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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wrexham

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wrexham

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a scary and devastating disease that only affects the victims, but also their families. Are you looking for an effective way to overcome and beat your alcohol or drug addiction? Are you wondering where you can get help?

    At Rehab Recovery, we love hearing about recovery for addicts.

    How can we help you? When you call us through 0800 088 66 86, you will talk to our trained counsellors who will offer quality advice concerning the treatment options available in Wrexham.

    Some of our employees have been in a position like yours, and therefore, rest assured they’ll understand you completely.

    Other than offering you advice, we’ll also interview you to determine your needs, and hook you up with an appropriate drug & alcohol rehab in Wrexham.

    Is a home detox advisable?

    When you speak to an addiction professional about conducting a home detox, he/she is likely to recommend it. Home detox is where you try to quit the addiction at home and without any expert help. You get some medications to minimise withdrawal symptoms.

    If you have a loving and supportive, you may be lucky and beat the addiction successfully. However, it’s still risky not recommended in most cases. If you’re suffering from an opiate or alcohol addiction, conducting a home detox is risky because withdrawal symptoms may cause issues such as coma and sometimes even death.

    And if these don’t happen to you, you may find yourself relapsing in as less as 24-48 hours. This is because you lack the motivation and support. Also, you’re in an unsuitable, ‘using’ environment which may tempt you to go back to substance use.

    What is outpatient addiction treatment?

    Outpatient treatment is where you detox at home and go to a rehab centre in Wrexham for therapy. This option is also not very effective, and many of its users end up relapsing. This is because even if they’re going to a rehab clinic for therapy, they still go back to a ‘using’ and unsupportive environment.

    Residential addiction treatment in Wrexham

    If you want a superior and the most effective option, then consider going for residential or ‘inpatient’ treatment. It’s better than outpatient and home detox options. Here, you remove yourself from your normal home environment and join a rehab clinic where you’ll stay until the treatment is over.

    You live within the treatment centre during detoxification and therapy sessions. The statistics from this form of treatment are astounding. 70% of people who go through residential treatment report recovery 12 months after concluding the treatment.

    The only drawback with residential treatment is that it requires higher time and monetary investments than home detox and outpatient options.

    How does residential treatment work?

    If you want to benefit maximumly from this form of treatment, you must be willing to leave your home for about 10-28 days. How long you stay here depends on the severity of your addiction, and if you have other co-existing issues such as anxiety or depression.

    When you join a drug & alcohol rehab in Wrexham, the first step is a thorough assessment by a qualified psychiatrist. The data collected from this evaluation is used to establish a customised plan for your recovery.

    The next step is the detox programme. During this part of the process, you’re given medications that will flush the drugs or alcohol out of your system. After your body is thoroughly detoxified, you proceed to the next step, which is counselling and therapy.

    Here, you attend individual or group counselling sessions aimed at identifying and tackling emotions and thoughts which may have led to your addiction. You’re also invited to take part in holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, reflexology, and massage. These holistic therapies offer alternative ways to deal with stress other than drug or alcohol consumption.

    When the treatment concludes, the professionals in the rehab centre will prepare you for life outside. They’ll help you draw up a plan to avoid relapsing. And to ensure that their patients maintain recovery, rehab centres offer aftercare services.

    This where you back to the centre maybe once a week for about 12 months to discuss how you’re fairing with the recovery, the temptations you are encountering, and how to handle them without resorting to substance use.

    Let Rehab Recovery help you

    If you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, we at Rehab Recovery can assist you.

    Call us today through 0800 088 66 86 to get addiction advice and get matched with a drug & alcohol rehab in Wrexham that suits your needs.

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