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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham

    If you try to recover from addiction without professional help, the first danger is that it is unlikely to work.

    This may not seem very dangerous if you have a mild addiction and you attempt to get sober for a brief period, in case you end up not needing to go to rehab.

    However, if your addiction is anything more than mild, it is very dangerous. One reason for this is that addiction is unpredictable, so it can worsen very quickly, and it could suddenly become vital that you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham.

    After delaying treatment, you will have a greater need for a medical detox and for extensive therapy, as there will be more complications.

    Another reason recovering on your own can be dangerous is that you do not have someone who is medically trained to supervise you, and this puts you at risk of becoming seriously ill or even dying if there are any complications when you withdraw from drugs or alcohol. (1)

    If you withdraw gradually, there is more chance that you will stay safe, as it is safer than the cold turkey method.

    However, it is still much more dangerous than going to drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham. This is because you will not have access to essential medication, and 24/7 care.

    Finally, recovering alone means you do not get the benefits of going to therapy, which can be a huge factor in staying sober.

    You may manage to overcome the physical side of your addiction, but this is not likely to keep you away from substance use, as you will not have a good grounding in addiction treatment.

    You will also not be educated on how to avoid triggers for your addiction, and without therapy, you may not even know what your triggers are.

    This could cause you to spend time with people who enable your substance use, to attempt to use substances in moderation or to live with an undiagnosed mental health condition that contributes to your addiction.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    What are the Pros of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham?

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    One advantage of drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is that, if you live in Chatham, you do not have to travel far. This means that you can get a place at rehab very quickly, and settle in immediately after, rather than spending time arranging how to get to a particular facility.

    It also means you can make the most of family visits if your chosen private rehab permits this. It can be reassuring to see your family each week and get a reminder of why you are in recovery, as well as hear about their lives and remember that you will not have to be at drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham forever.

    Another benefit of drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is that it can be like a home away from home for many patients.

    People with shared rooms often make friends for life at rehab, and this is incredibly important for the post-rehab period, when their previous friends may be tempting them to return to substance use.

    The environment at drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is very relaxing, despite the stressful side of recovery. Leisure time is prioritised, so patients get to spend some time doing what they enjoy every day.

    There is also a focus on early nights, so you don’t have to worry about a poor sleep schedule causing problems for you.

    Many people agree that drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is life-changing for people who have the desire to get sober but are constantly being set back by people and things in their life.

    For example, they may keep returning to the pub, getting in touch with friends who can give them drugs, and living in an area that is especially triggering for them.

    Yet, at drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, all patients are taken away from their normal environment, giving them a chance to thrive on just their desire to change, and nothing else. Though they will eventually go back home, rehab is a great chance for them to strengthen their desire to get sober, and learn how to implement this in the ‘real world’.

    Finally, drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham takes into account both the physical and psychological impacts of addiction.

    Staff do not solely focus on healing the physical symptoms in patients, or providing emotional support, so patients get a wide range of treatments that work very well together.

    The main treatments are a medical detox and therapy. On its own, a detox is not enough to help someone get sober, and the same can be said for therapy, so drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is a great example of a treatment that is comprehensive.

    What are the Cons of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham?

    It is difficult to come up with the disadvantages of drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, as we would recommend it to most people with addiction.

    However, one drawback is that some people are not ready for inpatient rehab. They may not have accepted they have an addiction, and therefore they need to get past the denial before they are ready to receive treatment at rehab.

    Alternatively, they may know that they have a problem, but they are not ready to work on it at rehab.

    We have to accept that this is how some people will navigate their addiction. Though it is dangerous and not recommended, it is also not beneficial to push a person to recover until they are ready, so we do have to wait it out and give plenty of encouragement.

    If someone enters drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham before they are ready, they are likely to relapse very quickly.

    Another potential disadvantage of drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is that not all rehabs offer the same resources. You will get a detox and therapy, but the specific therapies offered, and the motivational sessions provided, will differ.

    This means not everyone has the ideal experience at rehab in terms of personalised care.

    However, it is possible to make your treatment as personal as possible by using a treatment referral service like Rehab Recovery. This allows you to find a rehab in Chatham with the specific resources you are after.

    Finally, some people who recover in Chatham find that it is too familiar for them. They may struggle to recover as they have too many bad memories of the area, or they have to watch other patients see their families while knowing that their family is close enough to visit, but does not support their recovery.

    Fortunately, you do not have to recover in Chatham if you are at risk of experiencing this. You can choose to attend a residential rehab in another location, and you will still be entitled to detox, therapy, and aftercare.

    What’s more, not everyone has a bad experience seeking treatment in their hometown. Some people find that it is very practical, it is comforting, and it introduces them to some wonderful outpatient resources that they can use when they leave drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    What are the Pros & Cons of Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chatham?

