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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gillingham

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gillingham

    We provide a complete range of rehab options for people suffering at the hands of addiction in Gillingham. We can guide you to the best treatment for your drug and alcohol recovery so that it is tailored to meet your specific needs and gives you the best chance at success.

    We will assess your situation when you make contact with us. There is a rehab centre in Gillingham which will be best positioned to accommodate you and treat your condition, giving you the resources to make your addiction a thing of the past.

    We offer a free service to connect you to the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Gillingham to help you start your recovery.

    Breaking the Pattern of Addiction

    Your commitment to join a rehab centre comes with it the demand that you give up the drugs and alcohol of your addiction. You have to be prepared to walk away from those substances and keep giving them up every day, forever.

    Abstinence isn’t going to be easy, but you know, deep down, that it is better than the alternative. Only you know how you have truly suffered because of your addiction, even if you’d rather not face these difficult memories, you must realise that your situation will get better when you address the addiction.

    You may have used drugs or relied on alcohol for a very long time and this will have created a psychological dependence which can be difficult to let go. The downsides of continuing with the drinking or taking drugs have now got to the point where it is clear that it has become a big issue in your life.

    You will need to be honest about this problem so that you can fully commit to the programme of rehab in front of you.

    Detoxing in Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gillingham

    Recovery isn’t going to be easy, but you wouldn’t expect it to be. Going through the withdrawal symptoms can be tough, depending on how intense your substance use was. More severe physical withdrawal symptoms could involve serious complications and the Gillingham rehab centre will have medical staff on hand to make sure you stay safe. Medication can be administered to make the process more bearable and medical professionals will be close by, around the clock, to monitor your condition.

    Overcoming Your Triggers to Addiction

    Once you have got over the hurdle of detoxification, you can move on to learning how to cope with your life without turning to drugs or alcohol as you previously would. When you return to your home life, after the period in the rehab centre, you will once again face many of the same triggers which lead to you using drink or drugs in the past.

    These triggers can be people in your life as well as situations which you simply can’t avoid.

    Triggers of addiction can also be your internal thoughts and emotions. Things like stress, worry, depression and anxiety are common negative feelings which you have to find a better way of dealing with than you did in the past.

    These emotions may be linked to traumatic events you have gone through in your lifetime. Your experiences in life may have been marked by these serious events, but how you were trying to cope with these feelings needs to change to maintain your recovery.

    New ways of coping with these tough moments, which triggered your addiction, will need to be learnt and adapted into your life. Tried and tested therapy techniques and strategies will give you the tools to find new coping mechanisms.

    It will enable you to make a different choice when you face the triggers or emotions which caused so many problems in the past.

    The therapy sessions will use techniques including psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to provide an understanding of how past events have affected you. The sessions will equip you with the skills you need to build your resolve in the face of the problems which would have pushed you to your addiction before. Instead, you will have the mental focus to stay in recovery, permanently.

    Taking Back Control

    Want to find out more about drug and alcohol rehab in Gillingham? We will show you the options available to you when you decide to change. Let us help you to conquer this obstacle to a better and more fulfilling life.

    Contact us to let the process of your recovery begin, the sooner the better.

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