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At Rehab Recovery, we deliver a self-empowering approach to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction in Birmingham.

For anybody in Birmingham entering recovery, at some point cravings for drug or alcohol are going to be an issue and our residential alcohol rehab ensures you are able to deal with these cravings without resorting to drug or alcohol use.

For many people, cravings for drugs or alcohol will continue for many months or even years after the use of drugs or alcohol has ceased. At Rehab Recovery, our revolutionary drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham’s arms you with strategies to cope with these urges so relapse does not occur.

A self-empowering approach to alcohol rehab in Birmingham

Since we employ a self-empowering approach to alcohol rehab in Birmingham, we increase your confidence and your ability to deal with cravings for alcohol and drugs that occur in your day-to-day life. Principally, we instil you with three key facts that help you gain control over your cravings.

Knowing that cravings are time limited

The first fact is that cravings are time limited. This means that cravings are going to go away if you wait long enough without acting on cravings. Many people suffering from addiction do not realise that cravings are time limited.

This is because when cravings arise, they simply ‘give in’ and use. Thus these people do not experience the reality that cravings will go away naturally when enough time is allowed to pass.

During your treatment in Birmingham, we teach you to make a commitment to abstain from using drugs and alcohol. Having made this commitment, you must be taught to ‘ride out’ the cravings until they disappear. This is also known as ‘urge surfing.’

The art and science of urge surfing

Initially, urge surfing requires an act of faith, but with the time you will realise this really does work. Urge surfing is akin to undertaking a 24 hour fast. When you fast, your hunger is likely to drive you crazy by the time 5 pm rolls around.

However, if you wait for your hunger and an overwhelming desire to eat food will eventually disappear.

When you attend our residential alcohol rehab in Birmingham, you will begin to believe and experience that each craving is time limited.

After around 90 days of living in recovery, these cravings will dramatically reduce and relapse is thus far less likely to occur.

Knowing that cravings are will not hurt you

The second fact about cravings we teach at alcohol rehab Birmingham is that cravings are not harmful to you. Cravings may be distracting and annoying, but cravings will not damage you. Since there is no damage caused by cravings, there is no immediate need to eliminate them.

Knowing that cravings do not force you to take drugs or alcohol

The third and final fact about cravings is that they do not force you to do anything. You always have the choice to ignore cravings as long as you realise this choice exists.

Thus, there is no reason to be afraid of cravings or that they will somehow overpower you. If you learn to wait cravings out, they will not damage you, they will go away and you will be in charge of the situation.

Knowing and understanding these three facts about cravings will help you develop a sense of self-efficacy or confidence in your ability to live your life without drugs or alcohol.

Finally, you will believe that cravings do not control you, but you are the one who controls them. Knowing this will allow you to feel self-empowered.

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