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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Edgware

Read this Rehab Recovery location page for more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware. Contact us today.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Edgware

    There is no denying that drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware has much better success rates than home detoxing programmes and outpatient programmes, but why?

    One reason for the success of private rehab is that it uses evidence-based treatment techniques to take patients from the depths of addiction and introduce them to the journey to recovery.

    It combines physical techniques (detoxing) with psychological techniques (mainly therapy), meaning the treatments are applicable to people with any addiction.

    If just one aspect of addiction is targeted, the risk of relapse is significantly higher as addiction tends to negatively affect both our physical and psychological health. This explains why residential rehab works better than therapy on its own, or detoxing on its own.

    Another reason drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware is successful is that each rehab facility employs a range of qualified addiction specialists. They all have psychologists, doctors, therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, and other members of staff who specifically work in the field of addiction.

    This means that patients receive comprehensive treatment, no matter how complicated their addiction may be.

    For example, if one person has PTSD from addiction-related trauma, they will be able to have specialised therapy in certain treatment centres, as well as get a formal diagnosis, and potentially receive medication for their condition.

    Finally, drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware carries patients through a personalised treatment programme that is designed to keep the risk of relapse as low as possible.

    At no point is the patient left to deal with recovery alone (until the end of the aftercare plan, at which point the patient receives many recommendations for support in their local area).

    The aftercare provision at rehab makes it unique from other treatment programmes. Sometimes, patients need to know that they have ongoing support in order to stop themselves from falling into temptation.

    We know that this works because people with addiction stay sober for longer when they have been to inpatient rehab.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    What Types of Addiction are Treated at Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Edgware?

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    You can go to drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware for any addiction. The personalised treatment programme will reflect the addiction you are struggling with, so you will always have the highest possible chance of recovery.

    As some addictions are strictly psychological, not all patients will have a detox at the beginning of rehab. Similarly, patients with mostly physical symptoms may decide against having therapy at drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware.

    Some common addictions that are treated at drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware are:

    Are there Specific Rehabs For Different Addictions?

    No, there are no specific rehabs in Edgware for different addictions. As we have explained, the comprehensive care at drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware is appropriate for any addiction, so there is no need for specialist rehabs.

    Before you enter rehab, there will be a long discussion about what your needs are. The addiction type you have will strongly influence the type of treatment you are given.

    For example, the detox will be carried out differently according to the type of substance a patient is dependent on.

    Some factors that vary according to substance are the length of time the detox lasts, the severity of withdrawal symptoms, and the medication that is administered before and during the detox.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Are there NHS Funded Rehabs in Edgware?

    You will not find a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware that is run by the NHS; they are all private. Though this is a huge drawback for some people, there are some positives.

    One huge advantage is that the waiting lists are incredibly short, and sometimes there are no waiting lists.

    Another advantage is that there is plenty of funding, so you will have access to high-quality care, and there will not be severe staffing issues as there are in the NHS. What’s more, as you are paying for the care yourself, it lasts a long time (28 days of rehab plus 12 months of aftercare), so you don’t have to worry about finishing treatment after just a few weeks.

    Sometimes, patients can go to private rehab with the help of NHS funding. This means they get to have the exact same experience as the other patients at rehab, but they do not have to face the high cost.

    Please talk to us about NHS-funded treatment if you are worried about the cost of rehab, but keep in mind that it is very unusual for patients to be granted this.

    We are happy to point out some more affordable clinics in Edgware if money is an issue. We also have some great tips on keeping drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware budget-friendly, such as staying close to home and sharing a room.

    Can You Get Free Aftercare at Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Edgware?

    Support group

    Every patient at drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware gets 12 months of aftercare when they leave rehab. You may also know this as the 12-month relapse prevention plan.

    In a sense, this feels like it costs nothing, as you do not pay any additional charges to receive this service.

    However, the aftercare is part of the overall cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, so you are paying for it. We always encourage our clients to keep aftercare in mind when they are judging the high cost of rehab.

    This is because some patients may reject rehab as a result of the price, and instead opt for an outpatient programme that lasts just a few weeks, or a home detox that lasts up to two weeks.

    They then realise that they want to have weekly therapy, and as they begin to pay for this, it becomes clear that rehab was not as expensive as they thought it was (given that weekly therapy is often included in aftercare).

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    What Happens If I Reject Aftercare at Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Edgware?

    There is no reason to reject aftercare at drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, because it is part of the cost, so you would be missing out if you opted against it. It is also one of the most important ways to stay sober, so you risk relapsing if you do not engage with aftercare.

    Patients are at an increased risk of relapse in the first year after they leave treatment, demonstrating the significance of aftercare. Some studies even suggest that the risk of relapse continues for five years, and accepting aftercare could help with this. (1)

    For instance, you may settle in a fellowship group that you can keep going back to, or learn a coping mechanism that you can use for years.

    You don’t need to be concerned about following an aftercare plan you are not content with. This is because you get to pitch in when your plan is being devised, so you play a big part in crafting your relapse prevention plan alongside the aftercare team.

    This is the time to mention anything you haven’t liked about rehab, that you would not like to continue. There will be challenging aspects of rehab that you find difficult but are necessary for recovery, but there may have been optional things that you would like to avoid in the future.

    For example, maybe you did not find behavioural therapy to be very helpful, and you would like to stick to mindfulness when you leave rehab.

    If you let the staff know, they will try to honour your wishes for holistic therapies, and perhaps introduce you to more therapies that are suited to you, e.g., family therapy, and therapy focused on stress management.

    Why Should I Choose Rehab Recovery as My Treatment Referral Service?

