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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Worcester

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Worcester

    Even if you have been using alcohol or drugs for a long time, there comes a time when you wish to stop these harmful substances and start a new life. You reflect and see how these substances have ruined your life, and if you continue using, you’ll surely lose everything, even your life.

    It’s never too late; join a drug & alcohol rehab in Worcester and start your journey to recovery. This area has some of the best rehab centres in the UK for people struggling with alcohol or drug addictions.

    With all the treatment centres in Worcester, which one should you choose? Let us at Rehab Recovery help you out. We can assist in locating the best addiction treatment provider for a successful recovery.

    What can we do for you?

    Rehab Recovery has a free and confidential helpline (0800 088 66 86) through which you can reach us. When you contact us, we request that you set aside five minutes for a short assessment. We ask you several questions about your situation and use that information to pair you with an appropriate treatment centre.

    While two people may be using the same substance, their situation may not be the same in terms of severity and other aspects. Our short assessment is vital to determine your specific needs so that we can recommend the most suitable centre that will cater to those needs.

    There are several treatment options that you can use to get rid of your addiction. For instance, you may consider doing a home detox, being an outpatient, or settling in the centre as a residential patient. At Rehab Recovery, we strongly recommend that you seek residential addiction treatment.

    This way, you will benefit from a team of doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, nurses, and psychiatrists. These professionals are particularly important during the detox programme. Since detoxification is accompanied by various withdrawal symptoms, 24/7 care ensures that these symptoms do not cause any fatality.

    Another benefit of enrolling in as an ‘inpatient’ is that you avoid temptations. Home detoxes and outpatient options have lesser chances of recovery because you’re still in a tempting environment and around bad influences. However, in a treatment centre, there are no temptations.

    The only people available here are professionals dedicated to seeing you become better. Also, being around other people who are trying to recover will motivate you to complete the journey.

    What happens in a rehab centre?

    When you join a drug & alcohol rehab in Worcester, the first step is an examination by a psychiatrist. This professional examines you to determine the level of your addiction and if there are other psychological health problems.

    The data collected is then used to draw up a customised plan for your treatment. You then proceed to the detox stage where you’re given medications to clean your system and get rid of any alcohol or drug traces.

    Another crucial part of addiction treatment is therapy and counselling. These sessions help to determine why you got into the addiction and other issues affecting your mental health. If you’re worried about your drug or alcohol use, you may have a hard time accepting that you have an addiction.

    When you finally realize that you have this condition, you will likely have negative thoughts and emotions like self-hate, self-blame, and regret. You will blame yourself for sinking into the addiction and any other things which may have happened as a result.

    The role of therapy and counselling is addressing these negative emotions and thoughts. The counsellor or therapist will attempt to re-programme your mind and get rid of the regrets and self-blame.

    He/she will also make you recognise that most of the things that happened were probably out of your control. By freeing up your mind of these negative emotions, you can live life without any worries of past negative incidents. However, to gain maximum benefits, you must be willing to commit about 28 days for the treatment’s full completion.

    What happens after leaving the rehab facility?

    After completing your treatment, the rehab facility doesn’t say goodbye to you. These centres usually have aftercare programs which go for approximately 12 months after completing your residential treatment. The role of aftercare is ensuring you stay on track with the recovery and don’t relapse.

    Start your journey to recovery today

    To find a drug & alcohol rehab in Worcester, contact us at Rehab Recovery through 0800 088 66 86. We’ll discuss your options and recommend centres best suited for your needs.

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