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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leigh

Read this Rehab Recovery location page for more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh. Contact us today.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leigh

    Recovering from addiction is often incredibly stressful, as there are so many challenges to deal with at once.

    You have to think about which treatment centre you want to go to, how you are going to tell your employer and your family, what your plans are after rehab, and other big decisions.

    This means it is often convenient to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, as it takes one decision away, and therefore simplifies the application process.

    You do not have to be anxious about being in an unfamiliar area, having to travel a long time to get there, and not being able to see your loved ones during family visits.

    What’s more, when you get aftercare in Leigh, some of the resources often overlap with resources you have had at rehab. This may include having therapy at the same treatment centre or going to workshops that you have already attended at rehab.

    However, if you recover in another town when you complete treatment, you will have to go home and rely on the resources in your hometown. This is not a big problem, as the resources tend to be similar, but it may be more comfortable for you if your aftercare is a continuation of treatment at rehab.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    What if I Don’t Want to Go to Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leigh?

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    No one is going to force you to stay in Leigh for addiction treatment. If you believe treatment would be better in another area, this is completely your call. You may decide this if you want a new start, you want to get away from bad influences, or you associate Leigh with bad times in your past.

    If you do recover somewhere else, you will have to plan your own transport to and from the rehab facility before and after treatment. Please factor this in as an additional stressor and additional cost, and decide whether it is worth it.

    For anyone considering rehab abroad, we can also help with this. Again, the practical side will be more challenging, but this will be worth it for some people as they get to move away from their difficult lives and embrace a new start.

    What is Aftercare & Why Does it Reduce Relapse Rates in Leigh?

    Aftercare is provided by all drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh. When a patient comes to the end of their inpatient or outpatient care, they are given an aftercare plan that details their post-rehab treatments, and they can add to this or change this within reason.

    Aftercare is a great way for patients to stay physically healthy, as there are often check-ups in place for doctors to monitor the patient’s health.

    If they stick to the advice of rehab and eat healthily, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs, they will remain in a much healthier physical state than before they went to rehab.

    Mental health is also an important part of the aftercare plan; the treatment centre often allows patients to return to them each week for therapy sessions.

    This can be very comforting for patients who are attempting to rebuild their lives after addiction and are therefore having to move away from their familiar environments, as therapy becomes a safe space for them.

    Fellowship groups are strongly encouraged as part of comprehensive aftercare at rehab in Leigh. The importance of these groups should not be underestimated, as they prove to be very successful. In fact, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been hailed as the most effective path to alcohol abstinence. (1)

    Sometimes, private rehabs in Leigh have alumni organisations that patients can choose to be a part of via their aftercare plan.

    This is a great opportunity for patients to stay in touch with the people who treated them, and the people who completed treatment with them, so that they do not forget the important role rehab has played in their sobriety.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    How Can I Prevent Relapse Myself After Going to Rehab in Leigh?

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    It can be confusing to get tips on staying sober from a pro-abstinence drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, as you are told that the addiction is not your fault, which may imply you cannot do anything to prevent relapse.

    However, as much as you have not caused your addiction, there are still some decisions you can make that will reduce your chances of relapsing. There is no guarantee that you will never relapse, but you will be less at risk.

    It is always better to cut out anyone who enables your addiction or romanticises addiction in any way.

    You need people in your life who will be honest about the dangers of addiction, and who will encourage you to live a sober lifestyle. Sometimes, this may even require cutting out certain family members (or distancing yourself subtly).

    Another thing to consider is staying away from areas that promote heavy drug or alcohol use, as you are bound to meet people there with addiction issues. Try to avoid spending lots of time at places such as clubs, pubs, and even the homes of friends who engage in drug use frequently.

    It is very beneficial to make the most of the therapy provided by drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, or to find a therapist yourself, and opt for weekly sessions. This may seem like a lot, but every day can feel like an eternity in recovery, so you need regular check-ins to make recovery slightly easier.

    Finally, learn to recognise your patterns when it comes to triggers. Are you experiencing strong temptation when you reminisce with an old friend about your clubbing days, when you watch your family members enjoy a glass of wine, or when you feel stressed at work?

    It is common for people to relapse on the way home from work as they rely on substances for relaxation. (2)

    Use this information to make changes in your life. It is not possible to never be around drugs or alcohol again, but you can put boundaries into place so that you are not constantly witnessing drug and alcohol use.

    You can also reduce your stress by trying to find a job you enjoy, informing your employer of your issues, going to therapy, and offloading to a trusted loved one.

    Do I Have to Use an Addiction Treatment Referral Service?

    No, you are not obliged to use a treatment referral service. You are more than welcome to take on the responsibility of getting a referral yourself or getting a family member to help you with this.

    However, contacting Rehab Recovery is wise, as our team members are experts in addiction, so they can answer any questions you have about inpatient rehab in Leigh, and other types of treatment, such as home detoxes and outpatient treatment.

    They can also reach out to rehab facilities extremely quickly, as we already have agreements with many of the clinics in Leigh, so they are quick to accept our clients. This ensures you get to access treatment very quickly, so you do not have to worry about sinking further into addiction while you wait for treatment.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    I am Thinking About Detoxing – How Should I Go About it?

    You should not, under any circumstances, detox at home, unless you have arranged an official home detox with a trusted treatment provider in Leigh. Too many people have experienced serious illness, or passed away, after detoxing from drugs and alcohol at home.

