusing on the emotional needs that everyone has to creating a more synergistic marriage, Dr. Nicole’s insights and advice helps people of all walks of life improve their spiritual wealth.

Her podcast SelfHealers Soundboard is described as a global, community-based healing experience where Dr. Nicole and her guests deeply discuss issues that they are dealing with in a manner which is authentic, raw, and relatable.

In addition to her short yet informative podcasts and Instagram videos, Dr. Nicole has published three books. Her engaging bestselling books focus on improving relationships not only with others but yourself.

5. Dr. Julie Smith

Dr. Julie Smith [10] is a clinical psychologist, bestselling author, and content creator who specialises in mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, self-confidence issues, and more.

Often featuring on ITV, BBC, and with bestselling non-fiction books, Dr. Julie is a reputable go-to in the field of mental health.

Her online content focuses on topics related to ensuring that positive habits stick, the signs of a manipulative partner, how to fight anxiety, and much more.

Her bestselling books focus on fortifying and reinforcing your mental health, and have been translated into over 40 languages.

6. Andrew Huberman

Similar to Dr. Eric Berg, Andrew Huberman [11] makes valuable scientific information accessible to audiences.

He presents research based information in simple terms, allowing us to understand before exploring it on a more scientific level.

Andrew Huberman is a professor at Harvard University and presents content in the form of short instagram videos, full length podcasts, and 20 minute segments to help audiences extract valuable information.

Although his credentials are highly reputable, he continues to diversify his content by having a range of guests.

Many of his guests include sleep scientists such as Matthew Walker, biochemists like Rhonda Patrick, neurologists, and many more.

His diverse range of guests and the varied topics he explores allow audiences to find valuable information on how to improve not only their mental health but physical health and longevity.

Many of his episodes are dedicated towards improving mental health and overcoming addiction [12].

7. Better Ideas

The YouTube channel Better Ideas [13] is an easy and accessible way to consume valuable self-help and self-improvement content.

Created by Joey Schweitzer, Better Ideas is a highly popular channel dedicated to inspiring people facing struggles whether related to mental health, addiction, the monotony of daily life, and so on.

The channel is always finding new and innovative ways to encourage and inspire its audiences to go beyond their comfort zone and make positive changes in their life.

8. Brene Brown

Brene Brown [14] is a research professor at the University of Houston with over two decades of experience studying topics related to courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.

With six bestselling books and being the host of two original podcasts, there is no shortage of content and wisdom to absorb from Brene Brown.

Her blogs and podcasts focus on a wide range of topics varying from social media, creativity in the workplace, faith, and much more.

Her many books focus on wholehearted living, dealing with vulnerability, and creating meaningful connections in our lives.

9. Dax Shephard: “Armchair Expert”

While he’s not a qualified psychiatrist or a therapist, Dax Shephard is someone who is recovering from alcohol addiction.

Although his podcast may not provide scientific studies and essays relating to physical and mental health, Armchair Expert [15] is a funny, heartwarming, and often outrageous podcast.

Not only can it brighten someone’s day, but it can provide many anecdotes which the listener can resonate with and help them gain a deeper understanding of their own addiction.

This is all delivered in a way where listeners don’t have to focus on their condition, as these insights and snippets of information are produced naturally and organically in an environment where friends discuss many topics outside of addiction.

Dax Shephard and his co-host Monica Padman have a wide variety of guests varying from hilarious actors such as Rainn Wilson, to social workers like Brene Brown, and Bradley Cooper – another person who is recovering from alcohol addiction.

Dax and Monico always maintain a high level of chemistry with their guests which have them moving from hilarious stories to deep and insightful topics ranging from mental health, physical health, and spirituality.

10. Therapy for Black Girls

It’s often difficult for people of different ethnicities to find a dedicated content creator and therapist which specifically caters to their unique needs.

However, Therapy for Black Girls [16] is a weekly podcast hosted by a licensed psychologist named Dr. Joy Harden Blandford, which can cater to the nuances of issues which black women face.

While the name may suggest otherwise, you don’t need to identify a black to benefit from this highly insightful and positive podcast.

While it does cater to black women and girls looking for mental general wellbeing tips relating to their unique social circumstances, it is also a valuable resource apt for those who are looking to gain insight into combating sexism and misogyny.

From gaining insight into the optimal self-care routine, embracing sexual health, navigating remote work and even studying abroad, there are a range of topics explored in Dr. Joy’s podcasts and in her online blog.

Furthermore, patients suffering from mental health struggles can even book a therapist through this platform.

Studies suggest that over 80% of licensed therapists are caucasian, and this platform can offer licensed therapists who identify as black in order to maximise the rapport and the relatability when it comes to experience between the patient and therapist.

Seek Treatment for Mental Health Issues Today

Outpatient therapy after rehab in Preston

If you are suffering from mental health issues, it is important that you do not sit in silence. It is imperative that you seek medical help today.

Whether you are suffering due to genetic factors, chemical imbalances, or dissatisfaction due to social or economic factors, it is important that you reach out for help.

At Rehab Recovery, we can help provide you with the support to improve your mental health and optimise your addiction recovery.

Detox and going to rehab is only half the battle. It is important that patients understand how to form a healthy and positive lifestyle following their time at rehab.

Without adequate support or a reliable structure in place, sustaining sobriety and wellbeing is unlikely.

Reach out today by dialling the number 0800 088 66 86.

When you reach out to us, you will be greeted with a friendly admissions officer whose priority is to help you recover from substance use disorder and to improve your mental health.

During this phone call, you are free to ask any questions you have regarding your condition or treatment methods for your unique circumstances.

Once you are ready, we can help you conduct a health assessment over the phone at no cost. This will help us determine the appropriate course of action which will optimise your recovery.


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