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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell

    As the rates of addiction across the UK skyrocket, more and more people are turning to drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell in an attempt to rebuild their lives and take back control.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What are the Signs of Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

    Man drinking

    It isn’t always obvious when someone has an addiction, particularly at first.

    Many people are able to hide the signs from their loved ones and even themselves, but as the addiction worsens over time the tell-tale symptoms will soon begin to emerge. [1]

    Some of the common signs of drug and alcohol addiction include:

    • Being unable to stop using drugs and alcohol despite wanting to cut down
    • Hiding your drug and alcohol use from friends and family members
    • Lying and being dishonest about your drug and alcohol use
    • Stealing to fund your drug and alcohol use
    • Finding it difficult to imagine your life without drugs or alcohol
    • Experiencing memory loss due to substance use
    • Having cravings for drugs or alcohol
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
    • Stopping your hobbies and usual activities in favour of substance use
    • Using drugs or alcohol at work, while driving or in other risky situations
    • Developing physical or mental health issues due to drug and alcohol use
    • Neglecting your responsibilities in favour of substance use

    If you notice the above signs of addiction in yourself or a loved one, remember that help is out there.

    You can heal and recover from a drug or alcohol addiction by attending drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell.

    What are the Causes & Risk Factors of Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

    Person looking sad

    When experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it’s easy to think, ‘that could never happen to me’ when the topic of addiction arises.

    But the truth is, anyone can develop an addiction despite their age, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status and education level.

    Studies have found that certain people may be more vulnerable than others and that there are several risk factors that may predispose you towards developing an addiction.

    Some of the potential causes and risk factors of drug and alcohol addiction include:

    • Having a close family member who also struggles or has struggled with addiction, as genetics are thought to play a huge role in the development of this disorder [2]
    • Being raised in a chaotic and/or unsafe environment, particularly if substance use is also normalised
    • Experimenting with and using drugs or alcohol from an early age
    • Being subjected to peer pressure
    • Having low self-esteem, something that is also closely associated with bullying
    • Experiencing trauma in your life, whether this is a singular event or a long-term situation
    • Some people are thought to have ‘addictive personalities’ which can make them more prone to developing an addiction
    • Having a dual diagnosis, which means having a physical or mental health disorder as well as an addiction
    • The type of drug and how you use it can also play a role – heroin, for example, is extremely addictive

    Having one of the above risk factors does not automatically guarantee that you will develop an addiction.

    If you are concerned about the risks, speak to your doctor and ask for their advice.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What are the Differences Between Addiction & Dependency?

    You may think of addiction and dependency as two sides of the same coin when in reality they are very different from each other.

    If someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol, this is marked by a change in their behaviour. They may continue to use these substances despite any negative consequences, and this is due to changes in their brain caused by drugs or alcohol. [3]

    If someone has a dependency on drugs or alcohol, they are physically or psychologically dependent on them.

    They may have developed a tolerance and require larger amounts to experience the same effects, suffer withdrawal symptoms when they are unable to use the substances and experience frequent cravings.

    You can be dependent on a substance without being addicted to it, but the two often go hand in hand. A dependent person may not be addicted yet, but they are statistically more likely to be in the future.

    How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell Last?


    We know the feeling of wanting to be completely recovered from your addiction as soon as possible. Many people believe that they will be cured once they leave rehab, but that is not necessarily the case.

    It can be helpful to think about it this way – your addiction did not develop overnight, and it likely took months or even years to get to this point.

    So how can you expect to completely recover in just a few days or weeks?

    The minimum treatment programme length at drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell is usually 30 days, and the clinic may also offer a 60-day programme and a 90-day programme.

    There are also 7-10 day home detox programmes available in many cases, but you will also need to factor in the time for counselling if you want to maximise your chances of long-term recovery.

    You will need to continue prioritising your recovery for years after completing your treatment programme, and some people will always consider themselves to be merely in remission from addiction.

    How Much Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell Cost?


    At an average of £495 per day, drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell does not necessarily come cheap.

    However, it is worth it to invest in your health and potentially even save your life.

    At this price point, you can expect to pay around £15,000 for a 30-day treatment programme, £30,000 for a 60-day treatment programme and £45,000 for a 90-day treatment programme.

    Many people prefer to shop around for their addiction treatment, as some clinics charge less than the average while others charge more.

    You will also need to take into account the other costs of seeking addiction treatment which is not reflected in the clinic’s fees.

    These include paying your rent or mortgage while you are in treatment, any travel costs and reduced salary due to time off work.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What are the Benefits of Private Rehab?

    Many of the rehab clinics in Bracknell are private clinics, meaning that patients are required to pay for their treatment themselves.

    Attending a private rehab clinic for addiction treatment comes with a wide range of benefits.

    In most cases, you will be able to access treatment quickly without having to join a long waiting list.

    Many private rehab clinics can offer you a space within just a few days, allowing you to begin your treatment programme as soon as possible.

    Your treatment programme will also be more flexible and customisable. As you are paying for rehab yourself, you have the final say over which treatments you receive and you will be able to extend your stay as necessary.

    At a private rehab clinic, you will have access to high-quality care and a wide range of counselling treatments, which often include more niche forms of therapy such as equine therapy.

    You will also benefit from a wide range of aftercare services once you leave rehab. Many private rehab clinics in Bracknell offer an alumni programme for former patients, allowing you to keep in touch and regularly monitor your progress.

    While private drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell may be a more expensive option, the rewards that you reap from this form of addiction treatment are priceless.

    What are the Benefits of NHS-funded Rehab?

    The current cost of living crisis in the UK is making it more difficult for many people to afford private drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell.

    As a result, more and more people are applying for NHS-funded rehab. This is a programme run by the government that funds a certain number of rehab spaces each year.

