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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chadderton

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chadderton

    In the Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester, in which the town of Chadderton is located, research suggests that 21% of the population are binge drinkers, 23% drink hazardously, and 7% drink harmfully.

    As a result, Oldham had 2,535 hospital admissions for alcohol-related conditions in 2017, significantly higher than the national level of 2,185.

    The Borough also had a higher rate of alcohol-related mortality (56.3) compared to the national rate (46.0) in 2016.

    Furthermore, every 10 per 100,000 crimes reported in Oldham are alcohol related.

    Also, there were 32 deaths related to drug poisoning and 14 drug misuse-related deaths in Chadderton and the wider Oldham area in 2021.

    The figures for illegal drug deaths significantly increased from 11 and 4 respectively during the previous year.

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    Signs That Rehab May Be Beneficial for You or Your Loved One

    Two men in 1-1 therapy

    When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, spotting the signs that you or a loved one may need help can be challenging.

    This is because individuals often try to hide their issues with substance abuse, resulting in a delay in getting the treatment they need.

    If you have some concerns about a loved one or feel that it may be time to get help for yourself, here are some of the physical and psychological signs to look out for:

    • Unexpected weight gain or loss
    • Low energy
    • Extreme mood swings
    • Missing work or social commitments due to drug or alcohol intake
    • Needing to consume more drugs or alcohol to experience the same effects
    • Worsening finances
    • Struggling to maintain hygiene or personal appearance
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not consuming substances
    • Frequent irritability
    • Struggling to maintain relationships with loved ones
    • Insomnia and fatigue

    Whether you or your loved one are exhibiting any of these signs or not, it is important to remember that the symptoms of addiction can vary from person to person.

    So, no matter how small your concern is, you should contact an addiction expert as soon as possible so you can be referred you to a suitable drug or alcohol treatment programme.

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    How Will Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help Me or My Loved One?

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    Once you have accepted your addiction and reached out for help, you have already completed the most challenging step in your long-term recovery journey.

    From here, you will have the support of an experienced team of medical professionals, therapists, and addiction specialists, who will create a suitable drug and alcohol treatment plan that is catered to your unique needs.

    The plan will take into account the substances to which you are addicted, the severity of your addiction and any mental health issues you may be experiencing.

    You will then undergo a comprehensive treatment programme designed to help you tackle the root causes of your addiction, find strategies to cope with cravings and live a substance-free lifestyle in the long run.

    The Benefits of Residential Rehab in Chadderton

    Although outpatient drug and alcohol services may be beneficial for those on a budget, residential or inpatient rehab in Chadderton offers the most comprehensive service for individuals suffering from addiction.

    This is because it offers a safe, enclosed space for individuals to begin their journey to recovery, away from any distractions that may be encountered at home.

    However, friends and family members will be able to visit regularly to provide support.

    At a residential drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you will also be supported by a team of friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping you through the most difficult parts of drug or alcohol recovery.

    This is particularly beneficial during the detox phase, where individuals experience dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which often lead to relapse if not supervised by a medical professional.

    Whatever help you need to beat addiction, get it from a drug and alcohol rehab in Chadderton by calling us on 0800 088 66 86

    Free Addiction Treatment Services in Chadderton

    A man talking another man's hand in support

    For those concerned about the cost of residential rehab, free addiction treatment services are available in Chadderton.

    These are mainly outpatient clinics, meaning that individuals will remain at home for the duration of their treatment, and are offered by organisations such as:

    These services can be accessed by GP referral and are ideal for those with commitments at home, such as work or children.

    There are several charity and NHS-run recovery services operating near Chadderton, including:

    1. Oldham CAMHS

    Address: The Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Road, Oldham, OL1 2JH

    Telephone: 0161 716 2020


    2. Leigh Bank Recovery Centre – Turning Point

    Address: 14-16 Edward St, Oldham, OL9 7QW

    Telephone: 0161 212 1435


    3. Adult and Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service Manchester

    Address: Sharston Industrial Estate, Bradnor Point, Bradnor Rd, Wythenshawe, M22 4TF

    Telephone: 0161 823 6306


    You can also get free mental health support from organisations like Mind UK, Young Minds, Rethink Mental Illness, Samaritans and Papyrus.

    A doctor typing with a stethoscope beside the laptop

    However, similar to other NHS services, these addiction treatment services are under huge financial pressure due to limited funding.

    This means that they have long waiting lists, which can be dangerous for those in need of urgent treatment.

    Individuals are also unlikely to receive personalised treatment due to stretched budgets, meaning that their unique needs may not be met.

    In some severe cases, the NHS may be able to provide funding for inpatient rehab, although NHS-run services are mainly outpatient-based.

    However, individuals applying for funding will need to meet a strict set of criteria and will need to prove that they have exhausted all other options before being awarded a place.

