Borderline Personality Disorder Test

Published by on Monday, September 23, 2019

This helpful quiz is intended to help you determine whether you or a loved one may exhibit signs of borderline personality syndrome. Complete the test below. It takes less than five minutes to complete.

This test may help to determine whether you or someone you love could be suffering from the condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder.

Simply complete this test, being sure to answer each question as accurately and honestly as possible, and view your results on the outcome page.

This test is by no means a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

Be certain to always consult with an accredited psychologist or medical professional if you feel that you or someone you love may be struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder.

You can have full confidence in knowing that all results are solely intended for personal use only and are never shared with any outside third party.



1.  When communicating or interacting with people in everyday life, the condition of your relationships may vary dramatically between two opposite extremes; including periods when you highly regard or glamorize them and other moments where you ignore or diminish any importance these same people may hold.

2.  From one moment to the next, your emotional state may shift dramatically and involve periodic feelings of frustration, panic attacks, bouts of sadness, or a strong sensation of anxiousness, impatience, or ill temperament.

3.  Occasionally, your anger may approach or exceeded levels deemed proper among society or everyday life and even become out of hand or uncontrollable.

4.  Your personal history includes moments where suicide has been a central theme of your intentions in either spoken or written form, and your actions have included harming or damaging your body in some way. These episodes have either taken place in the past or are ongoing in nature.

5.  Bouts of fantasy and paranoia can take total control, and there are moments when everything seems surreal or imaginary - especially during periods of intense anxiousness or stress. These situations can include untrustworthy feelings or thoughts that would otherwise seem alarming or unreliable and include the sensation others are plotting against you to cause you harm or sabotage.
6.  The core values and convictions to which you ascribe are quite fluid, vague, or subject to change. The notion of any personal identity or central belief system seems vulnerable, and your overall sense of self is flimsy, inconsistent, or unreliable over the course of time.
7.  At times, your make choices that include self-detrimental efforts in the form of poor eating habits, undisciplined monetary spending, bad driving, abusing substances, or approaching sexuality in an irresponsible or unbecoming manner.
8.  There are moments when you become obsessed with preventing the possible desertion or neglect of those around you, whether this notion is based in reality or purely imagined. These occasions may be very intense or emotional.
9.  It is common to find yourself with a strong sense of boredom, or that everything is empty and without meaning.

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