    Even if you meet all the criteria, you may not be offered a space at NHS-funded rehab due to the sheer number of people applying for the same few spaces.

    If you are fortunate enough to be accepted, you will reap a number of benefits from this service.

    The first, of course, is that you will be able to access addiction treatment for free. This can be a huge weight off your shoulders and potentially save your life, as you will finally be able to receive the treatment that you likely desperately needed.

    You will also benefit from the high-quality care and treatment that you will receive. There are no specific NHS rehab clinics in Bracknell – instead, you will be placed in a private clinic with a wide range of treatment options.

    Patients that qualify for NHS-funded rehab also have a chance to break the cycle.

    If your family also struggled with addiction and were unable to afford rehab, getting the help you need can make a real difference to your own family, partner and children.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What Happens During a Drug & Alcohol Detox?

    Man drinking water

    Many people dread the detox process, but under careful medical supervision, you can rest assured that you will be safe and well taken care of at drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell.

    Your detox will be carefully planned and managed, with many factors taken into account including the number of substances you use, the type of substance used and the length of your addiction.

    Most people will gradually decrease their use of drugs or alcohol over 7-10 days using this plan.

    Some substances such as heroin may require maintenance therapy, where the individual will switch to a less-addictive substance to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

    You are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms during the detox process and these can range from mild to severe.

    Mild withdrawal symptoms can include vomiting, stomach problems, shaking, sweating and mood swings while severe withdrawal symptoms may include hallucinations, seizures, paranoia and coma.

    Most people can handle mild symptoms and may simply need to be prescribed medication, but severe withdrawal symptoms should always be managed by medical professionals.

    Why is Addiction Counselling Important?


    While detox will tackle the physical side of addiction, counselling and therapy treatments can help you with the psychological aspects of recovery.

    You may think of counselling as simply speaking to someone about how you feel, but at drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, it is so much more than that.

    Addiction counselling can help you to work through past traumas, understand any childhood or life issues that may have contributed to causing the addiction and learn more about how your mind works.

    You will begin to see the connection between your thoughts and your behaviour and will learn how to change your life by changing your thoughts.

    There are many different forms of counselling including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), group therapy and family therapy.

    You will have access to a wide range of therapy treatments at drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, so you may want to combine two or more different methods to best suit your needs.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What are the Benefits of Holistic & Alternative Therapy Treatments?

    Many rehab clinics in Bracknell are beginning to offer holistic and alternative therapy treatments. These are complementary methods that focus on the mind, body, emotions and spirit. [4]

    Some examples of holistic and alternative therapy treatments include:

    These methods were once thought to have a pure placebo effect, and while more research needs to be conducted more and more rehab clinics are starting to recognise their benefits.

    Some of these benefits are listed below:

    • They can improve both your mental and physical health, building your resilience and helping to prevent relapse
    • They encourage healthy self-reflection and can help to build your self-esteem
    • They can help you to reclaim your purpose and sense of identity
    • They can give you a stronger sense of spiritual connection, which has been proven to help you remain sober
    • They can help you to find new interests and hobbies

    While they may not be entirely effective on their own, holistic and alternative therapy treatments can help to complement more scientifically-backed therapies such as CBT and DBT.

    Why is it Important to Fully Commit to Addiction Recovery?

    Support group

    Addiction recovery is not something that you can do half-heartedly. You will need to fully commit and dedicate your life towards achieving and maintaining sobriety for the best chance at long-term recovery.

    As drugs and alcohol can cause physical changes to occur in the brain and body, continuing to use these substances even in moderation can hinder your recovery.

    You are likely to still experience cravings and struggle with the desire to drink past your self-imposed limits.

    Committing to abstinence within addiction recovery at drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell can actually make the process simpler and easier to stick to, as you will avoid that constant battle. You will also need to prioritise addiction recovery above anything else – your job, your family, your friends, and your partner.

    This may feel selfish, but doing so actually allows you to be a better employee, family member, friend and partner.

    Make your recovery your number one priority in life, and you are far more likely to achieve success.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, call us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What are the Signs of a Potential Relapse After Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell?

    Person sleeping

    It’s thought that up to 90% of people relapse at some point after treatment. [5]

    Most relapses occur in stages, meaning that there are often warning signs that you can look out for both in yourself and in friends and family members.

    Some of the potential warning signs of relapse include:

    • Looking back at your past substance use and feeling nostalgic for it, or even romanticising it in your mind
    • Starting to believe that can you can control your substance use, and that you may be able to use casually again
    • Feeling resentful about your addiction treatment and recovery
    • Falling out of structure and routine
    • No longer believing in the treatment process
    • Struggling to cope with stressful events and experiences
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms again, commonly known as post-acute withdrawal symptoms
    • No longer engaging with support groups and other recovery processes
    • Cutting off friends, sponsors and family members

    Do not be ashamed if you experience a relapse – it really is very common after addiction treatment.

    At drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell you will learn how to stay sober after your treatment programme ends and develop various techniques that can help you avoid experiencing a relapse.

    How Rehab Recovery Can Help You to Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction

    Thumbs up

    For many people, Rehab Recovery is their first experience with seeking help for their addiction.

    Some may call us for advice on getting a loved one into treatment, while others are concerned that they themselves may have an addiction and need support.

    We offer a free telephone assessment which can be less daunting than visiting your doctor, and can refer you to many high-quality clinics across the UK.

    We’re also here if you just need advice, support and guidance – many of our team have also experienced the struggles of addiction and will be able to relate and empathise.

    Call us today on 0800 088 6686 for drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell. We know how scary it can feel to reach out for help, but you will always find a non-judgmental and friendly voice on the other end of the phone.







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