Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Newport

Our free service offers you access to drug and alcohol rehab services in Newport and across South Wales. Services include outpatient courses, home detox and residential programmes. Most of the rehab services start with detox and are tailored to the severity of the addiction. The type of rehab which is right for you can be assessed when you contact us.

If you are a friend or family member of someone in Newport who is in need of addiction support, we also provide access to intervention services from experienced counsellors and former addicts.

Getting the Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Newport

Newport, unfortunately, has topped the statistics in Wales for alcohol-related hospital admissions in previous years. Despite this known problem, the local authority and NHS services are sadly lacking when it comes to providing rehabilitation services. If you have an addiction problem which needs to change in your life, there are private services available to fill the gap not covered by Government services.

It is easy to say that such services exist, but, actually finding the right rehab for your particular situation is another matter. If you don’t choose the correct rehab programme you run the risk of relapsing. We offer a service designed to match your particular situation to the rehab programme which will produce the best results.

We are experts in finding the correct rehab for our clients. Most people who search for rehab services, don’t have any experience in this area and can end up entering a programme which isn’t best suited to them. The knock-on effect of this is a greater chance that they will end up relapsing and going back to their previous ways. For these reasons, it is vitally important that you are matched with a programme which is able to cope with your individual case and has the experience to lead you to sobriety.

Our service brings a professional approach to finding the ideal solution to rescue you from the despair of addiction. We have a track record of successfully seeing our clients get their lives back and continuing to stay clear of their previous habits. We offer you the chance to increase your likelihood of beating the addiction, thanks to our careful selection of the best centre for your recovery.

Residential Rehabs in Newport

Our experience has shown that most people in similar situations benefit more from a residential stay in rehab than other approaches. This is down to the all-encompassing nature of the experience which means that the client is completely removed from their previous reasons for turning to drink or drugs.

Making use of the drug and alcohol rehabs in Newport, which we partner with, will give you the best possible opportunity to stay in recovery for your entire life, after completing the programme. When you contact us, we will start an assessment of your situation to evaluate which rehab centre is better for your recovery.

What Happens in a Residential Rehab Treatment Programme?

The first thing which needs to take place, when you go to your residential rehab placement, is a physical and mental assessment. This is carried out by qualified and experienced medical professionals. Once this has been completed the process of detox can begin.

You need to make sure all the drug and alcohol toxins are out of your system before you can move on to the rest of the programme. This may mean you will need medication to make sure that you are comfortable and safe through this process.

When you have been fully detoxed the programme will move you on to therapy and counselling sessions. These are used to understand and resolve the underlying issues which have led you into addiction in the first place, and repeatedly. You will be given the information and coping strategies which will arm you, enabling you to make better choices in future when encountering similar situations again.

Strategies to deal with stress will also enable you to cope with the cravings drug and alcohol abstinence will, unfortunately, become a part of your life following rehab. Stress management in these situations will prevent relapse and an undoing of the good work you have achieved in your recovery.

Your Recovery Starts Here

Get in contact with us today to secure your place in a Newport rehab centre, and start your journey to a drug and alcohol-free life.

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