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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Northumberland

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Northumberland. The rehab clinic offers a robust admissions process and supervised detox and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Northumberland

    Addiction problems destroy lives, and the longer the individual remains stuck in this downward spiral the more they will end up suffering. It is vital that the person is able to break away from this behaviour as soon as possible. The individual will not have made the choice to become addicted, but it will be their choice as to when they end the problem.

    The Need to Hit Rock Bottom

    One of the reasons why the individual will delay getting help for their addiction problems is that they are waiting to hit rock bottom. This waiting for things to deteriorate is actually a misunderstanding of what is meant by hitting bottom. It does not refer to a particular stage in the downward trajectory. The individual has reached their rock bottom as soon as they decide that they’ve had enough.

    The best time for them to do this is today. If the individual waits for some magical place in the addiction process the chances are that their rock bottom will be death.

    Rehab Help in Northumberland

    One of the best options for people who are trying to break away from addiction in Northumberland will be the rehabs. These facilities are great because they not only support the person through early recovery when they are most vulnerable, but they also provide the person with the tools they need in order to build a new and better life.

    Furthermore, it provides the individual with a firm foundation in recovery, and it also prepares them from the common relapse triggers that they are likely to have to deal with once they leave rehab.

    Relapse Triggers to Avoid in Recovery

    There are many reasons for why people may relapse after a period of sobriety. In almost all of these cases, this return to alcohol and drugs could have been avoided if the individual had been prepared for the challenges that came their way. It is vital that anyone in Northumberland who is in the process of ending substance abuse is prepared to deal with the common relapse triggers so that they can be avoided.

    Some of the things to look out for would include:

    • One thing that people in early recovery need to be aware of is to avoid hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness (this can be remembered by the acronym HALT) as these are the most common relapse triggers. If the individual is experiencing any of these things they can begin thinking about turning to alcohol or drugs to make them feel better.
    • Another common reason for why people return to alcohol or drug abuse is that they continue to visit bars or spend time with drinking or drug-using friends. This means that the individual is always surrounded by temptation and one day they are likely to not be able to resist. There is a saying from Alcoholics Anonymous that describes this situation with the metaphor – if you sit in a barber’s shop long enough you will eventually get your hair cut. Those people in Northumberland who are serious about ending their addiction need to stay away from such temptation.
    • Some people relapse because they are just not prepared for life in sobriety – they do not have the coping skills and strategies for dealing with the ups and downs of life. One of the easiest ways to be adequately prepared to live away from alcohol and drugs is to go through drug and alcohol treatment. These rehabs are not just about getting the person sober but also about giving them the tools they need for recovery. Those individuals who go through this inpatient program will usually be better able to cope with life in recovery.
    • In order to stay sober long term, it will usually be necessary for the individual to have some type of support network. This could include things like recovery fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. It is important not to underestimate how much these groups can help the individual stay on the sober path long term. They remind the individual of what they will be going back to if they relapse, and they also provide a program for living.
    • Another reason why people fail to remain sober is that they remain ambivalent towards recovery. This means that they have not fully given up on the idea that they will one day be able to drink or use drugs again. The individual may hold onto the hope that if they can remain sober for x amount of weeks or years it will mean that they are cured. This type of thinking is really dangerous because it can so easily lead to relapse.

    How to Stay Strong in Recovery

    Giving up alcohol or drugs for a few weeks or months is not such a big deal – most people who fall into addiction will be able to manage this if they have a good enough reason. The real challenge is to commit to permanent abstinence and to manage this goal the individual will need to stay strong.

    Here are a few suggestions for how this will be possible:

    • The individual will develop a network of sober friends that they will be able to turn to for support and inspiration.
    • In order to be strong, a person needs to recognise their own weaknesses and develop strategies for how they will manage these weaknesses. The fact that a human has many weaknesses does not stop them from being strong, so long as they understand what these are.
    • It is vital that the individual does not become complacent in recovery so that they begin to take things for granted. Sobriety is a journey that takes a lifetime to complete.
    • It is also vital that the person never forgets where they have come from. They need to be able to remember the pain of addiction clearly even if they have been sober for decades. It is often said that those who forget their mistakes are doomed to fail them.

    Contacting Rehab Recovery

    For more information on detox and rehab options in Northumberland, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact us, we shall outline a variety of treatment options that are available to you in Northumberland. This includes both private and statutory addiction treatments.

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