Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicestershire

There is a stereotype of what type of person falls into alcohol or drug addiction, but the reality is that anyone can develop this type of behaviour. Nobody ever chooses to endure this type of suffering and when these people begin using alcohol or drugs they will have no idea about where it is all going to lead.

The type of people who become addicted in Leicestershire will include:

  • People who begin relying on alcohol or drugs to help them deal with the stresses of life. The individual finds that a few drinks before bedtime helps them sleep and before they know it they are in the midst of addiction.
  • Some people will fall into substance abuse after taking prescribed medication under orders from a doctor. This is particularly likely to happen with medications such as opiates. The person will have a legitimate reason for taking this medication in the beginning, but they start to take it because they like how it makes them feel. Once the doctor suspects what is happening they will cut the supply, but by then the person will be on a path to addiction.
  • There are people who feel they have the right to party hard and let their hair down – the old saying that you work hard, you play hard. What this person will fail to consider is that this playing hard is leading them into addiction.
  • The problem is that most humans tend to suffer from a condition known as terminal uniqueness. It is the same reason why people are able to smoke cigarettes or engage in other unhealthy habits. The individual accepts that this activity is dangerous but only for other people. The person has an irrational belief that they are somehow exempt from the normal rules of life. It is called “terminal” uniqueness because this type of thinking gets people killed.
  • Many people will fall into addiction because of peer pressure. This tends to be particularly the case with young people who can be pressured into experimenting with these substances by their friends. The person may genuinely intend to only try these substances once, but some drugs are so highly addictive that the individual is quickly hooked.
  • There are some people who have a personality that makes them more prone to addictive behaviour. This would include those individuals who like to break the rules and take risks. The same personality that makes people great entrepreneurs can also put them at risk of addiction. This probably explains why there are so many high functioning addicts.
  • Some people really struggle to deal with life. They may be painfully shy or they just can’t cope with the challenges of life. In the beginning alcohol and drugs can seem to be making things better for the person. An alcoholic once described the situation perfectly with the words, “alcohol gave me wings but then it took away the sky”.

Who Needs Rehab in Leicestershire?

It will not always be obvious when people in Leicestershire are in need of rehab. Alcohol and drug abusers often do not fit the stereotype that we associate with them. In fact, the individual may be outwardly successful and respected but still be addicted to these substances.

These high functioning substance abusers can be in more danger than the average user because there will be less to stop them from exiting the downward spiral of addiction. It is therefore vital that even though substance abusers in Leicestershire who are high functioning are still able to get the help they need.

High Functioning Addiction Explained

Most substance abusers are good at pretending and hiding the worst of their excesses. The high functioning substance abuser is particularly good at this. They can put on a show of normality, and even family and friends can be completely unaware of what is going on.

The reality is though that this individual will not be able to hide their problems forever and unless they can end their addiction they will be at risk of losing it all.

The reasons for why it can be more difficult for the high functioning substance abuser to stop include:

  • They will often work in a career where heavy drinking or drug use is considered the norm. In fact, the individual may believe that this behaviour is necessary as part of their job. An example of this would be the business person who feels obliged to entertain clients in bars.
  • Those people who are doing well in life can have a great sense of entitlement when it comes to alcohol or drugs. They may believe in the idea of work hard and play hard. This idea may also be supported by family and friends who agree that it is reasonable that this person lets their hair down now and again.
  • This individual can use their success as evidence that they do not have an alcohol or drug problem. The fact that they do not fit the stereotype can be convincing to most people who are not aware of the reality of a high functioning addict.
  • This person will often feel that they have more to lose by admitting that they need addiction help. They may be worried that entering a detox clinic would harm their reputation and destroy their career. The reality is though, that if this individual is unable to stop the addiction they are going to lose everything anyway.
  • Most high functioning substance abusers will not have the same financial constraints on them as the average person. This means that they can avoid having to break the law in order to feed their habit. The fact that this person has financial resources to feed the habit can really be their undoing because it means they are more likely to destroy their physical and mental health.

It is vital that high functioning substance abusers get the help they need to end this problem. Those who are unsure about their options in regard to rehab can contact us here.

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