    The more severe your addiction is, and the longer you have had it, the riskier it is to detox at home. However, it is never a good idea, even for mild addictions, as you cannot predict how your body will react to the absence of the drug.

    Detoxing at drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh is a completely different thing because if anything goes wrong, there are a team of doctors ready to treat you. You will also take medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms, so the risk of death is significantly reduced.

    I am Thinking About Skipping Therapy – Should I Do it?


    It is not a good idea to skip therapy, as it is one of the best methods to treat substance use. We would encourage you to think about your reasons for skipping therapyand reflect on whether they are reasons that would lead to a better recovery.

    Treatment without therapy is rarely more effective than treatment with therapy.

    If you are hoping to skip therapy because of a bad experience, it is important to know that rehab facilities in Leigh offer a diverse range of therapy types, so there is always something new for you to try. Even if you have sworn off traditional therapy, you could try holistic therapy.

    Some people do not benefit from certain types of therapy, or certain therapists, but they do very well with other techniques and professionals. Please do not deny yourself the chance to try therapy again, as it is very often a crucial part of sobriety for patients at drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh.

    Another reason people avoid therapy is that they do not have a mental health condition, and they believe this is the only reason to get therapy. This is a complete myth; therapy is very beneficial for addiction issues, regardless of whether mental health issues are present or not.

    Perhaps you do have problems with your mental health and you are frightened to unpack this with a therapist. This is completely understandable, as no one enjoys unpacking trauma, but this must be done if you want any chance at experiencing peace.

    Addiction issues are often intertwined with mental health issues, so if you treat the mental health issues with therapy, you will have a much better chance at staying sober and never again suffering the consequences of addiction.

    Overall, it is up to you whether you want to incorporate therapy into your treatmentor leave it out, but we would always encourage you to try it out.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    FAQs About Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leigh

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    Below, we provide some answers to common questions about the drug and alcohol rehab process in Leigh.

    What is the shortest amount of time I can stay at rehab in Leigh?

    If you go to drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh for a medical detox, and you opt out of all forms of therapy, your stay could be as short as one week. If you go for therapy and skip the detox, you’d be looking at a stay of around 3 weeks.

    However, most patients opt into both detoxing and therapy, as this is the most effective treatment for most types of treatment. This means the average rehab stay in Leigh in 28 days.

    If you found this too long of a stay, you would be allowed to finish treatment early, but this would be strongly discouraged as you would be at a much higher risk of relapse.

    How long do I have to wait for treatment at rehab in Leigh?

    If you ring us up today, you could be treated at a Leigh rehab facility in just a day or two. However, you may have to wait a couple of weeks when our services are in high demand.

    Please do not worry about waiting lists of months or years, as this does not happen with private drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh. Given that you are paying for the treatment yourself, the treatment centres do not suffer from underfunding.

    Can I refuse treatment at residential rehab in Leigh?

    Yes, you can refuse to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, even if it is being recommended by family members, doctors, and employers. However, we would of course discourage this, as your problem will only get worse if you don’t resolve to treat it immediately.

    If you have specific concerns about private rehab in Leigh and you would like to know more before making a commitment, get in touch with us and one of our addiction specialists will put you at ease.

    We are not dishonest about the challenges of residential rehab, as it is often the hardest thing you will do in your life. However, we know that it is worth it due to its ability to turn your life around and help you to get sober.

    Can I go to rehab in Leigh if I am a teenager?

    Yes, teenagers can go to private rehab in Leigh. However, they tend to go to specialised treatment centres for teenagers, rather than completing treatment with adults. The treatment style is the same, so detoxing, therapyand aftercare remain the three most important stages.

    Can I go to rehab in Leigh if I am elderly?

    Yes, elderly people can go to drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh. Again, there are sometimes treatment centres specifically for older people, which are vital if you are in poor health.

    However, you would also be able to make an enquiry at a standard rehab facility in Leigh, as most of them allow adult patients of all ages to attend.

    Are there rehabs in Leigh for specific addictions?

    There may be specialist treatment centres for specific addictions in Leigh, but the drug and alcohol rehabs that we work with all follow a similar approach that works for any addiction.

    This means that when you go to rehab, you will meet people with different addictions, whether that’s an addiction to an activity (e.g. gambling, sex, gaming, eating disorders), or a substance (cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, stimulants, cannabis, alcohol etc).

    Don’t worry about the treatment not being specialist enough; inpatient treatment works well for all addictions, and there is no need to follow a plan for your specific addiction, as the cycle of addiction is the same for everyone.

    This does not mean that you will follow a vague plan, as your plan is designed based on your personal needs. Someone else may have completely different therapy sessions for you, a different timeframe for the detox, and a higher or lower amount of group therapy.

    For the team at rehab, it’s all about finding out what you would benefit from and providing that.

    Can I enter rehab more than once?

    You can go to drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh more than once, as it is accepted that relapse is a common part of recovery, and it does not mean that you will not be able to successfully stay sober the second time. Most people need to go to rehab more than once to get the full benefit of it.

    However, most rehabs in Leigh do impose a limit on the number of times you can stay, as there is no point in returning to rehab when you have a very high chance of relapsing immediately after.

    At this point, different treatment options would be considered, as the most important thing is that you have the best chances of being in recovery permanently.

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    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.


    [1] Alcoholics Anonymous most effective path to alcohol abstinence

    [2] How to spot your triggers

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