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Rehab Recovery offers you or your loved one a free helpline if you seek advice on attending a drug or alcohol treatment centre in Wales. When you contact Rehab Recovery, we carry out a telephone assessment so we may determine your needs. Following the completion of this assessment, we may refer you to several rehab treatment centres in Wales. We refer you to treatment centres that are best suited to your needs, and we equally avoid referring you to treatment centres that may not be suitable.

Rehab Recovery restricts referrals to only carefully vetted rehab treatment providers in Wales. At Rehab Recovery, we work with treatment centres that specialise in drug and alcohol addiction. The key benefit of our focus means you or your loved one are sent to a treatment provider that’s most likely to secure your long-term recovery.

All the treatment providers we work with in Wales are Care Quality Commission (CQC) authorised. In addition, we carefully review each treatment centres annual CQC report ensuring the highest standards of treatment are upheld year-on-year.

The virtues of private addiction treatment

All the treatment providers we work with in Wales are private organisations. Although some offer statutory referrals, many require you to self-fund your treatment. Since we work with several treatment providers, it’s highly likely we will be able to offer you affordable treatment options. If we cannot, we inform you of the various free services existing in Wales. We endeavour to ensure that nobody seeking our help is left without assistance in one shape or another.

Over the last decade, the amount of Government funding available for professional addiction treatment has vastly decreased. Why? Because the Government has pursued an ideological policy of austerity since 2010. Many in Government deem addiction as a ‘self-inflicted’ condition, and addiction treatment has arguably been the ‘hardest hit’ by budgetary reductions. This translates into a country-wide lack of statutory options for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Private treatment providers have flourished in this environment. These providers cater to different budgets, however, the quality of treatment is largely standardised across different centres, regardless of the prices charged. Expensive treatment typically means you will experience better accommodation, better food and better surroundings. However, the difference in treatment approaches is slight between inexpensive and expensive treatment providers. This is largely due to the standard qualifications all therapist and counsellors must gain in order to offer you treatment.

Gaining access to treatments

To gain access to private rehab treatment in Wales, you must contact Rehab Recovery today. When you contact our advisors, we conduct a short but important assessment. Following the completion of this assessment, your details are passed to several treatment providers in Wales that meet your needs. You will then liaise with the admissions offers of these treatment providers. We shall also contact you to aid you in deciding upon which treatment provider to ultimately select.

When you have selected a treatment provider in Wales, you will be given an admissions date. When you arrive for treatment, you will be subject to a thorough psychiatric assessment. You will be prescribed medication to treat withdrawal symptoms synonymous with the detoxification process. Your detoxification lasts for around five days. Following detoxification, you begin a series of psychotherapeutic sessions that aim to treat the underlying causes of addiction. These causes are typically emotional and psychological in nature.

Help once you leave

Each treatment provider we work with offers you an extensive aftercare programme. This allows you to return to the treatment provider, usually at weekends for around six-to-twelve months following the completion of your residential treatment programme. Aftercare is vital as it allows you to remain in recovery once you reach your initial recovery goals.

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If you would like to take back control and thus live your life without drug and alcohol addiction, why not contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact Rehab Recovery, all information you supply will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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