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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Margate

In This Page, We Explain More About Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Margate Today. Find Help, Support & Treatment For Substance Misuse In Margate. Learn More.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Margate

    Margate is located in the south of England. It is a North Coast seaside town of Kent.

    Here there are many locations and programs for you to choose from if you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse.

    Our free chat line is open 24/7, or you can call us on 0800 088 6686.

    The staff here are trained to help you with whatever query you may have. You can get in contact today to start your journey to rehabilitation and recovery.

    How Rehab Works in Margate


    Addiction can be a very vicious cycle and can ruin elements of your life completely. Identifying that you may have an issue and talking to someone about is hugely important.

    If you feel you are struggling and feel out of control, then getting help will be beneficial to you.

    Rehab centres offer inpatient and outpatient facilities.

    Depending on your level of addiction which can be determined after your initial rehab stages and assessment, a personalized suggested rehabilitation plan will be formulated for you.

    This will ensure you not only get sober but learn the cause of these unhealthy addictive patterns you have formed, and replace them with new healthy coping mechanisms. (4) This can be achieved through what is taught at rehabilitation facilities.

    Through holistic therapies, a new way of dealing with stress or anxiety will lead to a much healthier lifestyle. Holistic teachings such as mindfulness and Tai Chi will allow your mind to calm down. (2)

    This is a hard exercise to master, but it can bring a sense of calm as you find the time to ground yourself in perhaps a very busy schedule.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, please contact Rehab Recovery at 0800 088 66 86.

    What Are the First Steps of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Margate?

    At drug and alcohol rehabs in Margate, an individual will be supported through their recovery. They will be taught tools to deal with anxieties and stress in life in a healthy way, instead of relying on substances.

    Medical staff will be available as you undergo detoxification. This detox will rid you of all substances, and so you can rebuild. (3)

    This will be challenging but all worthwhile in the end, when you leave the facility sober.

    Trained medical staff are available during this time as you may encounter some withdrawal symptoms. (4) This is why it is suggested to detox in a safe environment such as residential rehab.

    Your rehabilitation program will then start. This is usually a mix of classes to provide healthy outlets for stress. Such as art or music, mindfulness or yoga.

    These are called holistic therapies and can help reconnect you to who you truly are.

    Therapy is a great way to find the cause of your addiction and why you may turn to drugs or alcohol in times of disarray. (2)

    Talking through this with a trained professional can help to sort your mindset.

    And even reset it to a healthy one that you can take with you post-rehab.

    How to Help Your Loved Ones Going Through Rehab?


    Attending family therapy can really assist you in finding and understanding how to support a loved one who is struggling at this time.

    It is completely OK not to have all the answers on how to deal with this in the right way.

    But asking for help and understanding that there are things that you can do to assist your loved one in the most helpful way possible is a great place to start.

    Get in contact with us via the 24/7 free helpline chat on our website or call us on 0800 088 6686 if you have further queries about your role as someone who is struggling.

    Information for Family & Friends

    It can be a very challenging time for the friends and family of someone who is struggling, and it can affect you all. This is why drug and alcohol rehab in Margate can offer family therapy.

    This is to ensure the support system post-rehab for you all is strong, and that everyone can be heard in a non-conflict area. Mediators are available to see over this, and you can rebuild relationships you may have lost.

    Or continue to work on the ones that are still in your life.

    Your family can be a huge help after leaving rehab and ensuring that you are all on the same page about recovery and what addiction really is.

    This is a good and healthy place to start.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, please contact Rehab Recovery at 0800 088 66 86.

    How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab Take?

    Individual addictions are very different and specific to the person. This is why estimating how long rehab will take can be challenging.

    Sobriety will be a lifelong goal that can be achieved if you practice what you have been taught throughout your rehabilitation and continue to use and seek healthy stress relief. (3)

    The stages of detox can range from 7-12 days. Some rehabs have a minimum stay required, so definitely ask these questions when you are put in contact with an advisor so the correct advice can be given.

    30 days is usually typical for an inpatient rehab program. This is so you can hope to take the tools you have learnt back out into your everyday life with you.

    Aftercare is also a huge part of recovery, as therapy can continue for as long as you wish.

    Group therapy such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous helps to form relationships with people who are experiencing the same things as yourself.

