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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick

    There is an idea that certain people are condemned to addiction, and they can do nothing to stop this, but this is not something we believe at Rehab Recovery when you enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick.

    There is no gene for addiction, and there is no specific life event or upbringing that will cause someone to struggle with addiction.

    It can be dangerous to state that some people were always going to battle addiction, as it makes these individuals feel as though they do not have the power within themselves to recover.

    Fortunately, at drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, they will be taught that they are capable of getting sober in spite of their vulnerability to drug addiction.

    Though we do believe everyone can beat addiction, it is also true that some people will have a harder time than others, despite putting in the same amount of effort.

    This may be because they have a family history of substance abuse; addiction is moderate to highly heritable. Other reasons can be having enablers in your life, or having serious mental health issues. (1)

    However, drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick deals with many clients who are prone to addiction, and who have a difficult time getting sober, so they know exactly how to manage this situation. Their personalised rehab programmes can help the most severe of addictions.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, call us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    Why is Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick Beneficial for People with Addiction?

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    If you have suffered from addiction for a long time, and you have not yet watched your life fall apart, you may assume that you can safely continue to use drugs and alcohol without facing severe consequences. However, this is very rarely the case.

    For many people, eventually, all aspects of their life will be harmed by their substance use.

    The reason drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, West Midlands, is so successful, is that it prevents patients from ruining their lives as a result of substance use.

    Though some emerge from rehab and relapse, most patients are much better equipped to lead a healthy life that does not involve drugs and alcohol.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick also teaches patients that they should not shame themselves for their addictive behaviour in the past, or for their current desire to use substances. Patients will learn all about the causes of addiction, and the biology of addiction, which will reassure them that they do not have a personality flaw or a moral defect that has pushed them towards drugs.

    The reason this is so important is that shame tends to lead to increased drug use. When people feel ashamed of their addictive behaviour, they may use drugs to numb this negative feeling, and the cycle continues.

    To tell patients that there is nothing wrong with them morally is to boost their self-esteem (with a truthful statement), which makes sobriety more likely.

    Finally, some people simply cannot recover from the environment in which they were consumed by addiction. It is much more difficult to get sober when you are faced with triggers, such as people who are negative influences on you, and places that remind you of your addiction.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick offers a completely different environment that will not remind you of your home life, and the triggers that come with that. If you choose to be away from your family completely, you are allowed to do this.

    Alternatively, if you want to inject some familiarity into your rehab stay, you can invite your family to see you once a week.

    When is Outpatient Treatment Preferable to Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick?

    At home support

    Some people are ready to access addiction services, but they do not want to leave their homes in Smethwick, West Midlands. Staying at home during treatment can help them to feel at ease, which is beneficial for their overall physical health and mental well-being.

    They may be able to return home to comforting family members who will support them through their recovery journey, and be a listening ear when they need to vent about their struggles.

    We generally say that outpatient rehab is only preferable to inpatient rehab if the patient’s addiction is only mild or moderate. The patient should be trusted to resist the temptation at home, and they should have a strong support network to reduce their chances of relapse.

    Another reason to get outpatient treatment would be that it is more affordable than inpatient rehab. However, if at all possible, you should not select the most affordable option for treatment simply because it saves money.

    If you have a severe addiction, you need to try everything you can to be able to go to drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick as an inpatient.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, call us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    When is Home Detoxing Treatment Preferable to Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick?

    Home detoxing is only ever preferable to inpatient rehab for the reasons we have listed above: if your addiction is not severe, and there is not a high risk of relapse.

    Another reason to consider home detoxing would be that you have physical, but not psychological, symptoms of addiction. This would mean that the most pressing issue would be to remove the physical addiction to the substance, and this is possible through a home detox.

    However, as you can have a complete detox effectively at rehab, this is always the ideal option. It is much safer to complete the detox phase at rehab due to the high level of care provided, and the presence of medical professionals.

    There will be a lower chance of relapse overall, not only because you are not surrounded by triggers, but also because you will get treatment for the psychological symptoms of addiction.

    Is it Ever Advisable to Leave a Drug or Alcohol Problem Alone?

    No, we would never advise leaving a drug or alcohol problem untreated, and to understand this, you need to understand how drug and alcohol addiction develops.

    People can drink too much alcohol, or take too many drugs, without having an addiction. When someone is bingeing on drugs, but they are not yet physically or psychologically dependent on them, we call this a bingeing issue.

