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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Dartford

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Dartford

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford is a necessary service.

    In 2018/2019, 655 adults were admitted to hospital with conditions and illnesses that were related to alcohol consumption.

    Between 2014 and 2016, 1.9 deaths per 100,000 in Dartford were directly linked to heroin and morphine and drug gangs are still a significant problem in Dartford in recent months.

    What Is Alcohol Addiction?


    Alcohol addiction is characterised by an uncontrollable need to consume alcohol.

    Also known as alcoholism or alcohol dependency, an alcohol addiction can be difficult to spot.

    This is because alcohol is considered socially acceptable and is so easily available to anyone who wants it.

    Unfortunately, if left untreated, an alcohol addiction can become very serious and even life threatening.

    You may have an alcohol addiction if you:

    • Regularly drink more alcohol than you say you will.
    • Often promise to cut down or quit drinking but continue to drink the same amount or more.
    • Feel unwell in the mornings until you have a drink.
    • Spend a lot of money on alcohol.
    • Allow your work or schooling to be affected by your drinking.

    If you recognise any of the above in yourself or someone you love, it is a good idea to begin researching drug and alcohol rehab opportunities in Dartford.

    What Is Rehab?


    Rehab, short for rehabilitation, is the treatment given to anyone with drug addiction or alcohol addiction to help them overcome the addiction and integrate back into society as healthy as they can be.

    It is important to understand that an addiction to drugs does not always mean illegal substances, as prescription drug addiction can be just as dangerous and harmful as illegal drug addiction.

    Other addictions such as gambling addiction, sex addiction or shopping addiction can also be treated at these facilities.

    Often, there is little difference between drug rehab and alcohol rehab, as these addictions are usually treated within the same facilities.

    However, some facilities may be solely dedicated to drug rehab or alcohol rehab.

    It is a good idea to spend some time researching several drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Dartford to make sure they will meet your specific needs.

    What Happens In Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Dartford?


    Accepting that you have developed an addiction that requires professional help is a huge step in the right direction, and you should be proud of yourself.

    You may be feeling afraid and overwhelmed by the thought of attending drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford, however, this is a perfectly normal reaction.

    To help ease your anxiety about going to rehab in Dartford, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what you can expect once you have checked in.

    In most cases, you will begin by undergoing a physical and psychological assessment to determine the severity of your addiction and which treatments will benefit you the most.


    Next, you will undergo a medically assisted detox if one is required.

    This will not be required for everyone as only those with addictions which cause physical withdrawal symptoms will need this.

    After this stage is complete, you can begin your therapy sessions.

    These include:

    You may not need every type of therapy that your chosen facility offers, as your treatment program will be tailored to your individual needs.

    Dual Diagnosis


    During your time in therapy, the medical professionals at drug and rehab in Dartford will be able to assess whether or not you have any underlying co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or OCD.

    If they do believe that you have a co-occurring condition, they will diagnose and treat this condition alongside your addiction.

    This is called a dual diagnosis.

    A dual diagnosis is important in addiction recovery because addiction often occurs alongside other mental health conditions.

    Once any underlying conditions are treated, you are less likely to relapse.

    Relapse Prevention


    As well as a vast range of therapies and dual diagnosis services, drug and alcohol rehabs in Dartford also focus on teaching relapse prevention techniques.

    These include:

    • H.A.L.T – Teaching you the importance of not making any decisions when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
    • Grounding techniques
    • Mindfulness
    • Self-care

    What Can Families Do Before Rehab?


    Trying to convince someone you love to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford is no easy task.

    Often, someone struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction will refuse to admit that they have a problem and try convincing those around them that they do not require help for an addiction.

    This can be stressful for those close to someone with an addiction, as they often feel helpless as they watch the person they care about slip further into an addiction while refusing help.

    In these cases, it is common for friends and families to stage an intervention.

    Traditional interventions involve those closest to the person with the substance use disorder to gather together to confront the person. trying to make them see that they have a problem that requires professional help

    However, these confrontations do not always end well, especially if the person with the addiction is not ready to admit that they need help.


    A newer type of intervention is becoming increasingly popular in Dartford, with more and more families seeking out the help of a professional interventionist.

    Community Reinforcement And Family Training – or CRAFT – is a more gentle type of intervention that requires no confrontation at all.

    Instead, families will be taught how to put their own needs before those of the person with the substance use disorder and to allow that person to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Over time, with the help and guidance of a professional interventionist, families can begin to introduce the idea of drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford.

    This is often better received than a confrontation as the person comes to the realisation that they do, in fact, require professional help.

    How Much Does It Cost To Attend Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Dartford?


    There is no way of knowing how much it will cost to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford without knowing your individual circumstances.

    The cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment differs from each person and facility and has many contributing factors, such as:

    • How long you need to spend in the facility.
    • Whether you want to stay in a private room or a shared room.
    • The intensity of treatments you need.
    • The facility you stay in.

    Some facilities offer more luxurious amenities such as spa treatments and private chefs – these high-end facilities are usually where you might spot a celebrity and they can cost up to £70,000 for a 28-day stay.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford can range from £1,000 per week to £10,000 per week.