    They also provide a sense of security as you hold yourself accountable to these meetings and what you wish to share in them.

    Is Recovery Worth It?

    Person smiling

    Recovery is definitely worth the time. This is without question.

    It is work and will take time, but through listening to the advisors, the doctors and the therapists, you will start to understand your body and yourself again.

    Living a healthy long life is very much possible, but through the abuse of substances, sadly this is not the case is addiction continues.

    The use of substances can not only change who you are and your mental state but can also massively put you and others in harm’s way. (1)

    You do not need to rely on substances to feel better.

    With the work of trained professionals and the abundance of facilities that they can offer you, you can feel and be better.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, please contact Rehab Recovery at 0800 088 66 86.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Person on laptop

    Below, we provide some answers to common questions about the drug and alcohol rehab process in Margate.

    1. What Is Next for Me and How can I Get Help?

    Admitting to yourself that there is a problem you are recognising, surrounding addiction is a great first step.

    Denial can be a very hard factor to overcome, but once you do, you can start looking into how to get help and where. There are drug and alcohol rehabs in Margate that are available to help and assist you when you need them.

    Taking your recovery very seriously and prioritising this will be a decision that you will not regret.

    People sometimes struggle to put themselves and their health above others, but ensuring that you do and focus on getting yourself to a healthy stage in life is so important for you and for the people around you.

    Asking and seeking assistance from professionals to see what type of recovery you wish to go into, what would suit you and your circumstances and why, is highly important. Here you can decide what type of rehab and recovery you would best respond to.

    When you go into a detox your body may experience some withdrawal symptoms. It is suggested that detox takes place on-site due to having trained professionals and medical staff present.

    Accepting the support that is available to you during this trying time will be beneficial during this process.

    Withdrawal symptoms can include many different things for an individual. This can range from depression, anxiety, vomiting, hallucinating, seizures, heart failure and much more.

    This is why it is highly suggested that people detox in the rehab facility, so they are in a safe and calm environment.

    2. How Does Someone Begin with an Addiction?

    There can be an array of warning signs that people can see for someone who may be struggling with addiction. It can start very innocently, but then can completely consume the person and their life.

    A few factors which contribute to this addiction include mental health.

    Stress and anxiety as well as many other mental health issues can leave a person feeling isolated and scared. This is why some people turn to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain of what may be going on inside themselves. (1)

    There is help for your mental and physical well-being at drug rehabs in Margate. This can be achieved through physical assessments, individual therapy as well as group therapy.

    Here you will be able to openly discuss anything and get to the root of what addiction means and what issues people face because of it.

    3. How Can I Tell If I/Someone I Love Has an Addiction?

    This can be a challenge to identify or to get the person you are worried about to get or accept help. Shame and denial can be two elements that come alongside addictions.

    But as a loved one you can look out for some signs to then see if your person needs to start getting or accepting some help. This could include signs of dishonesty, seeking out events or circumstances where the substances are being used, losing friends and an overall change in their character and priorities.

    This can be a very hard situation to navigate.

    But there are advisors and even mediators to be present if you and your family feel an intervention may be necessary.

    4. Are you ready for drug and alcohol rehab?

    This is very much a question only you can answer.

    I think if you are here and reading into the drug and alcohol rehabs that are near you then that is the first stage of acknowledging that you wish to know more; whether this is for yourself or a loved one.

    Help is here and you can contact our trained advisors on our 24/7 hotline or call us on 0800 088 6686 to find out the answers to any questions you may have.

    There are both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, different holistic therapies, and individual, group and family therapy all to aid and assist your recovery. (2)

    This highlights that if you wish to ask for it, there can be a program that suits you and your needs to get to a healthy and more sustainable place in life.

    Trained professionals and facilities can help you do this and accepting this help can be a life-changing decision as you move forward and start to take back control.

    If you are experiencing withdrawal signs when you are not under the influence or feel yourself acting out or losing control, then contact us.

    We are here to help and listen to you, your concerns, your questions or your queries, today.

    Get Help Today

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, please contact Rehab Recovery at 0800 088 66 86.


    (1) Teachman, B. A. (2014). No Appointment Necessary: Treating Mental Illness Outside the Therapist’s Office. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9(1), 85–87.

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