    If you browse our website, you will see that we are well-equipped to discuss addiction, as we have all the information you could possibly need about the types of addiction, dual diagnosis, detoxing, therapy, and getting help for yourself and your loved ones.

    We do not simply offer surface-level information about addiction. Our clients receive advice on many different types of addiction (including behavioural), types of mental illness that co-occur with addiction (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, OCD), types of detox (home, outpatient, inpatient), and various topics that directly correspond with addiction, which you can see on our blog.

    We hope this reassures you that we can help you with any questions you have about your addiction, or about recovery. You can get our advice by calling us on 0800 088 66 86.

    When you contact us, we are likely to recommend drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, because we know that its recovery programmes are the most compatible with long-term recovery.

    We do see the benefit of home detoxing and outpatient treatment (being a day patient), but there is a greater risk of relapse if you opt for these over private rehab.

    That being said, personalised care is very important to us, so please let us know early on if you are not willing to go to residential rehab. We will be able to explore other options with you, in order to prioritise both your risk of relapse and your individual needs.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, contact us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    FAQs About Rehab Recovery

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    Below, we offer some answers to common questions about Rehab Recovery:

    Do you just work in Edgware?

    No, we work in many different areas all over the UK, as you will see on our locations page. If you have any interest in going to rehab in another area, let us know and we will tell you whether this is possible (based on your chosen location).

    Have you ever dealt with a client with a behavioural addiction?

    Yes, our clients are made up of people with both substance use problems and behavioural addictions. It is a common misconception that drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware is just for people with an addiction to a strong substance (such as heroin).

    Many people enter rehab to recover from a behavioural addiction, as they are stuck in the cycle of addiction, just like people with substance use issues. They may not require a medical detox, but they will undergo a detox of sorts, as they will not be able to engage in addictive behaviour while they are at rehab.

    They will take part in different therapies, just like every other patient. Some examples are art therapy, music therapy, one-to-one sessions of therapy, and other successful types of addiction therapy.

    Do you charge for your services?

    Yes, you will have to pay a fee for our treatment referral services. If you are concerned that the money would not be worth it, have a look at our client testimonials to hear about how our services have positively impacted our clients’ lives.

    When you first contact us, you will not have to pay a fee. This means you are entitled to a conversation about your addiction, and treatments you could have, that is completely free of charge.

    Do you help clients to get their family members into treatment?

    In a sense, we do help our clients to get their family members into treatment. This is because we offer advice on how to encourage your loved ones to get help, and ultimately, how to stage an intervention.

    What’s more, we offer encouragement to people whose loved ones are deep in addiction, and yet will not get help. We may recommend that they go to therapy, practise mindfulness, and learn about enabling in order to avoid condoning their loved one’s problem.

    However, we will never help someone force their loved one to go to drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware. The decision must be consensual, not only from a moral point of view but also a practical one.

    When someone is forced into rehab, they are likely to feel resentment for being there, and this is not conducive to a successful recovery. The relapse rate is significantly higher if the individual is not yet ready to get sober.

    Do you help people with alcohol addiction?

    Yes, we help many people with alcohol dependency and addiction to alcohol.

    Though alcohol is generally less stigmatised than other types of drug addiction, the rate of addiction is very high, and this can be just as dangerous as other substance addictions. In 2021, there were 9,641 deaths related to alcohol-specific causes in the UK. (2)

    When people come to us with an alcohol misuse problem, our friendly team usually advise them to go to drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware for detox and therapy. The 28-day alcohol rehab programme is the best, as it gives the patient enough time to follow a completely personalised treatment plan.

    For more information about alcoholism and how Rehab Recovery works as an alcohol treatment service, head to the ‘alcohol rehab’ section of our website.

    Can you help me to go to a drug and alcohol clinic in another country?

    Yes, our dedicated team can help you to go to rehab abroad. We will discuss the differences between addiction treatment in the UK and your chosen country beforehand so that you are making an informed decision about recovering abroad.

    We will also talk about the price differences, including the cost of travelling to and from your preferred location.

    It is important to note that if you recover abroad, you will still need to get familiar with the addiction resources in your area, in order that you are ready to dedicate yourself to sobriety when you return home. For instance, you may want to find online support forums, a local therapist, and a local fellowship group such as Narcotics Anonymous.

    The great thing about recovering in the digital era is that you could benefit from the resources of your treatment centre long after you fly back home, by attending meetings on video calls and keeping in touch over the phone.

    Is it necessary to go to rehab if I have a drug dependency problem?

    If you have a drug dependency problem, rather than an addiction, rehab would still be the best way for you to get sober sustainably. It would be a much quicker process, as dependency is less complicated than addiction, so this is a huge incentive to get a referral to drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware.

    Dependency is very often a precursor to addiction, so if you do not get it treated, you risk developing a serious addiction. While you are in a slightly better situation, and you are experiencing less denial, it is the best time to bite the bullet and sign up for private rehab.

    Can I go to rehab if I have one or more mental health conditions?

    People with mental health disorders are certainly not excluded from drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware; they actually make up a large proportion of the patients at rehab. It is such a common phenomenon that these patients even have their own label: dual diagnosis patients.

    This is because addiction is a comorbid condition, meaning it often occurs with other mental health conditions. When addiction is treated with therapy, the patient’s other mental health problems will be taken into consideration.

    We can safely say that rehab programmes do not only target addiction, but mental health in general.

    Occasionally, patients want to go to rehab when they have a severe mental health condition, and they are not allowed to. When you contact us, we will ask you about your mental health history, and your current situation, to determine the likelihood of this (we do not see it often).

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    [2] Alcohol-specific deaths in the UK: registered in 2021,14.0%20deaths%20per%20100%2C000%20people.

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