    Next, people start to become tolerant of the drugs they are consuming. This often presents as using drugs more frequently, taking higher doses, and appearing sober after drug use (when they used to appear high). This stage is called increased tolerance, and it can sometimes be reversed quickly if the person has the motivation to give up drugs.

    After the increased tolerance stage comes problem drug or alcohol use. At this stage, the individual’s drug use has begun to affect their life in various ways.

    A common example of this is that their relationship will be struggling, but it can also be that they are feeling unwell on a regular basis, or they are not turning up to work when they should be.

    The penultimate stage is a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. At this point, it is much more difficult for the individual to stop using drugs, as they may experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to get sober, which makes them want to continue using drugs (to avoid these symptoms).

    Finally, addiction tends to be a term used when the drug user is experiencing both mental and physical difficulty as a result of using drugs. They may feel more insecure, irritable, aggressive, and tired (mentally), and they may experience symptoms such as tremors, pale skin, sweating, and nausea (physical).

    As you can see, if you leave a drug or alcohol problem untreated, it could easily pass into the next stage of addiction. You cannot trust that you will be able to binge drink on a regular basis without becoming tolerant of drugs, or that you can sit with physical dependence without developing a psychological dependence.

    Even if you do stay in one stage of addiction for a long time, it is no way to live. Remember that you could be experiencing life without unpleasant symptoms, strong cravings, relationships that lack trust, and a pervading sense of shame.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, call us today at 0800 088 66 86.

    FAQs About Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick, West Midlands

    Person on laptop

    Below, we provide some answers to commonly asked questions about the drug and alcohol rehab process in Smethwick:

    1. How much does rehab cost?

    We work with a wide range of rehab centres that vary in cost, as we want to make sure we are catering to customers with different budgets. This means that you could be paying as much as £75,000 for a luxury rehab with us, but you could also pay a much more modest £6,000.

    You can reduce the cost of rehab by opting out of the standard 28-day stay, and instead choosing to get just the drug or alcohol detox, or just psychological treatment. This may work for some addictions, but we would usually encourage you to sign up for the month-long plan.

    2. Does rehab treat behavioural addictions?

    Yes, you can go to drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick for a behavioural addiction such as gaming addiction, an eating disorder, or sex addiction. You would be no different from any other client in terms of your treatment needs, so you would engage with addiction therapy as normal.

    However, the drug detox phase may not be necessary, so your rehab stay could be shorter.

    Please do not buy into the myth that it is less important for people to go to rehab if they have a behavioural addiction. This type of addiction can still ruin lives, and it is equally as important that you nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

    3. Can your family visit you at rehab?

    Yes, many residential rehab facilities in Smethwick allow you to see your family. They will have set days for family visits, and you can decide whether you are feeling up to receiving visitors.

    It is equally acceptable to state that you do not want to see your family, which you may do if you need time to yourself, or if you do not have a close relationship with them.

    We will let you know beforehand if we find a rehab facility for you that does not allow family visits, as we need to make sure you are comfortable with this. If you are not, we can easily find another clinic that has visit days.

    This works for any treatment preference you have.

    4. What is the treatment plan like at rehab?

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick provides patients with a personalised treatment plan, so you will find out exactly what life at rehab will look like when you go in on your first day. Some ideas of what you can expect are group therapy sessions, one-to-one sessions, workshops, social activities, leisure time, and set meal times.

    It may seem unusual to mention meal times and socialising as part of rehab treatment, but they are a significant part of your recovery from addiction. As much as residential rehab needs to be intense, it also needs to be restful for clients, so it is important that you have time to wind down with friends and enjoy healthy meals.

    It is well known that socialising at rehab benefits patients, as it can provide them with useful coping skills, reduce loneliness, and offer a sense of purpose. (2)

    How Can I Find a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Smethwick?

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    Rehab Recovery allows you to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick without doing any work. If you get in touch with us and tell us about your addiction history, and your treatment preferences, we can find a treatment centre that will significantly boost your chances of maintaining sobriety.

    If at any point you are concerned that we have recommended an unsuitable clinic, you can let us know, and we will find a suitable alternative. We work with a wide variety of rehab centres in Smethwick, so you will not be short of treatment options.

    To get an assessment with us, including confidential advice, call us on 0800 088 66 86. As well as referring patients to drug and alcohol rehab in Smethwick, we also offer rehab referrals in different areas, outpatient referrals, and home detoxing referrals.


    [1] Genes and addictions

    [2] The Importance of Socialization in Recovery

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