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Shopping Addiction

Posted on January 31, 2013

Shopping Addiction

There are many types of behavioural addiction that can become destructive and distressing if left uncontrolled. These include internet, gambling, gaming and shopping addictions.

All of these pass times are enjoyable if under control, but it is when they become out of control that problems can occur. Shopping can be a particularly pernicious addiction because it is seen as a frivolous activity when sometimes it can become a serious addiction.

Signs that people’s shopping habits have got out of control include excessive shopping for items that are kept in their packets and never used. Some addicts are compelled to buy things that they don’t even need or want.

Because it is often seen as a socially acceptable addiction, commonly called ‘retail therapy’, then the seriousness of the problem can sometimes go undetected. Shopping addiction is particularly dangerous online because products are bought virtually they can seem less real.

Some shopping addicts feel unable to stop spending money and this feeling of failure often turns to shame or guilt about their habit. This then becomes a vicious circle as it can lead to more shopping as a way of coping with the frustration about their problem.

The good news is that there is help out there for those suffering from shopping addiction. There are special addiction advisory services, such as Rehab Recovery, that can offer advice and support to the addicts or their families.

Shopping addicts can be referred onto counselling that will help them break their addiction and regain balance in their lives. For more information about their expert addiction advisory services visit

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