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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hertfordshire

Rehab Recovery offers free and confidential advice for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Hertfordshire. Although we do not directly provide treatment ourselves, we assist thousands of individuals in making the correct route to sobriety. How? We begin to help you when you contact us over the telephone. You may do so by dialling 0800 088 66 86.

When you contact Rehab Recovery, we carry out a free initial assessment. Here, we determine the nature of your addiction, your personal needs and your personality profile. Based on this information, we then draw on our database of hundreds of treatment providers in Hertfordshire and match your needs to the most appropriate providers. This ensures the chances of treatment success are maximised.

Rehab Recovery offers this service entirely free of charge. Rehab Recovery is run by volunteers who have defeated their own addiction to drugs and alcohol in the past. This means we are highly understanding and empathetic to your situation.

We know seeking out professional help isn’t easy. You may not even fully acknowledge the need for professional treatment. Our initial assessment seeks to help you overcome your initial fears and resistance, whilst also explaining the exact reasons why professional treatment is required.

Treatments we recommend in Hertfordshire

Rehab Recovery offers a wide variety of treatment options in Herefordshire. Each of these treatments offer their own particular advantages. The most popular treatment option is perhaps the most effective. This is known as ‘residential treatment’. Like the name suggests, residential treatment requires you to move into the rehab clinic whilst you undergo your treatment.

There exists many such clinics in the Herefordshire area. When you contact Rehab Recovery, we will help you select a rehab clinic that’s both affordable and suitable for your needs. This approach ensures you avoid rehab clinics that may not be best optimised in meeting your needs.

The second most popular treatment option in Herefordshire is known as ‘outpatient treatment’. Like the name suggests, you receive treatment during the day, and return home during the evening. The chief drawback of this sort of treatment is that you are not removed from temptation whilst undergoing treatment. For this reason, outpatient treatment is known for its high relapse rate.

However, outpatient treatment is highly effective when combined with residential treatment. This means you receive residential treatment between 2-5 weeks, and then receive follow up treatment on an outpatient basis for a further 6-12 months. On this basis, outpatient treatment is highly effective in ensuring relapse does not occur during your first 12-months of sobriety.

Addiction: A disease of the mind

Addiction is often known as a ‘disease of the mind.’ This is because addiction is often a form of ‘self-medication’ used to cover up negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are usually the result of sexual or physical abuse suffered during the addict’s early years. For these reasons, addiction must be considered a symptom rather than the cause of the sufferer’s problems.

To overcome the cause of the sufferer’s problems, addiction treatment must therefore focus on counselling and therapy sessions. These sessions aim to treat the underlying mental causes of addiction. When you contact Rehab Recovery, we ensure you receive counselling and therapy sessions that are best suited to helping you overcoming your mental issues.

There exists many hundreds of competing counselling and therapy techniques, and choosing the correct techniques is often difficult if you lack an advanced degree in psychology. Fortunately, Rehab Recovery assesses your needs and then ensures you attend a rehab clinic offering therapy and counselling that’s tailored to your needs.

Contact Rehab Recovery

To receive your free assessment and to learn about your many treatment options in Hertfordshire, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact Rehab Recovery, one of our knowledgeable and highly empathetic counsellors will answer your call. Following the completion of this assessment, we shall then ensure you are referred to a Hertfordshire rehab clinic that’s best suited to helping you live your life without drugs and alcohol.

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