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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Redditch

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Redditch

    There are few drug and alcohol rehabs in Redditch where you can call and get FREE advice followed by world-class rehab treatment. Rehab Recovery is one of those rehabs. CALL us Now: 0800 088 66 86.

    We have dedicated counsellors waiting to answer your call and advice you. If you seek treatment in our facility, you increase your chances of enjoying a full recovery drastically. NHS facilities offer free rehab facilities; however, you have to go through a long waiting list. Since addiction is a destructive disease that can destroy your life, and even kill you, there is no time to wait.

    If you care to turn your life around, the time is NOW!

    What type of addiction treatment is the best for me?

    A regular drug & alcohol rehab in Redditch isn’t the solution to a complex and sensitive problem like an addiction. You need a rehab like Rehab Recovery that has tested and proven programmes. The treatment also needs to be conclusive and holistic addressing every single aspect of addition.

    At Rehab Recovery, we begin treatment with an assessment. We must assess the type of addiction you have as well as the severity and trigger factors to be able to recommend effective treatment. Our assessments are done by qualified counsellors and doctors after which you go through a detoxification programme for a week or so depending on factors like the stage of your addiction.

    Detoxification involves getting rid of the effects of drugs or alcohol in your body. After prolonged drug or alcohol abuse, your body suffers harmful effects that must be reversed for you to recover. The detoxification process “sobers you up” but is accompanied by withdrawal effects that must be dealt with. This is precisely why Rehab Recovery monitors patients 24/7. If you suffer any headaches, sleeplessness, seizures, chronic fatigue, irresistible urges, excessive sweating among other withdrawal symptoms, we have medical staff on standby to give you medication.

    After detox, you will go through therapy and counselling sessions. We hold daily counselling sessions for individuals and groups. Here you will learn all there is to know about addiction from how it starts to what you must do to stay sober.

    Counselling also helps you forge new relationships with people who share the same experiences as well as those who are where you want to be. The holistic therapy sessions we offer to take care of your wellbeing. Therapies like meditation and yoga help you to live in the present as opposed to the past. The therapies also take care of your physical health.

    Before you leave our facility, you will be equipped with everything you require to start your new life. The treatment is as conclusive as rehab treatments get yet we go a step further and offer FREE aftercare.

    Our programs almost guarantee recovery; however, the journey can be challenging. We don’t rule out occasional temptation or relapse, which is why we encourage our patients to visit us anytime. Aftercare is available for a year after you leave rehab.

    You can come for counselling sessions or advice to rejuvenate your plight for a better life. In a nutshell, we don’t leave any stone “unturned”. This is the exact kind of drug and alcohol rehab treatment you need.

    Inpatient vs. outpatient rehab services?

    Inpatient rehab services offered in our residential facility are more effective than outpatient services. Although you may have normal engagements that may prevent you from spending time with us throughout for a month during treatment, we recommend inpatient services because we will be able to monitor you throughout and keep you away from addiction triggers until you are ready to leave.

    The best drug & alcohol rehab in Redditch will recommend inpatient services since such services have been proven to be the most effective.

    If you care to know more about our services, CALL us, email or fill our contact form. We have a fast response time to all the correspondence we receive. We can share precise information about treatment programmes, amenities in our facilities, staff details, recovery plans, and more.

    Getting help today

    If you would like to control your emotions and hence your addiction in Redditch, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Alternatively, contact us through this website for a free and no pressure assessment.

    Many of our team have defeated their own personal addiction and so you call for help will be met with utter understanding and compassion.

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