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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Farnworth

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Farnworth

    Over 7 people in every 1000 residents in Farnworth and the surrounding areas had to seek hospital treatment for alcohol-related illness in 2020/21.

    While the statistics for drug use are lower, there are still a significant number of people requiring medical attention due to drug-related issues with 2.21 people in every 1000 residents attending hospital because of drugs in that same period. (1)

    If you are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse and want to take the next step towards sobriety, you should start looking into clinics that offer drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth.

    If you live in the Farnworth area, you will probably feel more comfortable knowing that you are close to home and not too far from your friends and family, this feeling of comfort is a huge bonus when you are in rehab treatment for addiction.

    The close proximity to your local area will also make accessing aftercare services much easier. If you live in Farnworth and attend drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, you will not have far to travel to avail of therapies and treatments they offer as part of an aftercare package.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, contact us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    Will I Benefit from Outpatient or Inpatient Care the Most?


    Outpatient and inpatient rehab treatments both have their benefits, however, it is impossible to tell which one would benefit you the most having no knowledge of your personal circumstances.

    If you are considering attending drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth and you are not sure whether you would benefit more from inpatient or outpatient treatment, it is helpful to understand the differences.

    Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Farnworth

    As an inpatient, you will stay within the facility until your treatment is complete. This means that you will have to pause everything else in your day-to-day life until you leave the clinic.

    Some of the main benefits of inpatient rehab are:

    • Immediate admission means your treatment can begin straight away
    • Dual diagnosis means that any underlying mental health conditions are treated alongside your addiction
    • Medically assisted detox if necessary
    • 24/7 access to a team of medical professionals
    • Excellent success rates
    • You can recover in a safe and comfortable environment
    • Bespoke treatment plan to ensure you get the best treatment possible
    • You can build a rapport with your therapists and the other staff at the facility

    Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Farnworth

    Some people prefer the idea of outpatient rehab because it does not require you to stay away from home. However, outpatient rehab is not recommended in cases of severe or long-lasting addictions.

    You may be able to avail of outpatient rehab services if you have not been battling an addiction for long and if you don’t need extensive therapy to overcome it.

    Some benefits of outpatient rehab are:

    • No requirement to stay away from home which also means there is no major disruption to your home, work or school life
    • It is cheaper than inpatient rehab
    • It most often takes place via the NHS, which means there are long waiting lists and it could be several months before you attend your first appointment

    For most people, regardless of their addiction or its severity, the best option is to attend inpatient rehab as it offers an extensive treatment program that has the best results.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, contact us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    How Does Rehab Work?

    At home support

    When you are admitted into a facility offering drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, you will undergo a psychological assessment first. This will assess your mental state and from that, the staff will be able to work out a bespoke treatment plan that would best suit your needs.

    This treatment plan is often a mix of talk therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Group Therapy, and alternative or holistic therapies such as art therapy, music therapy or meditation.

    On top of this, you will also learn some relapse prevention techniques to help you cope when you are met with triggers on the outside.

    All in all, drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth aims to change our outlook, not only on substances but also on things in our day-to-day life. You will learn to approach things in a more positive way to attract more positive outcomes.

    You will learn how to keep your cravings at bay by distracting yourself with more healthy habits such as mindful meditation, art or yoga.

    Ultimately, when you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, you will learn the importance of mental and physical health – and you will make positive life choices to try to live the healthiest life possible long after you have checked out of the facility.

    To achieve this outcome, facilities use a range of treatment options.

    Addiction Therapy in Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Farnworth


    As part of your treatment when you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, you will attend various therapy treatments that will help you get to the bottom of what caused your addiction and any emotional aspects that may have exacerbated your addiction.

    Some common therapy treatments you can expect from drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth are:

    1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a common therapy used in the treatment of addiction. It aims to change the way you approach certain situations and helps you think more positively which in turn promotes more positive personal experiences.

    2. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

    Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in that it aims to change the negative to positive.

    In case of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, it is more focused on your inner monologue. So instead of looking into a mirror and saying you are a failure, you will look at your reflection and tell yourself that you are worthy.

    3. Group Therapy

    Group therapy is common both inside and outside of inpatient rehab. In these sessions, people who have struggled with addiction gather together in a group and discuss their journey through addiction and sobriety.

    These sessions are impactful because people see – sometimes for the first time – that anyone from any background can struggle with addiction and it can make people see that they are not failures for succumbing to addiction.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, contact us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    Medical Alcohol & Drug Detox

    As well as extensive therapy sessions, drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth also offers medically assisted detox to those who need to avail of this service.

    A medically assisted detox is required when the substance you have been addicted to causes a physical addiction, such as heroin or alcohol.

    In these cases, a medical detox is necessary because these substances cause unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms that are not only uncomfortable to experience but can also be life-threatening – such as alcoholic seizures, delirium tremens or stroke.

    Cost of Alcohol & Drug Rehab


    Drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth does not have a fixed cost. This is because the services are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. Not only this, each facility will have its own price range depending on how basic or high-end the clinic is.

    To have a better idea of how much it will cost for you to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, you should contact a few clinics in your local area and have an open and honest conversation with them about your addiction.

    From there, they will be able to tell you what treatments they recommend and how long you will be required to spend in the clinic.

    There are other options that can further reduce costs, for example, opting for a shared room instead of a private one.

    However, cost should not be a factor in choosing to forego rehab. It may seem costly initially, however, it is worth considering how much you have spent on your addiction up to this point, and how much your addiction is likely to cost if you don’t get treatment – in most cases – the addiction ends up costing far more than the treatment.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, contact us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    Is Free Addiction Treatment Available in Farnworth?

    Private inpatient rehab will always cost money. It may be possible to be admitted to a facility offering drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth via the NHS, however, this is notoriously difficult and extremely unlikely.

    Free addiction treatment is possible via the NHS, however, it will not be as intensive as private inpatient treatment as your appointments will be in an outpatient clinic and you will continue live with everyday triggers.

    NHS addiction treatment also does not tackle dual diagnosis and does not teach relapse prevention techniques.

    As well as this, as the NHS is extremely stretched and short-staffed, it has long waiting lists. This means that it will most likely be several months before your treatment begins, so your addiction could be worsening while you wait for your first appointment.

    If you have a substance use disorder and feel that you need professional help, it is recommended to opt for private drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth to have a stronger chance at overcoming your addiction.

    How Long is Rehab?

    As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that most people spend 30 days in rehab, this is so they have plenty of time to completely rid their body of the substance as well as take the time to discover the emotional cause of the addiction. This ensures they have plenty of time for the therapies to work.

    That being said, each person and each addiction is different – this is why facilities offering drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth offer bespoke treatment options because what might work for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone.

    While most people spend around 30 days in drug and alcohol rehab in Farnworth, many people can finish their treatment in as little as 7 days, while others may need to stay for up to 90 days before their treatment is complete.

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