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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Braintree

    Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Braintree

    Here at our Rehab Recovery centre in Braintree, we understand the difficulties faced by those individuals battling with addiction.

    With their vast experience in addiction problems from alcohol, drug, and behaviour addictions, our specialist admissions team can refer you to those services best suited to your individual needs.

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    What next?

    As the saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. You have already started your journey towards getting the help you need to overcome your addiction by searching for information.

    We understand online information can seem overwhelming, so at our Braintree Rehab Recovery centre, we aim to make this process as simple as possible.

    The consequences of addictions can be extensive, with family, friends and colleagues affected as well as the individual.

    However, once you begin to take those first steps towards getting the help you need in order to overcome your addiction, you will discover that life begins to change in a more positive way.

    At our Braintree Rehab Recovery centre, we appreciate just how vital it is to make the right choice when deciding on a treatment centre. We ensure that this process as simple as possible.

    Our services

    We recognise the sense of urgency that people feel when they are in crisis, and so we aim to provide rapid admissions into our centres.

    We recognise you will probably be feeling at an all-time low, but we are able to provide you with the help you need. Rehab Recovery has numerous residential centres across the United Kingdom and overseas; our experienced advisors have a vast knowledge and experience in the treatment of a wide variety of addictions.

    The impact of addictive behaviours can be dangerous and far-reaching. At our Braintree centre, we believe it is essential that those with addiction issues are able to access the help and support they need, at the time they really need it.

    Our rehabilitation packages are tailored to meet your needs in a way that is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

    Each of our Rehab Recovery centres offers in-patients a safe, supervised atmosphere where you can begin your detox.

    Experienced staff will teach you how to deal with the stresses and strains of life that might otherwise give you the potential for relapse once you are on the road to recovery. The numerous strategies they can share with you will put you in the best position possible to make a good recovery.

    They will talk with you about potential triggers or situations that might prove too much of a temptation causing you to return to your negative behaviour. Once you leave our Braintree centre, you can be confident that you will know how to recognise them, and given tools to avoid or deal with these when they arise.

    Successful outcomes

    We strive towards providing our patients with the best possible outcome. From each successful case, we learn those approaches that have the most positive impact. Our professionals then take the very best of those proven strategies to further increase the success of future treatments.

    Although we can never guarantee you won’t encounter setbacks, we are sure that the treatment you will receive will put you in the best possible position to move forward with your life.

    Residential rehabilitation ensures that you can concentrate solely on your detox and recovery, without the distractions and disruptions of everyday life.

    Our involvement doesn’t end once you leave our care; we are always available and able to provide you with ongoing support.

    Why come to a Rehab Clinic?

    Not only does staying at our centre allow you to focus purely on your recovery but very often people recognise that their social circle isn’t conducive to their situation. Becoming a patient at a rehab centre does not mean that you are alone though. In fact, it is by far the opposite.

    Making an important decision to treat your addiction at a rehab centre means you are in a friendly, supportive environment.  You can be assured that your needs, both physical and emotional will be met.

    Ongoing support groups provide a safe environment in which to talk and share experiences with other individuals who have been exactly where you are. These networks mean you can obtain the advice and support you need, at the times you need it most.

    Get help now

    It is clear that you are ready to make those necessary changes to your life and to break your addiction. Call our team today for an informal chat, and see how we can help.

    When we receive your call, we will make a brief initial assessment. The information you provide us with will help us to recommend the best rehab centre to meet your needs and help us provide you with the very best treatment plan.

    You can contact us today on 0800 088 66 86. Alternatively, contact us via the contact form.

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