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    Firstly, outpatient treatment provides the opportunity to stay at home while you are getting detox and therapy. For some people, this is preferable to inpatient treatment, as they have more time on their hands, so they may feel less tired and more motivated.

    That being said, there would be a commute involved, which can make your life more stressful. It would also be less relaxing if you had to deal with challenging family members at home, whereas rehab gives you a break from this.

    Secondly, being an outpatient at drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham means that you still get to have detox and therapy, so you are not missing out on an essential part of the treatment programme. You will also be able to meet other people who are in recovery, and learn from one another when it comes to getting sober.

    It must be noted that you do miss out on the community feel of rehab to an extent when you are not an inpatient, as you are not there all the time.

    However, there are things you can do to be as involved as possible, such as going to every group therapy session and contributing and taking part in workshops. You could also get involved with other communities in Chatham, such as Smart Recovery or Al-Anon meetings.

    Finally, a huge advantage of outpatient treatment is that it is much cheaper than drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham. If you cannot afford private rehab and you are not eligible for the funding, it is great to know that you can keep the costs low by staying at home, while still benefitting from high-quality addiction treatment.

    We do not recommend settling for outpatient treatment if you are in a position to pay for residential rehab. This is because the benefits of inpatient treatment far outweigh the benefits of outpatient programmes, so we would always say that rehab should be your go-to option if you have a moderate to the severe substance abuse problem. (2)

    What are the Pros & Cons of Home Detoxing in Chatham?

    One pro of home detoxing in Chatham is that the detox will be controlled, so you will be given medication to help with withdrawal symptoms, and you will keep in contact with the treatment provider to ensure the process is as smooth and safe as possible.

    Yet, this does not compare to getting a detox at drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, because there is a higher risk of complications when you are not in an environment of 24/7 care.

    Though being able to contact the provider is reassuring, it would not be enough if something serious happened. This is why trusted home detox providers will only allow you to get this detox if your addiction is very mild.

    Another benefit of home detoxing is you get to spend time with your family. Instead of being kept away from them at rehab, you can receive emotional and practical support while you recover at home. This is more comforting than being treated by staff at rehab who are initially strangers.

    However, as your family members are not qualified to conduct a home detox, their care is not on the same level as the care provided at private rehab.

    Furthermore, not everyone is living with someone who has the time and motivation to coach them through a home detox, and you are not allowed to have a home detox if there is not adequate support at home.

    Finally, home detoxing is the most affordable option of the three we have listed today. As you do not have to pay for accommodation or therapy, it is significantly cheaper than outpatient or inpatient rehab. For some people, home detoxing is their only option for this reason.

    If drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is not in your budget, it would be strongly recommended to find a local resource that would help you with your mental health as you recover. Some of these come at no cost, such as fellowship meetings and certain workshops, but others require payment, e.g., private therapy.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Do You Ever Recommend Home Detoxing in Chatham?

    Some rehab referral providers are accused of never recommending home detoxes. There is some truth in this, but for good reason.

    It is rare that we recommend a home detox to a client, because it is rare that this type of treatment would be more beneficial than private rehab.

    However, if we strongly believed that a particular patient would recover better with a home detox than drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham, we would be honest about this. This is usually only the case if they do not qualify for rehab, they have been to rehab many times before, and/or their addiction is mild and only results in physical symptoms (as opposed to psychological).

    You should be wary of any treatment providers who state that home detoxing is more successful than inpatient treatment at rehab. As we have discussed, in very specific circumstances it can be more successful, but the average relapse rates after rehab are much lower than they are after a home detox.

    How to Get Addiction Treatment in Chatham

    At home support

    As drug and alcohol rehab in Chatham is private, you can find a rehab facility and pay to attend whenever you like. This means that you can get a place at rehab in just days.

    However, this can be difficult if you do not know much about rehab, as you won’t know what to look for.

    That’s where Rehab Recovery comes in. We know exactly what to look for, so we conduct an initial consultation with people seeking treatment, ask important questions, and locate a treatment facility that would provide the client with the care they needed.

    This first consultation will not cost you any money. All you need to do is leave your contact details here, and we will get in touch with you and explain our process.

    You could also call 0800 088 66 86 and ask us about our consultation.

    All of our team are experts in addiction, so they can answer any questions you have about what addiction is, why it occurs, what the best treatments are, and how the personalised treatment programme at rehab (as well as aftercare) promotes long-term sobriety.

    As you will see on our locations page, we cover more than just Chatham. If you do not want to go to rehab in Chatham, have a look at the other areas we are active in, and consider whether they may be more appropriate for you.

    Some areas we work in are: Bristol, Exeter, Weymouth, Lowestoft, Ipswich, Cambridge, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, and Chelsea.

    It would also be beneficial for you to read some Rehab Recovery blogs. We educate our readers on many different topics surrounding addiction, from the risk factors of addiction to the dangers of synthetic cannabis.


    [1] Dangers of Detoxing from Alcohol at Home

    [2] Drug addiction: getting help

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