    To get a more accurate idea of how much your stay in drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford will cost, contact a member of our team today on 0800 088 66 86.

    How Long Does Rehab Last?


    Similar to cost, there is no way to give an accurate answer to how long rehab will last without first knowing your personal circumstances and details about your addiction.

    Generally speaking, if your addiction causes physical withdrawal symptoms – such as alcohol or opiates – you will need to go through medical detox before you can begin any therapy treatments.

    In these cases, you will require a longer stay in drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford.

    This is because a medical detox typically lasts for 10 days, so you won’t begin your therapy treatments until this is complete.

    After this, it is recommended to spend 3 weeks tackling the emotional cause of your addiction.

    Addictions which do not cause a physical addiction and are not considered to be severe can complete rehab within 10 to 14 days.

    In some severe cases, individuals can stay in rehab for several months.

    Can I Get Drug And Alcohol Rehab On The NHS?


    The NHS offers some drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments – however, these are usually only given as outpatient treatments.

    Additionally, waiting lists for any NHS appointments are going to be very long, so your addiction will be getting worse while you wait to be treated.

    It is unlikely that you will get funding for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford through the NHS.

    NHS Addiction Treatment VS Private Addiction Treatment


    As previously mentioned, the NHS does not usually offer inpatient addiction treatment and cannot provide the same level of care that private facilities can offer.

    At private drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford, you can expect:

    While the NHS is an excellent resource, it is limited in what it can provide.


    NHS addiction treatment typically involves attending a clinic for scheduled appointments with an addiction specialist.

    If your addiction is relatively new and is not considered to be severe, you may be able to make a full recovery using only NHS treatments.

    However, it is recommended to attend private drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford if you are serious about obtaining and maintaining sobriety.

    What Aftercare Can I Expect From Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Dartford?


    A major upside to private drug and alcohol addiction treatment is that you often receive a 12-month aftercare plan as part of your treatment package.

    This is to ensure that you do not leave the facility feeling lost and alone.

    Instead, not only will you be equipped with new skills and confidence to stay clean and sober, but you will also have a list of contact details of support services and organisations that can further assist you on your journey to sobriety.


    These generally include:

    It is a good idea to ask drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Dartford what aftercare they provide when you are doing your research.

    This way, you will have a clear idea of what you can expect from them after you have checked out.

    Alcohol Detox And Rehab In Dartford


    Left untreated, alcohol addiction can be fatal.

    Alcohol causes a physical addiction – therefore, you will experience physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.

    These include:

    To combat these symptoms, you will have to go through a medically assisted alcohol detox using a benzodiazepine called Librium that can help to reduce the severity of these unpleasant side effects.

    This usually lasts for 10 days.


    After the alcohol detox is finished, you then need to spend around 3 weeks in drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford to help you overcome your emotional and psychological addiction using a range of therapies that have been tailored to your individual circumstances.

    A combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, one-to-one counselling sessions and some alternative therapies can be expected.

    Rehab For Cocaine In Dartford


    Cocaine is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that comes in powder form.

    If cocaine is abused for a long period of time, it can have long-lasting effects, such as:

    • Erosion of the nasal passages
    • Loss of smell
    • Increased risk of strokes or seizures
    • Increased risk of Parkinson’s disease

    While cocaine is dangerous and addictive, it does not cause physical addiction.

    This means that medical detox is not required when you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford to overcome a cocaine addiction.

    Many people can expect to complete rehab for cocaine within 14 days.

    However, this varies from person to person so it is a good idea to talk honestly about your addiction with an expert to get a better idea of how long you should spend in rehab.

    Rehab For Heroin In Dartford


    Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug made from morphine.

    You are putting yourself at risk even by taking heroin one time – it is so dangerous and addictive that some users report becoming addicted after just a single use.

    Long-term heroin use can cause devastating health issues such as:

    • Pneumonia
    • Liver and kidney disease
    • Slowed heart rate
    • Increased risk of HIV/AIDS
    • Abscesses
    • Heart problems

    Heroin is not only extremely dangerous, but it also causes a physical addiction and some dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

    When attending drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford for heroin addiction, you will need to go through a medical heroin detox first.

    This often involved taking a drug such as methadone to reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and then beginning therapy treatments after this stage is complete.

    You should expect to spend 28 days in drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford when overcoming a heroin addiction.

    Rehab For Cannabis In Dartford


    Cannabis is a commonly abused drug and many users believe that is can help symptoms of anxiety and reduce seizures.

    However, there have not been enough scientific studies to back up these claims, and cannabis causes a range of troubling side effects.

    Because it is so widely used – particularly among young people – these side effects are often overlooked.

    However, long-term cannabis use can lead to:

    Cannabis does not cause a physical addiction, so you will not be required to undergo a medically assisted detox.

    Most people can expect to spend between 10 and 14 days in a rehab facility when they are trying to overcome a cannabis addiction.

    Get Help Today


    If you are worried about the substance use of yourself or someone you love, it is better to get help sooner rather than later.

    Call a member of our team today on 0800 088 66 86 to get help and advice on the next steps you can take to beat addiction for good.

    When you make the choice to reach out and get help for your addiction, you’re choosing to pursue a happier, healthier and longer life.

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