    Private residential rehab is therefore able to offer the most efficient, highest quality, and most successful form of addiction treatment in Chadderton.

    Whatever help you need to beat addiction, whether from a drug and alcohol rehab in Chadderton or another service, allow our expert team to help by calling us today on 0800 088 66 86

    What Will Happen During Rehab in Chadderton?


    Upon entry to an inpatient rehab centre in Chadderton, patients will be shown to their room.

    Here, they will have the space to relax and unwind before using the rehab facilities. This may include a spa, gym, and various activities designed to help patients develop new hobbies and interests.

    The length of time that they will reside in a drug and alcohol rehab centre depends on the level of treatment required.

    However, the typical length of stay is 28 days, with some individuals spending up to 12 weeks in rehab.

    Patients will then go through 3 stages of treatment for substance misuse, whilst benefiting from round-the-clock medical and psychiatric care.

    Doctor with clipboard

    Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox

    The first stage of rehab is detox or detoxification.

    Detox flushes any harmful substances out of an individual’s system, therefore helping to break their physical dependency on drugs or alcohol.

    To help control the withdrawal symptoms that come with sudden abstinence from substances, doctors will prescribe medication for you or your loved one.

    They will also be on hand to monitor withdrawal symptoms and adjust medication levels where necessary, to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible throughout this process.


    Addiction Therapy Treatments Provided at Rehab

    Once detox is complete, the next treatment phase is therapy.

    Rehabilitation therapies aim to help patients understand the issues underlying their addiction, along with learning the skills and strategies needed to deal with triggers and remain sober in the long term.

    Individuals will take part in both individual and group therapy sessions, which may include psychological therapies such as:

    Another addiction treatment that some individuals may undergo during inpatient rehab in Chadderton is dual diagnosis treatment.

    Dual diagnosis occurs when an individual has both a drug or alcohol addiction and a separate mental health condition. Therefore, a specialised treatment plan would be required to ensure that both disorders can be treated simultaneously.



    The final treatment stage is aftercare, which provides continued support for individuals once they leave rehab in Chadderton.

    A rehab aftercare team consists of addiction specialists, who will help to ensure that an individual’s transition back to their home environment goes as smoothly as possible.

    The services that they provide may include:

    You or your loved one will also be provided with a relapse prevention plan, which includes strategies and techniques that can be implemented if you feel that you are at risk of relapse.

    For example, you may learn the HALT technique. This encourages individuals to consider their basic needs before consuming substances, including whether they are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

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    Can Alcohol and Drug Addiction Be Cured?

    Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain, meaning that, unfortunately, there is no cure.

    This means that it is unrealistic to enter rehabilitation treatment in Chadderton expecting to be completely cured of your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    However, with dedication and commitment, you or your loved one can remain sober for the rest of your life and control the cravings for drugs or alcohol.

    This includes continuing to live a healthy lifestyle, removing yourself from harmful influences and following the guidance provided by aftercare drug and alcohol services.

    Two people holding hands

    How Do I Support My Loved One Through Rehab in Chadderton?

    There are several ways that friends and family members can provide support throughout their loved one’s journey to sobriety.

    During your loved one’s stay at residential rehab, you will be able to make regular phone calls and visits.

    You may also be able to send care packages, including photos, letters, and permitted items from home.

    Once their stay at rehab is complete, you can continue to provide support simply by encouraging them to remember how far they’ve come and motivating them to stay sober.


    How Quickly Can I Access Private Rehab Treatment in Chadderton?

    One of the benefits of choosing to recover at a private residential rehab in Chadderton is that you can begin treatment as soon as you are ready.

    Once you or your loved one have reached out, you will first undergo an admissions phone call, where admissions staff will assess your needs.

    This may include details of your addiction, your physical and mental health, and your budget.

    As soon as the assessment is complete, the logistics of your stay can be arranged, and in some cases, individuals can be admitted to rehab within 24 hours.

    Rehab Recovery is Here To Help

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    Rehab Recovery has helped thousands of individuals find the most suitable rehabilitation programme for them – so let us help you.

    If you suspect that you or someone you know may be struggling with addiction – either to a substance or a behavioural addiction – then please do not hesitate to contact Rehab Recovery to ask any questions, enquire about the next steps, and get advice on the most suitable rehabilitative steps for the individual.

    To get advice today, call our addiction support line on 0800 088 66 86.

    Every rehab in England and Wales that we work with is vetted by the Care Quality Commission.

    Get help for addiction across Greater Manchester, including in Manchester, Bolton, Sale, Rochdale, Stockport, Salford, Wigan, Oldham, Bury, Atherton, Leigh, Altrincham, Ashton-under-Lyne, Middleton, Urmston, Eccles, Denton, Romiley, Hyde, Radcliffe, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Heywood, Farnworth and many more.

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